CopyCat Cafe: Kat Videos

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Again Tom didn’t offer to check the videos on Simon’s phones for me. Of course it would have been a nice gesture from a lovely man trying to protect his girl friend from seeing things that just shouldn’t be there. But at the same time can you blame a guy for not wanting to see pictures of his girl friend that had been taken without her consent, by another man?

I certainly couldn’t blame Tom for not wanting to see what was on Simon’s phone, I didn’t want to see it myself. I guess I could have just destroyed the phone, but something in my head told me I had to check what was there first. Maybe I was a sadist, maybe I wanted more ammunition to justify my dislike for the guy, I really don’t know but I just had to look.

I’m not quiet sure why but for some reason unlike the images which were in reverse chronological order the videos started with the oldest video and sure enough they were in part what I expected. I say in part because the first video was of Simon and his ex wife having sex.

I didn’t recognize the room, I guessed it was the main bedroom of their house, but the phone camera was in wide angle and appeared to be sitting on a chest of drawers or something similar just filming the action. I also didn’t recognize the cheesy song playing in the background. What I did recognize however was the date of the video, it was recorded the day after Simon’s wife bound into my house and caught Simon naked in my bedroom.

So what did that all mean? I honestly didn’t know but the one thing I wasn’t willing to accept was that the date was wrong. As much as seeing the first video didn’t make me any more interested to see any other videos stored on the phone I was definitely going to go through it looking for videos of myself.

Sure enough it didn’t take long to find videos of me, there was only six videos on saved on the phone. The first one that had me in it was one of the two of us having sex in what I was led to believe was Simon’s room but I was now having second thoughts about. The video didn’t reveal much because of the angle but it was still something I didn’t know was recorded. There was another video of me asleep in bed, thankfully the bastard didn’t do anything. Okay filming someone naked and asleep is something but he didn’t try anything like touching me, by the way the camera was moving he was too busy touching himself.

The next two videos were of his wife and himself having sex, again date stamped with dates whilst I thought I was dating Simon. Although I was getting to the point of no longer being shocked by what I was seeing I couldn’t help but be pissed off when I opened the last video stored on the phone.

Opening the last video I knew instantly when it was taken, it was of me in shower only hours before. My pissed off thoughts had been confirmed, not only had Simon come into my house uninvited but the bastard had been watching me in the shower. I guess if nothing else it teaches me to shower with the door closed even when I think I am home alone, but if there was anything positive about the shots it was that they were only side on and of my back, not once was I facing the camera.

The video went for most of the time I was in the shower with the water running and switched off only seconds before I caught him. I don’t know if the guy was keeping a spank bank full of images and videos, or is it was some sick and perverted game he and his wife were playing. What the videos did seem to indicate though was that Simon and his wife definitely weren’t splitting up, or if they were they didn’t mind being fuck buddies when it suited them.

I dropped the phone on the table with a loud crash barely caring if I broke the thing or not.

“Are you ok? Is there something I can do?” Tom asked, his tone showing both worry and concern.

“I’m pissed off. I want to kill him.” I was angry but I was also trying to maintain my rage a bit for Tom’s sake. “I’m sorry, this really isn’t something you need to concern yourself with, I got myself into this mess.”

“I don’t know what is on that phone but you didn’t get yourself into that! I am concerned for you, no one should have to find themselves in such a position.”

“Thank you Tom, you really are a nice guy. I guess in some ways I am lucky.”

“How do you figure that?” Tom asked quizzically.

“I’m lucky that I found it and it wasn’t pointed out to me on the internet or something.” Of course I knew the possibility of such things already being posted without my consent but neither Tom or myself chose to dwell on that in the hope that it didn’t happen.

“Well yeah I guess that is a positive.”

Tom and I sat in silence for a few moments, I wasn’t sure what to say and I guess he was waiting for me to say something. Eventually he broke the silence by pushing his chair our, standing upright and walking over to the kitchen bench. He returned a second later with the open bottle of wine.

“Would you like another glass?” He said offering to pour mine before his own.

“Yes. Thank you Tom! Much appreciated.”

I watched Tom poor my glass, then pour his own and sit down in the chair he’d just vacated.

“What are we going to do about the phone?” Tom asked.

I thought about my answer for a few moments before replying. “That’s sweet Tom but the phone and Simon are my problems, not yours.”

“Katrina,” He used my first name in full, I think it was the first time he’d ever used my name in full. “It might be your problem but I’m here to help in any way I can.”

“I’m not sure how many ways there are you can help.”

“Okay, but just like I’m sure Son and Tracy will be there for you I’m there for you as well.”

I pushed my seat back, leaned forward and kissed Tom on the cheek.










3 thoughts on “CopyCat Cafe: Kat Videos

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  1. She should let Tom help, she should also go to the police with the evidence… Or get her game on. Super hating him right now. Nothing he can say or do could excuse recording them having sex without her knowing or her asleep while diddling… ugh, blech.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m sure she’ll let Tom help in time, as she will let others help, but everything needs to process. She’s got a lot going on and she wants to make sure she’s handled it the best way for her.

      Liked by 1 person

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