CopyCat Cafe: Dinner, Talk and Phones

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I sat at the kitchen table somewhat confused, what was suppose to be a nice dinner with Tom had turned into a nervous dinner telling Tom about the parcel Simon’s ex had sent me, or more specifically the photo contained in that parcel, Simon walking into the bathroom while I showered and the possibility that maybe his cell phone had more images of me on it than I knew about.

Tom had just pointed out to me that while I didn’t suspect Simon of being the sort of person to take nude photos if I had his cell phone and didn’t check it and pictures did come out I would feel worse about myself than I would about checking his phone and finding nothing.

I had also pointed out to myself that while I thought I knew Simon and didn’t think was the sort of person to do such things up until recently I also didn’t think he was the sort of person to walk into the house uninvited, then need to be forcefully removed.

I picked Simon’s cell phone up in my left hand and stared at it, I still wasn’t entirely comfortable going through his phone but I agreed with Tom. To his credit Tom didn’t offer to do the search for me, I know it would seem like the logical thing for a protective man to do but I actually felt that if there was anything on the phone I needed to see it first.

I thumbed the screen to life and was immediately presented with a face shot of his ex wife and the lock screen.

“Sheesh, I suppose she could have done this herself and he gave up changing it,” even I knew it was a pretty slack excuse, “but how’s this for a guy who was supposed to be going through a divorce?” I showed Tom the phone screen.

I realised at that point I was probably giving Tom more information than he needed, I was bordering on the person who goes on a date with someone and spends the entire time talking about their ex.

“Oh geez, I know her! Is that his wife?”

Well I must say that while I wasn’t certain what reaction I was expecting out of Tom, that definitely wasn’t what I thought I’d get.

“You know his ex wife?” I asked.

“Yeah her name is…”

I reached up with my right hand in a rather rude gesture and put my hand over his mouth. “Her name has never been spoken in this house, I’d like to keep it that way please!”

Tom kissed my hand and from behind it said. “Fair enough.” I removed my hand. “About five years ago she used to work in the office doing payroll. She was bat shit crazy, she couldn’t be spoken to without bringing people down, and anyone who dared point out a mistake was short changed in the pay packet the following week. ”

“She couldn’t get away with that for long.” I said figuring such antics would see her get in trouble.

“She got away with it for a while. What got her sacked was that they found she’d been syphoning money out of the company accounts. When she got caught she claimed she was doing it because her husband’s business was failing and she was trying to prop it up. She reckons he threatened her, if she didn’t take the money he’d take the kids and get her locked in the loony bin.”

“Bloody hell. I’ve seen her tempers, but I can’t believe Simon did…” It was at that point I stopped. Again I was defending Simon when it was beginning to appear that he didn’t deserve my defence. “Maybe I didn’t know the true Simon!” was all I could add to the sentence.

“I never met her husband, maybe back then it wasn’t Simon.” Tom started. I confirmed that they had been together more than long enough to be Simon. “I’m sorry Kat, I don’t know what else to say.”

“There really is nothing to say Tom. It appears the guy I was dating for a short period of time was definitely not what he seemed.” After such a conversation I was more determined than ever to see what was on that phone.

I looked at the phone, the screen had gone blank in the time we were talking. I tapped the screen and once again the image of his wife came up underneath the keypad to enter in the unlocking code.

“Do you know his pass code?” Tom asked.

“Actually no, I hadn’t even thought about it being locked. Don’t know why I always lock mine, actually I think it does it automatically.”

“Yeah mine does too.” Tom stated. “What now?”

“Let me just try something. I may not know Simon the way I thought I did but I have a feeling I know him well enough to beat this.”

Before the screen flashed off again I keyed in the numbers 170268 and hit OK. The number panel on the screen disappeared and I as left with the same picture of her on the screen but this time there was icons on the screen.

“His birthday?” Tom asked.

“No, her bloody birthday! He was telling about having to organize a 50th for her next year.”

“Well I guess he’s consistent.” Tom said and we both had a nervous laugh.

I didn’t have any intention of going through his phone with a fine tooth comb, I wasn’t interested in any emails, phone logs or text messages, although I did quickly consider deleting any of my own messages and number out of the phone before giving it back, if giving it back was an option.

I jumped straight into the photo gallery. Tom looked away from the phone as if giving me some privacy.

It started with the most recent photo, one of my bare backside and back, my stomach dropped. Looking at it closely I could tell it was taken in Simon’s room, I was getting dressed at the end of his bed, he was obviously lying in the bed. I obviously didn’t remember the photo being taken because I would not have been happy if I did.

I scrolled backwards, the next photo was the one he/she had framed and sent to me. The third one was an upskirt shot. Looking at the underwear I knew it was mine and I knew it was not a photo I was aware he’d taken. I could pick when the photo was taken by the underwear, it was taken in my own house, but for the life of me could not remember when he’d have had the chance to take such a shot. The fourth shot was also one of me but this time I was walking naked into my own bathroom from the bed. Going by the date it was from the first time he stayed over.

I couldn’t make up my mind if I was annoyed, shocked, stunned or downright pissed off, for the few weeks Simon and I had been dating he appeared to have been collecting an album of inappropriate photos of me.

I scrolled again wondering if there was any more of before the first sleep over and I’m not sure if I was thankful that was the last one or not because what I was presented with after that was even worse than what I’d seen.

While some of the photos on that phone seemed like they could have been taken with consent I had my doubts. I think I scrolled through about ten before giving up in disgust, they were all of his ex wife. All were of course naked, in several she was clearly asleep, in others she was awake and assisting herself and in several the shot was taken from so close that her private parts took up the entire screen. I honestly didn’t know how many of the shots were taken with her approval and I didn’t want to know.

I could see the look on Tom’s face was one of concern. “Are you ok?”

“Yes, I think so. I just didn’t expect this.”

“I don’t think I want to see them.” Tom replied.

“I honestly don’t blame you, they all need to be deleted, even the ones not of me!”

“Have you checked the videos?” Tom asked before I had a chance to start deleting.

“No, do you think I should?”

“Going by the look on your face, I think you need too, but I’m not sure you want to!”


4 thoughts on “CopyCat Cafe: Dinner, Talk and Phones

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  1. OMFG that is an undeniable violation. She better check the videos. That is against the law in most places. Ugh he probably thinks its fun and sexy or maybe he’s a huger creep than ever… the plot thickens and I love it.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. Thank you, this story has had it’s moments. There are times where I’ve felt every part of it and other times where it has been a but of a struggle getting from one point to another. But it’s been a fun trip.

          Liked by 1 person

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