CopyCat Cafe: What’s In A Box P2

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So there I was standing at the dinning room table the box Simon had sent me sitting before me. I’d decided to open it thinking that no matter what Simon was sending me it would not change things between us. Simon was my past and Tom was my future and no gift in the world could change that. However it wasn’t until I opened all four of the folding flaps of the cardboard box that I realized just how wrong I could be.

Despite Tom being the nicest man EVER, I was really glad he’d had to go to his in-laws for dinner. That still sounds a bit weird but since you know the story now so I wont explain it again. Not having Tom there not only meant he didn’t have to see what was in the box but that I wouldn’t have to explain anything either.

The box was about 15 inches square and about 8 inches deep, not small but not extra large either. At the very top of the box was a silky bra and panties set. The bra had black lace strapping with flower motifs embroidered into them. The bra cup were a bright, red silky material that continued the flower theme with the flowers being created in black thread. The panties were very high cut with the same black lace flower motif whilst there was a very thin triangle of red silk at the front, on that little triangle the words “Horny Devil” were embroidered in to it. There was also a red bow on the waist band and they were crotch-less. Now I do own a few pairs of crotch-less knickers, from my younger more adventurous days, but they were not something I had ever worn in Simon’s presence. I wasn’t sure what compelled Simon to buy such a present for me now that we’d broken up, but at least I do know he’d bought them because the tags were still on them. But they weren’t even my size, they were three sizes to big.

I pulled out the bra and panties set with my finger and thumb, kind of like I was a police officer inspecting a vital piece of evidence at a crime scene. Actually as I did take them out I found myself wishing I had a pair of gloves like a police officer too. I placed the under garments on the table then went back to the box to see what the next treasure was.

Underneath the underwear set was a layer of thin tissue like paper, it hid the next item and was a light purple, maybe even a lilac in color, and I noticed as I lifted it out of the box it was scented. Don’t get me wrong I like smells, well nice ones anyway, but I’m not overly fussed in scented paper, or maybe that should be, not fussed in scented paper from someone whom I am trying to remove from my life. I laid the paper down on top of the underwear, it wasn’t a conscious effort to not fold it but I didn’t.

As I peered into the box wondering what else Simon thought was going to convince me to take him back I saw the back of a photo frame.

“Oh great,” I thought, “just what I want, a picture of Simon. Please don’t let it be a naked one, please! Please!”

The photo frame I was lifting out of the box was a 12 inch frame, I promise you I did not have the thought that it was too big! With the frame out of the box I looked at the back of the it for what must have been twenty seconds wondering if I really did want to turn it over. Whether I wanted to or not I knew I was going to do it. Tentatively I turned the frame over in my hands and as the picture revealed itself I realized it wasn’t a naked picture of Simon, but I still wasn’t breathing a sigh of relief.

Looking down at the glass covered photograph I didn’t really know what to think. It was a picture, obviously taken with Simon’s phone, of the two of us in bed, our heads were together his lips were touching my cheek and because of the fall of the sheet my left breast was exposed. I couldn’t make up my mind what was worse, the fact that I was obviously asleep while he took the photo or that he’d edited the photos and placed the words “Dreaming of you!” at the bottom of the photo, he hadn’t even covered my exposed breast with the words.

I resisted the urge to drop the photo, partly because I didn’t want to be cleaning up glass and partly because smashing a photo frame doesn’t destroy the photo inside it. I placed the frame upside down on top of the underwear so I didn’t have to look at it, and pulled out another piece of scented purple tissue paper. The surprises just kept coming.

The next thing I pulled out was a huge bag of “Chocolate Willies”. I mean seriously? It honestly appeared, in a round about way, that Simon was trying to get me to change my mind. While buying a girl underwear and giving her a nicely frame photograph could be deemed a reasonable thing to do I’m not sure whether the choices I’d seen so far were that reasonable, but a bag of Chocolate Willies really put the present into perspective. Does a bag of chocolate dicks really say ‘take me back’?

I shook my head and placed the bag of dicks on top of the photograph, then retrieved a small black box. The box was placed in the package upside down, I’m not sure if that was done deliberately to add to the surprise or not but I can tell you now I was definitely surprised.

I turned the small box over in my hand, the picture on the box probably didn’t need words to describe it but because the words Candy Bra were written in big bold letter I knew exactly what it was. Trust me I wasn’t going to count how many candies there were on the bra but there was a lot. On top of the next piece of tissue paper was another piece of note paper, it too was upside down. There is no point saying I didn’t want to look at it because honestly I wanted to, I wanted to know just how much better this present was going to get. I picked the note up and turned it over hoping to read something thoughtful and caring, and I wasn’t let down.

“Dicks for you
Tits for me!”

I actually laughed at the note, not just a quiet giggle to myself a full on hearty laugh. In the time I’d known Simon I knew he could swear, I knew he even liked a bit of dirty talk, but the only time, other than through frustration, I heard either was during sex. I don’t know if he thought showing a different side to himself would change my mind but it was definitely out of character.

However nothing I’d seen up to that point prepared me for what was under the last piece of scented tissue paper. There sitting on the bottom of the box, still wrapped proudly in its clear plastic wrapping was….


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  1. Was??? … Was???
    I need to go research candy choc dicks?
    Some inspiring ideas just in time for upcoming Valentines. Who they’re from makes them sexy, or not!
    It was fun reading as she went through the box. Nicely written chapter. : )

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