Rock Hard: Working Out The Details

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“So what the hell is this bet going to be?” I asked Sarah as lunch time got nearer and I was still wondering why I hadn’t heard her come up with anything.

If you remember we were on the tour bus headed towards Tulsa. Sarah, my bestie and Dean’s girl friend, was with us for the weekend and we were discussing the next bet between Adam and myself, well she was telling me how it should go down and I was listening, uncompromisingly.

“Like I said before it can’t be outrageous enough for him to suspect something and it can’t be weighted for you to win because he’ll see the set up.” Sarah said.

“Okay well I’m still listening.”

“You’re still a bit pushy too!” Sarah said with a smirk.

“Well you’re the one with all the great ideas.”

“Okay how’s this?” She started. “Instead of going silly we just run with your usual bet, that way it shouldn’t raise any suspicions about it being a set up.”

“You want me to bet on encores? Tulsa is a bit of an unknown crowd for us. We haven’t played there for nearly three years and when we did it was a smaller venue. How am I going to guarantee three encores?”

A loud car horn blasted into the bus as the car it belonged too sped past. It happened occasionally when we were on the road, fans would recognize the tour bus and drive past riding the horn letting us know they were there. Honestly it’s always good to be recognized by the fans but most of the time because we don’t suspect it the horn blast scares the shit out of some or all of us on the bus.

Sarah waited until the horn blast stopped ringing through the bus and the swearing from a few of the guys had eased before speaking again. “Do you have to guarantee three? Can’t we go with two, you can walk off stage after the second encore, kind of like what they did to you the other day?”

“If I make a bet with only two encores Adam’s going to suspect something I’m sure of it.”

“Why? Do you only ever bet three?”

“No, but two is the easy way out, and as you say not a lot different to what he and Dean set up. I think he’d suspect I was trying to win and back out.”

“So we bet for three.” Sarah said without hesitation.

“And now I go back to my previous question.” I replied. “How do we guarantee three encores in a town that is largely an unknown?”

Sarah actually thought about her answer to that question for a few minutes. As she did I looked out the window and saw that we were slowing down to turn into a truck stop, obviously Bill had decided we were stopping for lunch. I was hoping I didn’t have to remind her that we’d told the boys the bet was going to be finalized by lunch time.

“I’ve got an idea,” she started as the bus pulled into the car park.

Truck stops are one of those places you either loath or love, they can be the shittiest dives ever or they can be one of the nicest places in the world, many of them these days are getting better but it’s still a bit of pot luck. The one we stopped at for lunch was definitely on the higher end of the scale, clean, a good ambiance, good food, and great staff that were happy to see people.

Dean, Adam, Sarah and myself took up a booth in the corner, we could all look out over the large car park and towards the highway. Adam ordered himself the All Day Breakfast, Dean the cheeseburger, Sarah a salad and myself I ordered the bacon and eggs, a girl needs her carbs! And I bet you all wanted to know what we ordered too didn’t you? Anyway our meals weren’t even on the table before Dean was asking what the bet was.

“What is it to you?” Sarah said with a smirk. “The bet is between Christie and Adam not you!”

“Hey, you two have been planning and plotting all morning, I think it’s only fair that I’m allowed to be involved. Especially since he’s too scared to ask.” Dean looked at Adam but again Adam was playing silent not wanting to make things any worse for himself.

“You really have spent too much time on the road without me, haven’t you darling!” Sarah asked as she snuggled into Dean’s right arm. “You’ve forgotten how this game works.”

“Hey, I’m just standing up for my friend.” Dean argued.

“And that’s good darling, now sit back down and do as you’re told.”

“I am sitting!”

“Stop speaking now dearest!” Sarah kissed Dean on the cheek, the love between them was evident and their games as silly as Adam’s and mine.

Dean kept his mouth shut and I looked directly at Adam daring him to ask the question. To be completely honest I was still hesitant about the bet, not because I didn’t want to be Adam’s wife but because I didn’t want him to say no. It was that hesitation that had me waiting for him to ask about the bet rather than prompting him to do so.

I stared into his eyes silently for what must have been thirty seconds before he broke the silence. “Just how cute do you want to be?” he said with a smile on his face.

I couldn’t help it the comment floored me, I was expecting him to ask what the bet was not throw something so corny out there for all the hear, and I just broke out in laughter. I laughed for a full ten seconds, which is actually a long time when your doing it, before recovering slightly and leaning in to kiss the guy on the lips. It was a warm, passionate kiss with some great tongue work that left us both breathless.

When he broke the kiss he moved his lips toward my cheek, the opposite side of my face to what Dean and Sarah could see, and whispered, “I love you but I’m too scared too ask what the bet is!”

Again I couldn’t help myself I laughed but not for as long this time as I could see the small frown forming on Adam face. I’m sure it was partly put on but at the same time I didn’t want him sad.

“I’m sorry for laughing dear. Honestly I wasn’t laughing at you, it’s just that you looked so funny and your plea nearly broke my heart!” I could see that Sarah wanted to know what had just happened between us but I wasn’t going to tell her, at least not then, instead I decided to let Adam out of his suspense and misery.


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