Ride Hard: Too Busy For Sex?

Continues from here.

“It will have to wait I’m too busy cooking dinner to have sex right now!” is what Jack said when I greeted him in his own kitchen and told him I had thought about what he could get me for my birthday.

I suppose some of you might say I asked for such a cocky reply from him given that the last time we had a discussion about what he could get me for my birthday we ended up having two of the most glorious sessions of intimacy and sexual activity I could remember in a long time. Damn it was so good I’d love to recount every breath gasping second of it, every sensually electrified touch, every passionate kiss and even the orgasms that followed, but you probably don’t want to hear about that again.

But seriously how dare the guy make such a silly comment which is why I walked out and never returned.

Don’t be silly of course I didn’t, the truth was while the reply was cocky I didn’t really expect anything less. I wont try and fool you into thinking I knew Jack that well that I was waiting for that exact response but lets just say I was not surprised when he did come back with something smart. Let’s also not forget that the comment made me laugh because he delivered it so dry and so matter of factly that he sounded serious.

“Oh don’t worry I can tell you all about it now and then after dinner you can take me to the bedroom and we’ll do the sex bit.” I said as I walked up to the kitchen bench, stood next to him and leaned in for a kiss.

Jack stopped chopping long enough for our lips to meet, it was a short, sharp kiss with no tongue. “The bedroom hey? Is my kitchen bench not good enough for you?”

“Not with those carrots and that sharp knife on it it’s not mister!” I said as I stepped back and placed my hand bag on Jack’s counter top. Jack waved a carrot at me with a silly and suggestive grin on his face to which I replied. “You can leave that on the menu, chef, not the me-an-u.”

“Hey that’s pretty clever, not as witty as my response to the birthday present but quite well done. Did you think of that yourself or did someone write it for you!” Jack said.

“Wow! Mr Richards, you are in fine form tonight aren’t you!” I said. “You’re as bad as bloody Bill today.”

Jack continued with his dinner preparations and spoke at the same time. Aahh a multi-talented guy what more could a woman want?

“Oh yeah? What’s Bill been up to today?” Jack asked.

Suddenly the birthday conversation was put aside. I guess given the times I have tried to avoid thinking or talking about it I probably should have been happy, or at least not disappointed but I did feel a little annoyed. I finally had what I thought was a great present idea and I wanted to share it because I thought Jack would love it too. I quickly reminded myself that the topic was easily brought up again so first off I’d indulge Jack with Bill’s workplace entertainment because I knew he’d get a laugh out of it, then I’d come back to the birthday conversation.

“Bill was on one of his go slow days. The days where he’s got little to do and not really interested in work so instead of playing Solitaire on his computer he disrupts me.” I said.

“Annoy is a bit harsh isn’t it? Bill’s a great bloke and he pays your wage. I feel for him having such insubordinate staff!” Jack joked and he threw a mix of vegetables into the microwave safe bowl.

“I pay myself, I just use his money to do it!” I replied.

Jack laughed and then before I was able to continue with my story he told me there was a bottle of wine in the refrigerator that I could open if wanted wine, otherwise I could help myself to any beer that was in there.

I stepped up to the refrigerator, opened it up and looked through the neatly laid out refrigerator. I found the wine, pulled the bottle out and looked at the label. I’m not a huge wine drinker so the brand name didn’t mean much to me but the words “Sauvignon Blanc” meant enough for me to choose the wine. I placed the wine on the bench and shut the refrigerator door and asked Jack if he wanted wine as well. After he agreed to the wine we did a quick kitchen two step between the benches as I went looking for the wine glasses and he headed to the microwave.

With our wine poured I continued my story about Bill and his day of go slow and Jack continued preparing dinner. When I finally got to the end of my morning with Bill I finished the conversation with, “Oh and that leads me right into what you can get me for my birthday!”

As soon as the words were out of my mouth Jack turned around from the stove with a huge grin on his face. He didn’t need to make a comment like he did the first time I mentioned the topic, the grin was enough to tell me he was thinking of it. I ignored his grin and continued on with the discussion I wanted to have.

“How about for my birthday present we go away for a week. Just you and me, and a cabin in the mountains, or by the beach. No work, no phones, just the two of us!”

The idea was out there, I’d spoken it and couldn’t take it back it was now in Jack’s hands and was up to him to decide if it was a good one or not.

Jack turned from the meat that was sizzling in the pan, turned the microwave on to cook the vegetables, then walked to the bench and took a sip from his wine glass. “Which would you prefer, the mountains or beach?” he asked in a tone that didn’t sound too convincing.

“I don’t mind either.” I said thinking I could handle both. “You?”

“It’s your birthday, it would have to be your choice.” Jack said turning back to the stove.

“Dammit,” I thought, “he’s not going to give me a hint which he’d prefer.” I remained silent for a few moments, taking a sip of my wine to give Jack time to speak again, but he didn’t.

“I like the mountains, but it’s probably going to be cold up there at this time of year.” I said finally. I was just about to add something about liking the beach too in case Jack didn’t like the mountains but I didn’t need to.

“Okay, consider it sorted.”










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