CopyCat Cafe: Sonya Insists

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“You’re early,” I called to Sonya from the opposite side of the road as we both crossed paths heading to work.

“Fuckin’ dog next door has been barking since 5am. Trace left at 6:30, was hardly worth hanging around the house doing nothing.” Sonya replied as she crossed the road and met me on the side I was on.

“Do you know what set the dog off? He’s not usually like that is he?” I asked.

“Nah he’s usually a cute little doormat. Trace told me Lynne and Dan went out of town last night so the silly thing was probably lonely. What’s in the box?”

It wasn’t that I’d forgotten I was carrying the box, it was getting weighty crooked in my right arm so it was hard to forget, it was more so that I had forgotten Sonya would be interested in it. I had thought of what I was going to tell her when she saw it at work but her taking me a bit by surprise made that thought run away.

“It came from Simon, I’m sending it back.”

“What is he sending you? More to the point why is he sending you anything?”

I thought about the answer for a few moments before replying. “I don’t know if he’s trying to apologize, get me to take him back or what he’s doing, but he’d got a weird way of doing things.”

“Why, what’s in the box?”

“I’m not sure I can tell you.” I was actually quite serious not because I was protecting Sonya or wanted to keep it a secret but because I thought Sonya might want to kill Simon for doing what he did.

“Sure you can, and you know you want too.”

I guess I was kind of putting off the conversation until we got to work because I kept making excuses and Sonya kept coming up with rebuttals for each one. I didn’t think I was paranoid of people over hearing us, because it was very rare that I ever saw anyone when I was walking to work at that time of morning, but I guess I was actually looking for the safety of the cafe.

When we stepped in the back door of the cafe Sonya demanded straight out. “Okay, no one else is listening, tell me what’s in the box or I’ll rip it open myself!”

“Oh trust me you don’t want to do that.”

“Why? What the bloody hell did he send you.”

“Well it started out with the bra and panties set.” I decided I would build up to the best part.

I figured since Sonya wanted details I was going to give them to her. I told her about the bra and panties, the lace, the Horny Devil writing and the fact that they were crotchless and all she could do was laugh.

“Hey I’m not kidding, but honestly that’s not all that was in there. After the underwear he really went all out.”

“Do I really want to know this?” Sonya asked.

“Well you asked so it’s too late now!”

When I told Sonya about the photograph she did threaten to kill Simon. “That’s fucking disgusting. That’s a breech of trust in every way. The bastard needs to be taught a fucking lesson. I’m going to kill him.”

“No you aren’t, I can’t run this place with you in prison.”

I admit I felt a bit like Sonya when it came to the photograph when I thought about it during the night and trust me I thought about it, and the rest of the stuff in that box, but my thoughts were not to cause physical harm to Simon. Well not every time.

When I told Sonya about the chocolate dicks her first response was to laugh, her second response was to suggest she could take them home and tell Tracey she wanted to spend the night eating some dicks. I wasn’t sure if she was serious or not, but I know she was serious when she asked me not to send the parcel back so she could have the candy bra.

“I’ll buy you and Tracey one each for Christmas.” I said with a smile.

“Promises, promises!” she replied.

Now Sonya’s reaction to the photograph was strong, and to be honest I did kind of expect it, however no matter what her tone suggested I knew she was not serious about killing Simon, she’s not that sort of person. But that reaction was nothing on the reaction she had when I told her about the 7 inch dick contoured dildo that was in the bottom of the box.

“That fucking stupid prick! What the fuck is wrong with him. Even if the guy is totally fucking twisted and hasn’t yet worked out you want him gone. Even if he just thinks the two of you are having a break, that’s not the sort of gift you send a person. Giving a vibe as a present is personal thing, there is no way he can think they two of you are on a fucking personal level.”

“Calm down Sonya, please it’s not worth getting so heated over. I’m pissed off that he did it but getting mad about it doesn’t change anything.”

“I just can’t believe he can do it.”

I expressed the same disbelief. “Let’s just forget it hun. Let’s get this place open, I’ll ring UPS later and they’ll come and get the darn thing, then it will be gone.”

“No need to ring UPS.” Sonya replied.

Her response shocked me a little bit. My first thought was that she was going to tell me not to send it because it wasn’t worth the effort and then she could talk the toys home, but I quickly dumped that idea from my mind because it seemed too unrealistic. However when she broke the silence with her idea it wasn’t that much more realistic.

“I’m going to take it to his shop personally during my tea break!”

“No you’re not!” I replied defiantly.

“Oh yes I am!”

“Sonya you can’t.”

”Oh yes I bloody well can. Not only will I deliver it I’m going to stop him ever sending you anything, ringing you, visiting you and bloody well thinking of you!”

Of course I was getting sick of Simon and I wanted things to stop but I didn’t want Sonya getting in trouble and I protested as much as I could but Sonya was adamant she was going to deliver the parcel and stop Simon for harassing me.

“You have to promise me you are not going to do anything stupid or anything that will get you in trouble.” I said having given up on the idea of protesting against something I knew I wasn’t going to win.

“Is murder still illegal?”

“Sonya! I’m serious!”

“Relax hun, I’m not going to kill him.”

“I know you’re not but you still need to be sensible. I don’t want you getting in trouble because of him, or because you’re protecting me.”

“It’s okay Kat. I promise you I wont do anything that will get me in trouble or require you to bail me out!”


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