Ride Hard: On The Sofa

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Jack and I kissed on the sofa, it was a rather pleasant interlude to a silly discussion about birthday presents. I knew that most of the silliness was on my behalf, my brain was the one that kept throwing up obstacles like price, size and reciprocating gifts, Jack appeared to have none of those issues. Bless his big sweet heart Jack just wanted to buy me a present, but I still hadn’t give him an answer because no matter what we discussed I couldn’t think of what my mind told me was an appropriate answer. But still the kiss was nice and of course it went further, maybe because I was avoiding the conversation, maybe just because I wanted it to!

We sat on the edge of the sofa kissing passionately, Jack’s hand began to roam up and down my side. I lifted my blouse, gently grasped his hand and pushed it under the shirt fabric. His touch was light, barely there, as he let his finger tips skim my sensitive skin. I’d never known my skin to be as sensitive to touch as it was with Jack and it was amazing.

The longer we kissed the more I wanted to feel more. I reached behind my back and with a single hand I unhooked my bra. I knew Jack could feel the bra springing open under my blouse and allowing him easier access to my left breast but like a nervous teenager waiting to be invited his hand didn’t stray. For a second time I grasped his hand and lifted it upwards, guiding it to where I wanted it.

Like a tease, when I released Jack’s hand instead of cupping my breast and giving it the attention I craved he decided to just skim his open palm against the under side of it. I have to say my breasts never used to be such a sensitive part of my body when it came to arousal but with Jack they were as alive as those areas below the belt. His soft touch, his gently and smooth moves, my want for him to go further were all driving me insane.

When Jack finally pushed the loose material of my bra out of the way and rubbed his fingers over my erect nipples I couldn’t help myself I bit his lip. Not hard, I didn’t draw blood, just a clamping of my teeth as I held in a little moan. When I let go of his lip I pushed my tongue back into his mouth as we resumed kissing, hot, hard, passionate.

Jack rolled my erect nipple between his thumb and fore finger, gently at first, then adding a little more pressure as he went. Like I say never a sensitive part before but when Jack gently clamped my nipple and pulled on it felt amazing. There was no yanking, no pulling like he was trying to remove it just gently tugs pulling the skin with his fingers.

This time the moan escaped before I knew it was happening. “Ooohhh god yes!”

The breaking of the kiss by my moan prompting Jack to move his own lips. Within seconds his lips were kissing my neck just below my right ear. I lifted up my right hand and placed it lightly on the back of his head. I could feel Jack’s stubble rubbing my neck and the underside of my chin as his lips roamed around my neck.

Jack hadn’t gone anywhere near my waist but the kissing, the stubble on my neck and the slow gently movements of his hand all ensured that there was a burning down there, a burning that was so hungry to be sated I began begging him take me to the bedroom and fill my need. But he didn’t seem to be listening.

Instead of taking me to the bedroom Jack seemed content with what he was doing but it wasn’t until he started to nibble on my neck, little nips between his teeth as his lips roamed up and down my already stubble sensitive neck that things really started going over the top.

“Ooohh Gawd Jack!” I moaned, the nibbles might not have left me speechless but I didn’t have a huge vocabulary.

I used my right hand to push his head against my neck harder, wanting more, wanting to feel everything he was doing to every part of my neck. It was at that moment Jack began using both hands. He lifted his left hand to my right breast and just like his right hand had been doing he started gripping, rubbing and tugging on my right nipple. Despite the awkward sitting position Jack concentrated on both my breasts at the same time, rubbing one and tugging the other, then changing almost like he had an instruction book he was following. Driving me further and further towards the point of no return I panted loudly.

Breaking Jack’s neck kiss I dropped back against the cushions of the sofa, his hands came free of my breasts and he was left sitting upright looking at me, but not for long.

Jack leaned towards me and although the position was awkward we began kissing again but that didn’t last long either because almost as soon as Jack’s lips touched mine he let his hand wander. It happened so fast I had no idea what was going on but the instant Jack’s hand touched my wet crotch, through my underwear, and rubbed against my throbbing clit I came and came hard right there on the sofa.

Talk about explosive, talk about hot, talk about unbelievable, I’ve had guys excite me to the point of no return without going the full distance before but never had I exploded like that.

“Oh my gawd Jack.” I said as I lay slumped on the sofa with his hand between my legs and his face rubbing my neck. “That was amazing!” I didn’t mind telling Jack when he’d done something well, especially not if it meant he could do it again some time. “Now will you take me to the bedroom so we can finish this off?”

“Who needs the bedroom?” Jack whispered into my ear.

Jack was right, we didn’t need the bedroom, the sofa was more than adequate!

Messy 🙂

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