CopyCat Cafe: Sonya Returns

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As you can probably guess I had no chance of stopping Sonya once she had her mind set on returning the parcel to Simon’s store. Although I did try several times to talk her out of it I think there was some part of my mind that was actually happy to have her offer to deliver it.

Only a few days earlier Sonya had faced up to Simon and marched him out of the cafe, sure that hadn’t stopped him returning and embarrassing me and himself but she still did it. There was also the time Sonya marched Simon’s ex wife out of the cafe and half way home, that time she did manage to stop any further contact. So although she wasn’t batting 1000 she had a better record than I did when it come to people actually listening to her and I guess I was kind of happy to let her see if she could improve her average.

When Tom came in unexpected just after 9am he of course recognized the box that was sitting on the bench near my hand bag.

“Stuff for the cafe was it?” He nodded towards the box.

I was fairly sure that Tom knew the box didn’t contain items for the cafe, especially not since he saw the sender’s name on the box while he moved it into my house. I also saw no reason to tell him what was in the box, partly because I was embarrassed that my ex boyfriend was sending me such things but also because I was hoping Sonya was finally going to remove Simon from my life with whatever she planned to say when she re-delivered the box.

“It’s going back to it’s owner.” I said keeping the story as close to the truth as I could without revealing anything.

Tom stayed for a coffee, we talked about his dinner the previous night, which he told me was a great catch up, we talked about the orders I was making, because that’s what happens when people stand near me at work, and we talked about dinner that night. Whether he knew the parcel for Simon was a sore spot or not to his credit he ignored it completely and the topic didn’t come up the entire time he was there.

A little over an hour after he arrived Tom left telling me he was looking forward to dinner at my place that night. Sonya couldn’t help having a smart little dig at us ‘love birds’, as she called us, when Tom was walking out the door but Tom didn’t react which left her a little disappointed.

It was a few minutes after 10:30am when Sonya went on her tea break, I still had reservations about what she was doing as she walked out the rear door carrying the box with Simon’s name on it, but they obviously weren’t enough for me to try and stop her.

Sonya’s break was usually only 15 minutes, some times 20 if things were a little slow but I knew she’d be pushing it to be back in that time when she had to walk to Simon’s shop and back again but that didn’t worry me. The truth was the entire time she was gone I was on edge, waiting anxiously for her return so she could tell me what happened. I was actually lucky that I had meals and snacks to prepare which gave my mind something else to think about otherwise I think I’d have gone insane.

When she finally returned I nearly leaped down her throat I was so keen for an answer. “What happened? What did he say? What did you say?”

“Relax hun, calm down before you do yourself some damage.”

Sonya was definitely calm either the walk had calmed her down or she’d didn’t need cooling down because she didn’t loose it in Simon’s presence.

“Okay, I’m calm.” I said breathing deeply in an effort to try and prove that comment. “What happened?”

“Very little really.”

“What do you mean?” honestly some days asking Sonya questions was painful.

“I walked in there and his assistant was there. I asked to see Simon and she said he wasn’t in. So I asked her to make sure he got the parcel as soon as he returned. She recognized me and asked if it was for the shop or personal. I told her it was shop related then ripped the box open and showed her what was in it”

”Sonya! You didn’t?” my voice was somewhere between horrified and amazed.

“Yep I did. I’m kind of sorry I did it, but I really wanted to see what the guy sent you.”

“Why? I asked.

“I don’t know, curiosity, confirmation of what sort of douche bag he really is. Anyway when whatshername saw what was in there she nearly collapsed. I honestly don’t think she believed Simon sent it. But she sure as hell will be thinking about him differently now than she was this morning when she woke up!”

I honestly didn’t know what to say so I said nothing and went back to work, so did Sonya. Several minutes later Sonya came back into the kitchen with an order.

“I’m sorry Kat.”

“Uh?” I was deep in thought. “It’s okay, honestly.”

“No, it’s not okay, I shouldn’t have done it. I was just lashing out when I realized Simon wasn’t there to feel my rage. Melissa didn’t need to see what was in the box. No matter what sort of prick Simon has been she’s just his employee, she’s not involved.”

Of course I accepted the apology even if I still wasn’t entirely happy with what she did. “Don’t worry I’m sure Melissa will get over it.”

“Will you?” Sonya asked in a slightly bitchy voice.

“I’m sorry Sonya, I’m not annoyed at you, well not really. I’m still annoyed with what Simon did. Maybe Melissa didn’t need to get involved but it’s still Simon’s fault. If it wasn’t for Simon’s stupid behavior none of this would have happened.“ I took a deep breath. “If I had really wanted to stop you from hand delivering that box I would have, so I the blame also rests with me.”

”You think you could have stopped me?” Sonya said with a big smile on her face.

We were good!

I did honestly blame myself in part for letting Sonya deliver the package but after our little talk things went back to normal, we both got over any blame and responsibility and moved on. We also got on with work.

When I say we moved on we really did, it was one of those things Sonya and I did well. We’d say our peace, do what needed to be done and even if the situation wasn’t dealt with completely we knew when it was time to move on and respected it. The problem was other people didn’t always see it the same way.

As Sonya as I were finishing the clean up there was a knock at the door. We both looked at each other, neither of us were expecting anyone although I did have the thought that maybe it was Tom come to walk me home before the dinner I promised him. Then we heard the voice.

“Kat, it wasn’t me. Please come out and talk to me!”

No points for guessing who it was.


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