Ride Hard: “You Didn’t Wake Me Up.”

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When Jack asked what I wanted for my birthday, after we’d just spent a glorious time semi naked on the sofa, and after that mind blowing orgasm Jack delivered by barely touching me, both of which were brought on by an unresolved discussion about birthday presents, I said nothing. That’s right nothing, I had patience.

I don’t know if he timed it thinking that I might have nodded off, or if he was being a smarty pants but I decided the easiest way to handle it was to say nothing. Honestly if another discussion about birthday presents led where the last one led there is no way we’d be getting Jack up on time to go to work the following morning. Truth be told if an episode like that happened again so soon after the first one I don’t think I’d have woken up for a week!

If Jack did know I heard him, he didn’t push for an answer he just lay there rubbing my back until I did fall asleep. I don’t think I had a restless sleep but I did wake up just before 5am and I was laying on my stomach. I’m not sure if I did it myself in my sleep or if Jack did it but I was also covered with a sheet and a light blanket.

I could hear Jack gently snoring beside me, not a loud guttural snore that doctors report is dangerous, a light deep breathing that was enough to tell me he was still there, not that I expected him to be anywhere else. I wanted to roll over and snuggle into him, feel his body heat against mine, but whatever it was that caused me to roll over in my sleep seemed to be stopping me from rolling back as I laid there looking at the clock.

I can’t say I tried to move far because my body refused with the slight movement I did make, but no sooner was my mind having thoughts about rolling over than my brain was telling me that such a movement just was not possible and that it needed to go back to sleep where it was. In the end the brain must have won because at 5:57am when I woke up I was still on my stomach with my face on the pillow.

I didn’t wake up with the alarm but when I woke up I could hear the shower running. It’s probably unfair to suggest Jack having a shower actually woke me up because it’s not like he was making a lot of noise in there but he had obviously come to my side of the bed and turned the alarm off so that it didn’t wake me at 5:50am like it was supposed to.

“Good morning beautiful.” Jack said a few minutes later when he walked out of the bathroom and towards the bed.

His bottom half was wrapped in a towel showing off that muscular, but not overly done six pack, hairy chest and the other half of the necklace I’d bought for him. He sat down on the bed next to me, leaned down and kissed me on the cheek.

“Sorry I woke you with the shower.”

“Good morning honey. You didn’t wake me,” I said politely I might even have blushed a little. “But I noticed you turned the alarm off, were you trying to sneak out without waking me?”

“Of course not, I was just giving you a bit of extra sleep. Believe me if I didn’t have to be early today I’d be laying right there with you.”

“Damn you’re a wonderfully charming man Jack Richards.” I said with a smile.

Jack’s hair was still slightly wet as he leaned over me and I could feel the wet tips of it flicking my neck and ears. There was only a few cool drips that ran down my skin but it was enough to send a shiver down my spine. Jack must have felt that slight shiver because he lifted his head and looked at me.

“What’s wrong honey? Someone walk over your grave?”

It was a saying I didn’t think I’d heard from anyone but my mother’s mouth and I couldn’t help but giggle. Jack looked at me with those sweet, yet piercing blue eyes but they were full of question.

“Sorry,” I said. “Your hair dripped down my neck and the felt really strange.”

“Is that what the shiver was?”

“Yeah, then you topped it off with a Mom saying.”

“A Mom saying?”

“I don’t think I have ever heard anyone but my Mom use the term someone walking over your grave.”

“Seriously? I use it all the time.” Jack said innocently.

“No wonder you get along so well with my mother.”

“Your Mom is a lovely woman,” Jack said, if I didn’t know him better I could almost think he was sucking up for some reason. He then added. “with all the cool and hip sayings!”

I giggled again. When I stopped I asked, “Would you like me to cook you breakfast, or even coffee before you go?”

“No. Thanks for the offer, but I’ll grab something at work before the meeting.”

“Are you sure? It’s no trouble to get up and cook you something, even if it’s only toast.”

“If you get up and start running around the kitchen dressed like you are it wont be only toast and I’ll be late for work!” Jack said with a smile.

“I can get dressed before I start making food, you know?”

“Well where’s the fun in that?” Jack was smirking.

I would have got up and cooked Jack breakfast if he wanted it but I also knew he was leaving for a purpose. Jack didn’t often put work before his own personal life so when he did he obviously had good reason to and I wasn’t going to get bent out of shape for him doing it.

“So this is goodbye?” I said trying to sound like a movie character whose name I couldn’t remember, in a movie I’d seen when I was in school which I couldn’t remember the name of.

“Why don’t you come to mine for dinner tonight?”

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