Waking In The Morning

Beside me in my bed
Your aroma inside my head
Your scent, it fills the room
With you there is no gloom


Waking up with you right there
I just canโ€™t help but stare
Long to feel you deep inside me
Thankful for what you provide me


There is a warmth that you create
Start a winterโ€™s morning oh so great
Warm the cockles of my heart
Send my senses of the chart.


Scents so dreamy,
Looks so steamy
Full body so hot
Hit that spot!


Pull you closer, my heart does waver
Pull you nearer, itโ€™s you I savor
Feel your warmth on my lips
A sleepless night you can eclipse


Take my mind from dull and foggy
Itโ€™s you I love, my morning coffee.


Now to find the person who put it there!!


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