My View From Above

From behind my window I see a sight
From the second storey I see delight
Looking out the window and over the fence
I must admit I feel a little tense

What I’m seeing on that clothes line
Really does look quite divine
What I’m seeing as I have a little peek
Is very sexy and very sleek

Made from silk, it shimmers in the sunlight
The sleek red garment should fit just right
Hang just right over ample breasts
Hang low enough to hide the treasure chest

Light grey lace borders the frame
In such a garment I would be a dame
I could leap the fence, it would be risky
But in that teddy I would be frisky

It looks my size, I am quite petite
And of course I am, light on my feet
I’d love to see how the silk ripples
Love to feel it rub against my nipples

Wearing it would be such a turn on
Instantly exciting every neuron
Silky and smooth against my skin
Mind going into a tailspin

Wearing it would be a hell of a plan
I’m sure I could turn on many a man
In such a teddy with so much class
Maybe I could even turn on a lass

Now there’s an idea, I could seduce its owner
She could offer the garment as a loaner
I could dance for her in her teddy
Turn her on slow and steady

Dance right there just for her
Dance right there to hear her purr
Dance so close I can feel her breathe
Dance so close she feels the heat beneath

Oh my god I’m getting so excited
A feeling inside that must be righted
I feel the heat, I feel the steam
I wish I could fulfil my dream

Wait a second, what is that?
The owner coming out from the flat
The glaring sun makes it hard too see
Features for my dreaming spree

Bright sun offering me a silhouette
Even the shadow makes me sweat
Please big sun go behind a cloud
For then in glare she would not be shroud

At that moment sun starts shifting
Heart is racing and mind starts drifting
Oh my god finding it hard to inhale
‘Cause my new neighbor, is a male!






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