Rock Hard: Prying Brother

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We were on the band bus to Tulsa and Sarah, Dean’s girl friend and my bestie, and I were discussing my next bet with Adam. Her suggestion had been that when I win the bet I drag Adam up on stage while I’m introducing the band and ask him to marry me. I have to say the idea at first took me by surprise, Adam and I had been getting on well since the silly debacle of the blow job in the toilets and Sarah was right, although we hadn’t been dating for that long we’d spent more time with each other than most married couples. It wouldn’t be like we were jumping into the unknown and with our pending tour of New Zealand, Australia and Japan, then an east coast US tour it’s not like it would be a whirlwind wedding, we’d have plenty of time to plan things.

Forgetting about the tradition of males asking for their brides hand in marriage, forgetting that Adam suffered from a bit of stage fright and forgetting that there was a chance that he could say no I must admit I was kind of warming to the idea. I’d loved Adam for years and despite seeing other men a few times I’d wanted to be Adam’s girl friend since I was a teenager, even earlier if you believe Sarah and her wayward imagination. We were partners, with Dean, in Magnhild and we friends and for the past eight weeks we’d been lovers, marriage really did seem like the next step, even if for the next twelve months it was only the intent to marry.

“So what would this bet be, remembering that I obviously can’t lose?” I said to Sarah who did have an uncanny mind for pulling out the strangest ideas.

“I don’t think you want it too elaborate.” She started. “If you make it too way out, too difficult, or too one sided he’s going to suspect something is up.”

”So I shouldn’t bet on whether Dean has you naked in the room in Tulsa before the rest of us even have our rooms sorted out?” I asked with a smile.

“Well you could but after yesterday’s effort where you burst into his room and nearly caught me riding him to ecstasy…”

“Ewww, babe, that’s my brother, too much information!”

“If you can’t handle the game girlie, don’t start it!” Sarah’s laugh really was addictive and as we both laughed quietly she continued. “Okay, in the interests of your sanity, let’s not bet on what Dean and I might do in the confines of the hotel room.”

“Okay, if I hear screams and moans, or that weird buzzing noise I heard yesterday, I won’t enter!”

“That weird buzzing noise was your birthday present, we were testing it out!”

“Ewwww! Sarah!”

“Like I said babe, don’t play the game!”

The two of us girlie laughed so loud and for so long Dean and Adam came down from the back of the bus.

When I say came down from the back of the bus it kind of sounds like they made an arduous journey from a long distance away. In actual fact while we did have a large touring coach it wasn’t the sort of walk they needed a cut lunch for.

“What are you to laughing about?” Dean asked leaning over the seat.

“We’re talking about you not to you!” Sarah said quickly.

“Well that’s real polite!” Dean said.

“What is it with you two siblings?”

Dean looked at Sarah, looked at me, looked back at Sarah and asked. “What are you talking about babe!” But his sweetness wasn’t working.

“As I just told your sister, Sweetie,” she emphasized the sweetie word with a few quick blinks of her eyes. “If you can’t handle the game don’t start playing.”

Adam, while leaning over the seat next to Dean, was to his credit remaining silent…see there is a reason I loved him! Dean however hadn’t learnt his lesson, whether that was because he’d been on the road and forgotten the rules or he was just being smart I wasn’t sure but he wasn’t give in.

“I don’t mind playing the game,” he paused for a moment, “as long as we aren’t playing by your rules!”

“Dean. Baby, you’re cute.” Sarah patted Dean’s cheek in a sweet and lightly condescending way. “My rules are they only rules we ever play by, you know that!”

“Dean,” it was Adam’s turn to speak, for his sake he needed to be good. “I think you better quit. Sarah is only with us for one more night and there is no way you are bunking in with us when she kicks you out!”

“The man speaks sense Darling,” Sarah said with a smile.

I could see the wheels of Dean’s mind turning, well not literally, as he thought about his next move, lucky for him he chose the right move.

“Okay, I’m sorry my dear, I didn’t mean to be so rude.” The apology was dripping with sarcasm as if he was dimwitted but it was still fun to watch.

“That is better, now leave us alone, my girl here and I are working on a new bet for her sweet cheating partner.”

It’s funny how when you get to know people how much their facial expressions reveal and at that moment I could see on Adam’s face that he so desperately wanted to defend himself and remind us that he hadn’t cheated, but there was no way he was game to do so. Instead Adam chose the smarter path of not defending himself but asking the question.

“And what bet might you be working on Gorgeous?” Adam said directly to my face with a sweet smile and those cute puppy dog eyes which I keep reminding him don’t work,

“You’ll just have to wait and see!” I replied.

“No hints at all?”

“Nope, we’ll tell you at lunch time!” I said speaking quicker than I was thinking.


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