CopyCat Cafe: It Wasn’t Me!

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So there we were, Sonya and myself cleaning up the cafe getting ready to close up for the night so that I could rush home and get myself changed from work Kat to home Kat before Tom arrived for the dinner I promised him. Sonya had earlier in the day delivered the box Simon had had delivered to my house directly to his shop, not only that when Simon wasn’t there she opened the box in front of Simon’s assistant.

Although I had told Sonya what was in the box I was still somewhat annoyed that she had chosen to open the box at the music shop, but as I’ve said before Sonya and I do have our disagreements from time to time but we have it out and get over it, we don’t dwell on things or let them fester. So when it came time to be cleaning up and there was a knock at the door because things had been good between us for a few hours neither of us was thinking the worst, that was until we heard the voice on the other side.

“Kat, it wasn’t me. Please come out and talk to me!”

As much as I might have hoped it was Tom knocking at the door the voice removed all doubt that it was Simon.

“Are you going to open it?” Sonya asked?

I looked at her, we both knew that unless we were talking loudly anyone on the other side off the door couldn’t hear us, even if they knew we were there and Simon knew we were there.

“I don’t want to, but I doubt he’s going to go away.”

“Want me to answer it?”

Then we heard Simon’s voice again. “Please Kat, let me explain. I promise you it was not me who sent you the box.”

Sonya and I had stopped work and we were both standing next to each other. “Who the fuck sent it then?” Son asked me quietly.

“It had to be him!” I said.

“Well it’s not like anyone else would send anything that personal and think it was some kind of make up gift.”

It was at that moment as the words came out of Sonya’s mouth that I had a weird and somewhat disturbing thought. Simon then banged on the door again and called out. “Please Kat.”

Before Simon had even finished shouting I said to Sonya. “What if he’s telling the truth?”

“What do you mean?” Sonya asked.

“What if he didn’t send the package?”

“Who else would send it? Who else could get hold of the photo?”

“Her!” was all I had to say.

“Where would she have got the photo from? It doesn’t look photoshopped.” There was another banging at the door. “What ever you are going to do you better do it soon, he’s getting impatient, and I want to go home.”

“Please Kat, I promise you it wasn’t me!” Simon called out again.

My phone beeped at the same time and Simon’s voice came through the closed door as much as I didn’t want to answer it I knew Sonya wouldn’t let me not answer it. I unlocked the phone and read the message.

“I’m running late.
Won’t be there until 7.
Sorry. I’ll explain where I get there.”

It was a message from Tom telling me he was running late for dinner. However just as I was breathing a sigh of relief that the message wasn’t from Simon my phone beeped again.

“Please Kat,
I didn’t know she was sending it
I’m so so sorry.
Please let me in so we can talk.”

I didn’t have to relay the messages to Sonya, she was reading them as I was. We both knew who ‘she’ was, even Simon had begun referring to her as she or her in the last days of our relationship.

“How the fuck did she get the photo then you fucking sleaze?” Sonya yelled at the door.

I think her voice and the volume of that voice was as much a surprise to her as it was to me but while it was a shock and definitely not the way I wanted to handle it I couldn’t really tell her off for it because something needed to be said.

“I’m not doing this through a close door, and I’m not doing it with Sonya.” Came Simon’s reply.

It was at that moment I snapped. I’m not sure if I’d had enough of Simon, Sonya or the whole bloody lot but I’d definitely had enough and I let Simon know it.

“I really don’t care how she got them, you shouldn’t have taken them in the first place Simon, it’s disgusting!”

“She stole my phone!”, he obviously wasn’t giving up easy. “Please open the door Kat.”

I looked at Sonya, Sonya looked at me, we both looked at the clock. We weren’t far off finishing for the day and we both wanted to go home for different reasons however we also didn’t want to step outside with Simon there. Truth be told I wouldn’t have been surprised to see Sonya knock the guy out cold if she came face to face with him.

“That’s it Simon I have had enough. I no longer care what excuses you have, leave here now or I’ll be calling the police to have you removed!”

“Please Kat, you can’t do that to me. I just want to talk.”

“Well I’m over talking!” I was yelling at the closed door. “Leave now or I’m calling the police.”

There was silence from the other side of the door for what must have been thirty seconds before Sonya got the nerve to speak. “Do you think he’s gone?”

“I don’t know.” I replied. “I’m not sure I want to check in case he’s just sitting out there waiting for me to come out.”

“Do you want me to check if he’s still there?”

“What if he’s there and he sees you?”

“Well we have to do something Hon, we can’t stay here forever.”

I knew she was right however what I knew and what I wanted didn’t really matter because she was on her way to peak out of the small window anyway. Pulling the curtain back and looking out in both directions Sonya confirmed that Simon wasn’t hanging around back there, I was relived.

“Were you really going to call the cops on him?” Sonya asked as she turned back towards me.

“I seriously don’t know. He was really giving me the shits, and I no more wanted to face him that I wanted to stay here all night. Realistically there is nothing to say. It’s a fact that I’m pissed off he took the photo, but at least it’s not a nude photo. I’m pissed off he wont stay away. But I am with Tom now and despite him being late he’s going to beat me home if I don’t get my shit together. So yeah maybe I would have called them!”

Sonya cheered and laughed at the same time, I don’t know if she believed me about the police but she didn’t argue.

After that we got stuck into the last of the clean up, cleaned ourselves up a bit and then headed off home. I would have just enough time to get home, shower and be ready for Tom’s arrival, for once I hoped the guy wasn’t going to be early!



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  1. And the plot thickens! I figured that was a super weird gift for a man to send, but yeah he took the pictures without her permission, not cool. What will she do now?

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