Rock Hard: What Does Christie Want?

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I must say I was in shock, I couldn’t believe what Sarah had just asked me or the bet she was proposing. In case you missed it Sarah is my bestie and Dean’s girl friend, she was with us for the weekend and we were on the tour bus heading for Tulsa. After I conveniently mentioned over breakfast that Dean had assisted Adam in cheating on one of our silly bets Dean was in the bad books with Sarah. Well not really the bad books but we were besties so giving Dean the cold shoulder in favor of chatting to me was her choice.

“What’s the problem?” She asked me with a smile on her face.

“Shhh don’t talk too loud, this bus has bloody big ears!” I replied.

She lowered her voice, “What’s the problem?”

For those catching up Sarah had just suggested that the two of us rig a bet for me to win, we’d done it a few times in the past without telling the boys, and my prize for winning would be to drag Adam up on stage during the last encore, but not tell him what he was there for.

“So what’s the problem? Don’t you want to do it?” Sarah asked again.

“Of course I…I haven’t thought about it…” Of course I had thought about it, I may dress up every night and play a fearsome Goddess of the Nordic realm in a power metal band but I was like every other girl.

“Don’t bullshit me Christie, I know you’ve thought about it. You’ve been thinking about it since you were eight years old!”

“Oh yeah, just like every girl that age does.”

“Not every girl thinks about it the way you have!”

“Will you sssshhh, alright I admit it I have thought about it. But when I was eight years I was like every other girl. I was going to met Prince Charming and we’d end up living happily ever after. That doesn’t mean I’ve thought about it ever since.”

“Okay my mistake, you’ve only been thinking about it since you were twelve and your hormones started to take over!”

I know I was being persistent and dragging the topic on further than I should have been but for some reason I was actually thinking about it. “How would you know what I wanted when I was twelve?

“Because you told me,” Sarah came back with immediately. “You also told me you’ve had bad for Adam since you were eight, but didn’t know what that meant until you were twelve, then you thought about dating as the band was starting but Dean suggested otherwise…”

I stopped Sarah there because she was too darn close to the truth and because I didn’t need a recap reminding me just how long I’d been lusting after Adam.

“But we’ve only been going out for a few months.” I said.

“Yeah and you’ve known each other for more than twenty years. You’ve spent more time with him than most married couple spend together.”

“Isn’t it the guys job to ask that question?”

“Oh for fucks sake Chris!” Swearing? Sarah really was getting serious, she was good at swearing but using it like that showed frustration and seriousness. “We weren’t born in the 1800’s is okay for a woman to ask her man to marry her. Take the bull by the horns and do this!”

“Take him by what?” I said with a huge smile.

“I’m not kidding. You could go on the New Zealand tour married to the man you love!”

“Bloody hell Sarah!” My turn for seriousness. “That’s a bit soon, we couldn’t possibly do that.”

“Okay then, propose now and go away as an engaged couple. You know you want to!”

“And what if he says no?” I asked, I was serious, but I was also just wasting time wanting the topic to be over. “What if he says nothing? You know what he’s like with his stage fright. He’ll clam up because he’s so nervous.”

“Christie, he loves you, he’s going to say yes.”

“Then shouldn’t I ask him somewhere romantic, somewhere nice, somewhere we will remember?”

Sarah didn’t even take time to think of an answer. “What could be more memorable than on stage in front of ten thousand fans?”

Her figures might have been exaggerated, even for Kansas City, but I had to admit she did have a point, on stage was somewhere memorable. In our own way it was also nice, we’d played Kansas before and the venue was a great hall, well suited to us and our crowds.

As for romantic at first I wondered but as I thought about it how much more romantic could it get? Our whole lives were music, they had been since nearly the day we’d met. Adam’s dream may not have been to be on stage in front of screaming fans but his dream was still the music and to take the music all the way. Despite what Sarah had said about me having it bad for Adam since I was eight our romance really had blossomed because of the music and because of the shows we put on together.

So in all honesty what could be more romantic for the two of us than on stage in front of a crowd?

Okay I know what you’re thinking, with Adam’s stage fright it’s not very romantic, but in all honestly Adam is fine when he does get up on stage. He’s never sung a song with us or played an instrument but we have called him up a few times at the end of a tour for thanks and he’s gotten over any stage fight pretty quickly.

“You might have a point, but I’ll have to make the bet for tonight, and he wont have to pay out until tomorrow in Kansas City.” I said.

“Yeah and?”

“Don’t you have to fly back tomorrow night before the show?” I asked disappointed she wouldn’t get to see the bet she helped set it…if I could talk myself into doing it.

“I’ll just fly back Monday morning. I’m the boss, I have to have some perks! I’ll hold off telling Dean until after Adam looses the bet and then I’ll say I’m hanging around to see the bet paid.”

I looked at Sarah and smiled. “So what is this bet I can’t lose going to be?”

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        1. I reckon Adam must be used to Christie by now and while he might not be expecting a proposal if he thought about it for too long he’d realize this sort of thing suits Christie to a tee. I also think Adam is probably new age enough that he can accept some of the more non traditional things like a woman asking a man for his hand in marriage.

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