Rock Hard: Paying For The Win

Continues from here.

Oka so some of you might call me a bitch or even say that I don’t deserve a good bloke like Adam given some of the silly things I do and say and maybe they’d be right but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter much because he’s my boy friend and our relationship is what it is.

After the little episode during lunch where I laughed at him for being such a cute bugger and for being scared about the little side bet Sarah and I were trying to organize it’s totally understandable that some people would be jealous. I mean envious. I mean think I was being mean to Adam. But honestly the games we were playing were really no different now we were dating than they were when we were just friends, the only real difference is the winner often got a kiss these days…or the loser got the kiss to compensate for the silly bet.

The laughing and silliness faded down not long before our lunch arrived and while we ate I even told Adam of the bet. I guess I wasn’t entirely forthcoming in that he asked me what the bets were and all I would tell him was that he needed to get on stage with us during the band intro the following night. He asked why, I refused to answer, he asked again, I refused, he told me he wouldn’t agree to the bet, Sarah called him a whimp, I laughed, he argued and Dean remained silent knowing better than to get involved.

“Are you going to agree to the bet or not?” I asked after finishing my lunch.

“I’d be silly to agree without knowing what it is I could lose.” Adam replied.

“You know what it is you get when you lose, a visit up on stage to be introduced with the rest of us.”

“Are you sure that’s all?” He asked obviously suspicious and looking for a wrinkle in my plans. “For some reason I get the impression that the two of you,” he pointed to both Sarah and myself, “have set something up as pay back for the last bet you lost.”

“Oh so you admit we needed pay back? You admit to doing something dodgy?” I asked without thinking.

“I never said that!”

“Okay well the bet is down. I don’t even know what your bet is and I’ve laid mine down so the least you can do is say yes!” I replied.

“And you wonder why I am suspicious!” Adam said with a grin on his face.

After a few more minutes of back and forth Adam eventually agreed to my terms, if I got three encores he would come up on stage during the intros the following night in Kansas City. He wouldn’t tell me what his bet was going to be, to be fair I don’t think he knew it at the time, but since I hadn’t told him the reason for him to be on stage was for me to propose to him I figured it was a fair deal. The only unknown was getting three encores but Sarah promised me that she was going to engineer that part of the bet so that I couldn’t fail.

The afternoon leg of our journey to Tulsa was spent with the four of us together in the bus. I know it seems like the four of us had pretty much segregated ourselves from the rest of the band and crew since Sarah’s arrival and in part you are correct. However that was one thing about our band, no one ever really got upset or offended when any of us broke off in little groups.

We were of course approachable on the bus, it’s kind of hard not to be, but other than the times we got a little loud with our laughter and silliness as we reminisced and Bob decided to step in and tell us he was trying to make calls no one interrupted us.

We got to Tulsa not long after 2pm and immediately after checking into the motel Adam went down to the venue to help the rest of the crew load in. I promised him I would be along later, well before the sound check time, but I wanted to have a bit of “me time” before I rushed off to be Hella. In truth all I really wanted was to have a nice long shower and a bit of a relax in a chair that wasn’t moving, I was tired and although I wouldn’t let it affect the nightly performance I wanted a rest before that performance.

As much as I hate the term “me time” I must admit I do look forward to it occasionally. However for me I don’t need that long, a hour or so with a bit of a sit down and a nice long shower is usually enough and it was no surprise to anyone that I was ready for the outside world again by 3pm.

Load in, set up, sound check and even the dinner before the gig all went well. There was of course a few teething issues with the set up but realistically if a gig set up goes without any hitches it’s usually something to be suspect of.

During dinner Adam told me he’d worked out his terms of the bet. He was happy to accept that Tulsa was only a two encore crowd and when he as proven right I had to ride in one of the tour trucks for two days. He again tried to get my reasoning for his appearance on stage if he lost the bet but I just told him that if he was so confident about making the bet it shouldn’t matter what my terms were. He didn’t like it but he agreed.

Of course I won the bet, there was no way Sarah was going to let me lose. However it wasn’t until after the bet was won and we were sitting down having after gig drinks that I found out the lengths she was willing to go to in order to make it happen. In the girls room on a ‘special’ visit where I was invited to accompany her, you know one of those visits where the girls go off together and the boys have no idea why, she told me how she managed it.

“It cost me nearly a hundred dollars.” she said as we stood at the sinks looking in the mirrors.

“What did?” I asked

“To make sure you won that bet!”

“What do you mean? What did you do? I didn’t expect you to pay money.” I protested although I had no idea what I was protesting.

“Relax babe! It was my treat.”

“You can’t afford that sort of money. What did you buy anyway?”









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