Ride Hard: Still On The Sofa

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Did I tell you about the time Jack brought me off, made me explode, blew my mind, and whatever other description you’ve got for it, while we sat there on the sofa discussing birthday presents? Did I tell you how he managed to do it all without touching me below the waist until that last second? No? Well how about I tell you now?

I’m only kidding, I know I told you about it but serious it was so darn good I could talk about it for ever and ever. No one had ever done such a thing to me before and I was in total amazement, total euphoric amazement.

However please don’t for a second think that by talking up that event I am making light of any other the other events Jack and I have had because that would be unfair. Even after that wonderful and blissful explosion of senses as we kissed the sex was explosive, immediate and explosive.

As soon as Jack told me we didn’t have to go to the bedroom to finish off what he had started I took over. I didn’t worry about removing my skirt, there wasn’t time for that, I did however push off my damp underwear. At the same time Jack pushed out of his denim jeans and underwear and laid back placing his head on the arm of the sofa.

Like I was in some sort of race I wasted no time in climbing over Jack’s legs and slipping that rock hard and ready shaft inside me. I started by using my knees to push myself up and down allowing Jack’s full length to slide in and out. Jack’s hand rubbed up and down my thighs but that was the only part of him that moved.

Stopping on the downward stroke I reached down behind myself and started to rub Jack’s balls, then began to move my hips back and forth. As my wet clit rubbed backwards and forwards across Jack’s crotch and my fingers rubbed him I heard him letting out little pants. Obviously the heavy petting we’d been doing before we changed positions wasn’t only a turn on to me because I could feel Jack throbbing inside me.

“Come here!” Jack said holding his hands out expressing a desire to bring me down to him.

“I’m trying!” I said with a grin.

Jack laughed, reached up with both arms, put his hands on my upper back and pulled me gently towards him. Once we started kissing Jack began thrusting into me. Long deep thrusts, hard passionate kisses and those finger tips gently moving up and down my back underneath my blouse.

Neither of us lasted long after Jack started his thrusting, we were both so excited and turned on we both went off like a frog in a sock.

As our breathing settled back down to a pace that felt like our hearts were not going to explode out of our ribs I lay on Jack’s chest with my head resting against his neck. I moved my hips against his fading erection but only to please my senses down there, neither of us had the energy to go another round. Jack’s fingers were still gently roaming around under my blouse lightly touching my bare skin. It was a feeling that often caused those strange sensations in the excitable parts of my body but again it was too soon and while it felt good I just didn’t have the energy.

With my head turned slightly I was able to kiss Jack’s neck, just below his jaw bone, short little pecks to remind him I was there.

“I need to get up.” I said, my arms were becoming stiff as I tried to keep some of my weight off Jack’s chest.

“I already did that!” Jack said with a hint of laughter in his voice.

“Cute. But I am serious, my arms are sore.”

“Here, let me help!” With those words Jack suddenly stopped skating his fingers across my back and wrapped his arms around me pulling me against him. “I’ll support you!”

Isn’t he just the sweetest? The problem was I couldn’t let him do that for too long, not only because it would have been uncomfortable for him but because it wasn’t overly great for me either.

I let Jack hold me for a few moments then kissed him and made up an excuse to aid my cause. “You’re sweet but I also have another need, one that does require me not to be on top of you.” Jack knew what I was referring to and it wasn’t a lie, the need to go was rising.

Looking at the clock as I came back through the bedroom, on my way from the bathroom, I saw that it was nearly midnight. Apart from our little sofa rocking party we’d both had a very lazy day. We’d done very little other than watch TV and listen to some music, it was the kind of weekend that you remembered for ages not because of what happened but because of what didn’t happen.

Until then I hadn’t asked Jack if he was staying the night. Whether he stayed or left had more to do with his work the following day than it did with the hour he left, but it was something I usually asked earlier in the night, or day. Something neither Jack or I did was assume the other was spending the night, we had good communication as we used it…when we didn’t forget.

“Are you staying the night? It’s nearly midnight.” I said as I stepped back into the living room.

Jack had his pants back on and looked as if he was getting ready to leave, my heart sank a little bit with sadness as I walked around to the couch and sat down next to him.

“Are you trying to get rid of me? Have you got your other boyfriend coming around or something?”

I didn’t hesitate I kept the joke going. “Yeah but we’ll use the spare room if you like.”

“Well that’s fair because I do need some sleep.”

“How about I cancel George, he’s probably busy with the twins anyway, and just come to bed with you?”

“Well it’s up to you, it’s your house. Although I have to warn you I do need to be up early.” Early for Jack could be anything between 4:30am and 6:30am but I was happy with that and told him so. “Are you sure, I need to be at work by 7?”

That meant getting up by 6am, a little earlier if Jack wanted a shower, which he probably would especially since we’d both started leaving clothes at each others houses.

“I’m fine with that, lets go.” I said as I picked up my damp knickers from the floor, instant memories of how they became damp filled my mind and made me smile.

Ten minutes later we lay side by side in bed having meandered into the bedroom, Jack on his back looking at the roof and me against his chest.

“So what do you want for your birthday?” Jack asked in the dead still darkness.


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