Ride Hard: Decision Making

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I have to say despite Bill’s go slow, his day of being slack and wanting to spend the morning talking, I had a really good day. I’m sure it had something to do with getting all my work done without any major hitches but I guess mostly it had to do with Bill not only solving my birthday present dilemma but telling me I could have a week off work to go away with Jack.

When Bill left the office just after lunch I remembered to thank him for his great advice and his offer of holidays, sure he owed them to me anyway but it was his suggestion I take them.

“Organize it for whenever you like, we’ll fit in around you.” Bill said.

“Awe thanks, Bill.” I said sweetly before adding, “Sounds like you’re trying to get rid of me!”

“Been trying to get rid of you for years but you keep coming back every morning!”

“Must be because I’m attracted to your charm!”

“Well, it is hard to resist.”

“Haven’t you got a meeting to make people feel uncomfortable at?” I asked referring to the reason he was leaving work so early.

“Yeah but they will understand if I’m late if I tell them I was mentoring my staff!”

“Geez Bill get the hell out of here before I bust my gut laughing at your comedy routine!”

“Okay fair enough but just remember I tried.”

“Yes Bill, you are very trying. Good bye, see you tomorrow!”

“See you Dianne.”

“And thanks again Bill, the idea was great, you’ve really taken a weight off my mind.”

Bill waved over his shoulder, called “No worries,” then headed for the back door of the building.

I was still smiling with amusement at the thought of our conversation when I heard and saw Bill’s car headed out over the weighbridge plate and towards the front gate. In fact I was still smiling when I returned from the small kitchen having made myself a coffee. I really did like Bill and his sense of humor and when he was on a roll he really did make work enjoyable.

Like I said work went along pretty smoothly and I managed to finish all my tasks and jobs well before the end of the day, in fact I finished them before I went for my afternoon coffee. Had Bill been around for the whole day I probably would have requested and early mark for the day to go and do all the banking and pay the bills that needed attention. Although Bill probably would have told me to go off and do it anyway I decided I’d hang around and (wo)man the phones, they might not ring that often by late afternoon but that didn’t mean we wanted to miss a new client or annoy a current client by not being there during our opening hours. In all likelihood Bill probably would have told me to go off and get one of the boys from the yard to man the phones, but again I chose not to because it was my job after all.

When I returned from the kitchen with my coffee I decided to have a bit of a look at some accommodation options. My plan wasn’t to tell Jack where he wanted to take me but there was no harm in getting a few ideas. One of the problems I had was that I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go. Did I want to go bushwalking and explore the forests and mountains or did I want to go to the sea and spend a week walking the sands and shores? Both options had the positives.

I liked the beach, the sand between my toes, enjoying long moonlit walks in the darkness, I could even handle a bit of swimming but most of all I could handle relaxing on the beach with Jack and a few drinks, it sounded like heaven. However the weather wasn’t as warm as it was a few months back. It was an abnormally warm Autumn but I wasn’t entirely sure it was beach weather.

The mountains on the other had were always cool, they were meant to be cool, one didn’t go to the mountains expecting to sun bake. One however did go to the mountains for the quiet seclusion, to get away from the cities, for bush walks and for that strangely romantic allure of the mountains. The big difference in my mind was that people went to the mountains prepared for the cooler weather, they go prepared to stay warm and instead of sun baking it was snuggling in front of a warm open fire as the logs crackled and the orange flames licked the timbers.

By four o’clock, still an hour before knock off time, I think I’d decided exactly where I wanted my birthday present to take place. I printed off a few brochures from the internet, like I said I wasn’t planning to tell Jack where he had to take me but in case he really got stuck for ideas I thought I’d be prepared.

I had the computers turned off and the phone system switched to night mode by 4:45pm and I think the door of the office was locked by 4:55pm, Bill wouldn’t care so I decided not to worry about it. My car was parked in the front parking bay as it usually was and by the time I was backing out of my spot under the tree there was a procession of cars, well four of them, coming down the driveway from the rear of the yard. While each one of them waved good bye as the went past not one of them was gentlemanly enough to let me go before them, lucky I’m not one of those females that gets bent out of shape with things like that!

I briefly thought about going home to have a shower before heading over to Jack’s place but as I think I’ve told you we had recently started leaving clothes and stuff at each other’s houses so I decided against going home and headed straight to Jack’s.

Jack was home and waiting for me when I got there so I thought I’d surprise him with my entrance greeting, l guess I should have known better.

Walking into Jack’s house through the back door I stepped into the kitchen and said. “Hello Darling, I’m home.” Jack looked at me from the kitchen bench where he was preparing dinner for us, before he could say anything I added. “Guess what I thought about what you can get me for my birthday!”

Without missing a beat with the knife he was using to cut some vegetables Jack replied. “It will have to wait I’m too busy cooking dinner to have sex right now!”








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