Rock Hard: Want Some Help?

Continues from here.

“Hey Babe!” I said radiantlyas I stood up to greet Adam as he came towards the table. I reached out and grabbed his hand then leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. I wasn’t going in for a full on pash just a peck on the cheek to greet him.

“Hey Christie,” He then turned to the rest of the table, “hey guys, good show tonight!” Adam then headed straight for the bar.

As Adam stepped away from the table he didn’t let my hand go completely but his grip weakened giving me a chance to let go if I wanted, I didn’t. I fall in behind him and followed him to the bar, his arm gently dragging mine along. When we both stopped he ordered his drink but he still looked annoyed.

“Hey hon, is there something wrong?” I asked. “It’s not the encore thing is it? I’m sorry I didn’t mean it to upset. It was only some silly fun. I’ll give you a free pass if you want me too.”

“Thanks, I really should take you up on that because I know some how you and Sarah plotted that out and set me up to lose, I just don’t know how.” He smiled at me as his drink was placed in front of him. “But a bet’s a bet and I’m not going to back out!”

“But I don’t want to push you into something that’s upsetting you.” I said as I placed my right hand on his left arm.

“Oh shit Christie, “ there was a slight hint of surprise in his voice. “It’s not the bet that’s bugging me. Honestly you won, I’ll pay up no matter how uncomfortable you try and make me!”

Adam leaned in and kissed my cheek not unlike I’d done to him only minutes before but this time it was my turn to have a less than pleasant look on my face.

“If it’s not the bet then what’s the problem?” I asked as he pulled away.

Adam lifted his glass to his lips and took a decent swig of the whiskey and coke from within, then let out a gasp after he swallowed it down.”Bloody venue owner reckons the boys damage a shit load of flooring and carpet using the gaff.” He was referring to Gaffer Tape, the stuff that holds bands together on and off the stage. “It’s a load of shit Chris. There’s no issues, gaff doesn’t ruin the floors the way we use it. He’s just trying to fucking rail road us into agreeing pay for his new floors. I know it.”

Like most of us Adam knew all the dirty words and knew how to use them, especially around the boys but hearing him drop a “bloody” and a “fucking” in the same sentence when the conversation was just between the two of us told me he just how annoyed he was.

“Let Bill handle it, that’s what he’s there for.” I said to him.

Bill was our manager for good reason, not only did he know how to manage a working band on the road he knew how to settle things diplomatically. Whether it be venue owners, rental companies or even motel owners Bill knew how to talk to people, he might not win every fight but he always competed well usually without blowing his cool.

“That’s the problem, he’s not around. Bill’s taking one of his early nights.”

Of course I knew that, I had just forgotten. Once a week Bill tried to give himself an early night, a night where he stayed away from the gig and either did paper work and calls or just relaxed in front of the TV. It was his version of “ME” time that you so often here parents talk about these days.

“So leave it until tomorrow and he can deal with it before we leave.”

“I’d love to but the asshole told us we had to be out tonight.”

“And isn’t that going to happen?”

“Yeah, the load out will be complete in an hour.”

“So what’s the big issue? We’ll leave it for Bill to deal with tomorrow, he knows how to handle guys like this.” I said trying my best to help Adam.

“Problem is he doesn’t only wants the gear out.” Adam took another swig of his drink. I was still confused. “The prick has parked the truck in and said he wont move his truck until we pay for the damaged floors..”

Over the years I had seen Adam stressed out but I’d never seen him like this, I know it seems like a bit of a trivial thing to get stressed over but different things effect people different ways and I wasn’t going to judge him. Like all of us the road and being tired was probably taking it’s toll on him and rather than get angry at the guy pushing his buttons he chose to walk away from the situation for a few minutes and let things cool down.

“Would it help if I came out and had a talk to the guy?” I asked.

Adam shook his head, “No offence Chris but this guy is not the sort of person to listen to a female. He’s a toxic, chauvinistic, asshole, prick, he’s already made comments about us having a female lead singer and how much better we’d have been with a guy singing.”

“That’s all the more reason for me to have a chat to him the way I see it!” I said.

“Oh yeah that would be great, I loose a bet and need my girl friend to stand up for me all in the one night!”

“Babe, when it comes to the band I’m not just your girl friend I’m a partner!” I said with a smile and kissed him on the cheek. I then turned to Sarah and called. “Hey Sarah, we’ve got a job that needs doing.”

I actually interrupted Sarah and Dean having a quick kiss but that didn’t stop her, as soon as she heard me call her name she was on he feet and walking towards me. Dean was following.

“What’s up girl?” Sarah said in one of those strange teenage girl voices you hear on TV.

I pushed Adam to give Sarah and Dean and run down on what was happening. After the story Dean was first to comment and told Adam he didn’t need to be handling such things all by himself but Sarah was the one who got the final word in when she said.

“Damn right you don’t have to put up with this by yourself, c’mon girl let’s go and get paid!”

Is it any wonder I love that girl?

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    1. Life is real, there has to be real stuff happen from time to time. The worse thing is not to have real parts that show who the characters are. Readers needed to be told things not kept in the dark, nothing worse that not knowing a particular trait of a person until the last chapter then trying to convince the reader that the character has flaws in their lives which have shaped them since they were a child. Sarah is not a main character and never will be but she does play a role in the story simply describing her as a ball buster would not have sufficed, she had to be shown to be one so her future role is expected.

      And Thank you 🙂

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