CopyCat Cafe: Unwelcome Visitor

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On the way home and before Sonya and I parted ways I spotted Simon in his car, to be fair it wasn’t obvious that he was watching me because it was the right route for him to be driving home. He also didn’t stop, whether that was because Sonya was with me or he genuinely was headed home I am not sure. What it did mean however was that when Sonya and I did split up I walked faster than I normally would in an effort to get home by myself and without Simon in tow.

I looked at the clock on the oven as I walked in through the back door and into the kitchen. I didn’t know exactly what time Tom was going to arrive but I was still hoping for a quick shower before he arrived so I dumped my handbag on the table and headed for the shower.

There was no time for stuffing around and I was half naked before I even stepped into the bathroom. My work skirt and shirt were thrown without care onto the bed, my shoes kicked off and I was wearing only my knickers and bra as I stepped through the door and opened the shower glass. While the water warmed up I got rid of my underwear, dumping them on the floor in front of the vanity then stepped carefully into the warm water.

As I suggested there was no time for stuffing around and I almost as soon as I was under the shower rose I was rubbing myself down with body wash. Once I was clean I quickly washed my hair, rinsed off the shampoo and then turned off the taps. I was just stepping out of the open door of the shower when I realized someone was standing in the open door. It was Simon!

“What the fucking hell are you doing here?” I screamed grabbing my towel from the rack and not worrying about the noise I was making.

“You left the back door unlocked.” he replied as if that some how gave him a logical reason for being inside my house.

“Get the fuck out of here Simon.” I was well beyond keeping my cool as I wrapped my towel around me.

“I was making sure you were alright.”

“Oh yeah I am just great. Some pervert just broke into my house to watch me shower. I’m fucking dandy Simon!”

He wasn’t moving despite my tone and my swearing so I stepped towards him and pushed him with one hand while I held the towel against my body.

“It’s not like I haven’t seen it all before.”

“Oh so that makes it okay to break into my house and watch me as I showered does it?” I yelled still trying to push him out of the bedroom.

“I didn’t break in, the door was open.”

“And what makes you think it was open for you?”

“So it was open for him? You left the door open while you showered so some stranger could come into your house?”

“Tom is not a stranger.” I said before thinking that I owed Simon no explanation. Leaving the door unlocked might have been an oversight but it wasn’t an open invite for anyone to watch me shower. “Just get the fuck out of my house Simon.”

I pushed him towards the kitchen, the front door was closer but it was still locked and would need the key to open it so there was no point pushing him that way.

“Please Kat, I didn’t mean any of that I just wanted to talk about the parcel. I didn’t send it.”

”No but you took the fucking photo and that was bad enough.”

Although he was still putting up some resistance I had managed to push him into the kitchen.

“I took a picture of my girl friend after we shared a lovely night. There is nothing wrong with that.”

I so wanted to remind Simon that a polite, considerate boy friend wouldn’t have taken the photo in the first place, at least not without permission. I also wanted to tell him that it didn’t matter who sent the parcel, it was the fact that it was sent that was the problem. But everything I could have told him didn’t really matter, he’d heard all or most of it before and he was still standing in my kitchen uninvited.

“Just get out of my house Simon. I don’t want your excuses. I don’t want your reasons. I just want you out of my house and out of my life.”

“You don’t really mean that Kat.”

“Of course I fucking mean it Simon. I’ve meant it every time I’ve said it but you wont fucking listen.” I was screaming.

Because there was only a few steps between Simon and the door I had stopped shoving him hoping that he was going to finally take the hint and get out of my house. But of course he didn’t however what he did do shocked me, sure I’d been pissed off with Simon and some of his actions but I honestly did not think he was he sort of person that did what he did next.

Instead of hearing the tone in my voice and realizing there was nothing left between us and nothing likely to ever be between us again he some how took my savage tone to mean I actually wanted him.

He stepped up to me, grabbed the towel with his right hand and yanked me towards him. I placed my hands on his shoulders and tried to push him away but he wrapped his left arm around my waist and held me against him.

The next thing he did was spin me around and push me against the kitchen bench, hard, hard enough the I felt the a pain in the small of my back where the bench connected.

“Simon what are you doing?” My voice was lower in an attempt to not make the situation any worse than it was.

“You’re just confused about what you want.”

I was honestly dumbfounded. Don’t get me wrong I know things like this happen to women every day and maybe I was being naive thinking it couldn’t happen to me but I honestly just didn’t think Simon was that kind of person no matter what had happened between us. I just didn’t think his mind was capable of provoking something this silly.

He lips were inches away from connecting with mine. I was moments away from throwing up, or at very least spitting in his face when there was a knock at the door.

As Simon turned to see who was knocking at the door I took the advantage and lifted my knee. It wasn’t a clean connect with his balls but it was good enough, and sharp enough to make him screech and stumble backwards.

Suddenly there I was in my own kitchen holding a towel against my naked body, the man I once wanted to be with crouched on the floor holding his balls and the man I wanted to be with standing in the open door way with a shocked look on his face.

I didn’t have time to think about what I was going to say before Simon stood up, stepped towards the door, pushed his way passed Tom and ran to the street where his car was.

Tom looked at me, he’d obviously had time to take in the situation and make his mind up about what had happened. “Are you alright?” he asked.

I could see the concern on his face and I was fairly certain that he didn’t know what his next move should be. He obviously wanted to take me in his arms and hold me but he didn’t know if that’s what I wanted. Instead of letting him think about it for too long I took control.

I stepped up to him and said, “I’m fine. Thank you for arriving when you did.” I then put my arms around his waist and snuggled into his chest.

14 thoughts on “CopyCat Cafe: Unwelcome Visitor

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  1. Step 1. call police. Step 2. get restraining order if not that then Tom needs to kick the shit out of Simon. He deserved far more than an almost kick to the balls. I’m so angry at him right now. (Kudos by the way getting me emotionally involved is the measure of good writing)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, my whole plan was to make Simon creepy and weird but not someone Kat couldn’t handle herself. Tom of course would be an under lying threat, as would Sonya, but I wanted Kat to be the one to stop him even if Tom or Sonya were beside her for moral support.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you.

      She has threatened to call the police a few times but Kat has always been strong, maybe somewhat vulnerable, but strong. I also think there is a part of her that believes he’s not dangerous and therefore doesn’t want to get him in trouble. I suppose while she has his number she will continue to think that.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. “Having his number”: While the she thinks she can handle him she’s not going to ask for help. As yet he’s posed no physical threat to her, he’s just been a pain in the ass that wont go away.

          Liked by 1 person

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