Belated St Patrick’s Day

“Kiss me I’m Irish
You’ll find none more stylish.
It’s the day of St. Patrick
Let me show you my magic”

Those are the words, that I had heard
Words oh so straight, they weren’t being slurred
They weren’t being spoken with any brawn
They were being spoken by a leprechaun

He was a wee slip of a man
With a cane in his hand
He looked very clean
And was all dressed in green

“A leprechaun’s sweet kiss
Is not a good thing to miss
A leprechaun’s kiss, you wont bemoan
Kissing me is next to kissing, the Blarney Stone!”

I guess in some ways he was kind of cute
All three feet of him in his green suit
But with his small stature I saw a better choice
So instead of a kiss I used my own voice.

“Blarney Stone maybe but you can do greater
I’ve got another wish I’m sure you can cater
A wish so great that you’ll leave me begging
A wish so great you’ll send me to heaven”

The man dressed in green was in deep thought
His expressionless face did show me nought
“I’m hoping this deal is not very slanted
But my dear woman your wish shall be granted.”

“Kiss my I’m wettish
Satisfy my own fetish
On this day of St. Patrick
Make my breath frantic”

Standing before him I was quite excited
Something inside me had become ignited
The time had come, I’d had a good flirt
So what I did then was lift up my skirt

“If a leprechaun’s sweet kiss
Is too just good to miss
Then kiss me right here, with no sarcasm
Kiss my sweet lips until I orgasm.”




Are all little green men identical?
Maybe they are Invisible?

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