Rock Hard: Dean Wants Breakfast

Continues from here.

Dean looked over at the clock on the beside table, saw the time and said. “You bastards better not have made me miss breakfast with all you dribble and carry on!”

“Relax brother,” I said, “think about the good news we’ve just had delivered. Surely that’s worth missing a little breakfast!”

We had of course just been through the rigmarole of Bob explaining that we were about embark on a tour of New Zealand, Australia and Japan with a New Zealand Nordic power metal band named Varou. Then once that tour was over we’d return to the States with Varou and with us as headliners we’d tackle a west coast tour. Of course things took a bit longer to explain when Bob did it because of the number of interruptions he had, which to be fair were mostly from me.

Of course the interruptions were all justified because…well because I just liked stirring up trouble where ever I could. There was also the really important thing of chatting with my bestie Sarah, who was also Dean’s girl friend and was paying us a flying surprise visit for a few days.

Anyway I guess in some ways Dean’s concern was a little bit justified as well because our conversation had lasted nearly an hour and if we didn’t get our butts into gear and make our way to the motel restaurant we might come close to missing out on the breakfast the motel supplied us.

“I’m not missing breakfast for anything now get out of my room you lot.” Dean said as he rolled over in bed and made like he was getting out.

As I followed Bob and Adam out of Dean’s room leaving him and Sarah to get ready for breakfast I turned my head and called out. “No hanky panky you two!”

“If it’s good enough for you and Adam it’s good enough for us!” Sarah called. “Now get out of here we’ll see you at lunch time!”

Sarah had of course been joking, well for her sake I hope she was because less than twenty minutes later both her and Dean had joined us in the restaurant for breakfast. Not that I think of my brother having sex often but the thought of Sarah’s comments did remind me of one thing and that was that the two of us hadn’t had a chance to sit down and have a good girl talk sessions since Adam and I had become a ‘couple’. We’d of course spoken on the phone but the relationship had blossomed all since we hit the road Sarah and I just hadn’t had the chance to talk.

After demolishing my eggs and bacon I grabbed my coffee cup, got up from my seat and walked the five steps I needed so that I could talk to Sarah without yelling across the table. I pulled up a chair and sat next to her.

“So girl, how you been? Feels like ages.” I said as I placed my cup on the table.

“Work’s been bloody hectic, I was glad for the weekend away and not just for the obvious reason.” she said with a smile on her face.

“Girl, we so need to catch up!”

“She’s not here to catch up with you!” Dean interrupted.

I had news for Dean and it was all bad because while he didn’t know it at the time the entire trip from Oklahoma City to Wichita Falls which wasn’t that long, was spent with both Sarah and I sitting next to each other on the bus talking to one another and ignoring the boys. By the time we were in Wichita Falls Sarah and I had had a good catch up, it wasn’t enough but it was better than having not seen her at all.

Thanks to the short distance we traveled that day we were early when we arrived at the venue, thanks the the small size of the venue the set up was a breeze for the guys and thanks too good acoustics the sound check was good. But unfortunately that’s pretty much where it ended.

I wouldn’t say the gig was a write off, we had some good moments, but the crowd was fairly lack luster and the numbers were down. The venue themselves could have helped matters but promoting the show a bit more, but at the end of the day there is little we could do about how venues promote their own shows.

By the time we got off stage we were all wondering what it was that convinced us to come down to Wichita Falls. We could have saved ourselves quite a few miles and even given ourselves a night off instead of coming to such a place. Don’t get me wrong, as I’ve said heaps of times the fans are number one in our books but when only about fifty percent of the crowd look like they want to be there it’s difficult for any band to get into a gig. I guess it was lucky when Bob signed the deal on this tour he insisted on payment for gigs and not just a split on the takings for the night because we’d have definitely lost out on the Wichita gig if that was the case.

Even sitting back at the bar after the gig wasn’t as enjoyable as other gigs, the staff were great and the drinks were fine, I think it was mostly to do with us having a bummer of a gig. I felt a bit embarrassed for Sarah, she’d traveled all the way from Chicago and we’d put on a performance that just was befitting of us. I know she was there to see Dean but she was also there to see us and the band, hopefully we’d give her a bit more of a show the following night.

When we made it back to the motel it was just after 1:30am, early even for us most nights. I expected to part company with Dean and Sarah at the door to their room but when Sarah invited Adam and I in for a night cap Adam didn’t even hesitate with a positive reply. It wasn’t something I had planned on but it was something I was more than happy to do, at least for a little while.

Thankfully Sarah had the foresight to bring her own whiskey because even at 2am in the morning after a hard gig we didn’t like paying the prices that motels charged for the minibar. Between the four of us we half emptied the bottle of whiskey, a bottle that did start out full, before we all mutually decided it was time for bed.

“Don’t do anything we will be doing you two,” Sarah said to me as Adam opened the door and we exited out into the cool night air.

Grabbing Adam on the butt as we walked out the door I tuned my head and said, “Don’t worry we won’t be watching TV!”

As we headed towards out room Adam looked at me and quietly said, “What we will be doing?”

“Sleeping.” I replied as I used the electronic keycard to open the door.


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