Rock Hard: Two Problems Fixed

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So we’d got our money for the gig, the band truck was free to pull out when they were ready too and we hadn’t even been kicked out of the bar where the rest of the band and those crew not loading were having a few quiet drinks. Obviously whatever had crawled up Peter’s backside during the evening had been removed, then again I guess it had to be to make room for Sarah’s foot after she read him the riot act.

I may have given the impression that it was going to be girl power in numbers who went seeking our money when Adam revealed that Peter wasn’t going to pay us. However while I was prepared to get in there and demand our payment I have to admit Sarah was my secret weapon. I was pretty sure she would take the reigns and lead the discussion. Like Bill she’s got a bit more of a diplomatic streak in her than the rest of us and it was that diplomacy I hoped would get us what was owed. Sarah also had a bit of a bulldog attitude when it came to blokes like Peter who clearly had issues with those of us that don’t have something hanging between our legs. The final outcome with Bill taking on the battle might have been the same but Sarah’s approach was so much more fun to watch.

Although we never saw Peter again the big surprise came when we went to pay our bar tab for the after gig drinks and the bar tender told us that the drinks were on the house. We’d been well behaved and none of us had drunk that much but the tab would still have added up to a reasonable amount yet it was being wavered. The only excuse we were given, which came direct from the bar tender, was “the message from management was that these drinks are on the house”. We definitely weren’t complaining and while there was some quiet comments about staying longer for free drinks none of us did, we’d learned long ago never to look a gift horse in the mouth no matter how much he fretted.

“Aren’t you tired?” I said to Adam as he rolled in beside me and started to rub my hip.

I was only wearing knickers and a bra, these warmer summer nights were both a blessing and hindrance. I liked not having to have fifteen blankets on at night to stay warm but sleeping in just my underwear did make Adam a bit more amorous even at two o’clock in the morning.

“Never too tired to show my girl how much I love her!” he said sweetly.

“Babe, you’re so sweet, but I really am too tired for anything.”

“Well how about you just lie there and I’ll do all the work?”

“You know I can’t bear to see you have all the fun!”

His hand crept over my hip and traced a line down my knickers.

”Then close your eyes!” he said, his tone telling me he was smiling and not being a shit!

“You’re hilarious!” I replied.

I felt his fingers moving ever so slowly toward my crotch, I know I wasn’t stopping him but I also wasn’t teasing him. When I felt those fingers push between my legs and touch my clit I really did want nothing more than to give Adam what he wanted but my mind kept telling me I was too tired.

I rolled onto my back and looked at Adam, the glow of the outside lights filling the room enough to see he was looking at me but not his facial features. His hand was still between my legs but it wasn’t moving. “Make it quick baby!”

I know that didn’t sound too romantic and maybe even like I was giving in to him but honestly I wasn’t I wanted him there and then it was only my mind putting up roadblocks related to sleep.

“Just lay still.” I heard him say as his fingers gently started working their magic.

He started out rubbing me through my knickers, his fingers gently stroking me up and down, but it was too much for me I wanted it closer. Grabbing his hand I pushed it under the fabric of my knickers and gently moved it a few times showing him exactly what I wanted.

He didn’t need too many directions and as he rolled over onto my chest and began gently kissing me on the cheeks, neck, ears, anywhere but on the lips where I wanted him to, his fingers worked their magic. Each long and slow stroke through my wetness feeling better the more times he did it. Each gentle push and squeeze of my excited clit sending little shock waves through my body and each tease as his fingers circled my entrance all made me quietly moan just a little bit more.

Although I’d told him to make it quick he seemed to be ignoring the request, I wasn’t exactly complaining but by that stage I did want more than he was offering. When I told him to get on top and fuck me he didn’t exactly ignore me but he didn’t follow my order either. Instead he resumed kissing me, almost as if to silence me and then inserted two fingers slowly into me. I moaned into his mouth, the sound barely escaping.

So much for tired and wanting to sleep, for nearly twenty minutes Adam used his fingers to bring me to orgasm, three times if you don’t mind. Even though I requested he climb on top and finish the job several times each time he ignored the request, the third time ignoring it with the words, “Not this time babe!”

After my third orgasm I told Adam I couldn’t keep going and that he needed to join in before it was too late but again he refused and told me that the night was all about me. It was the second time since I’d known Adam that he’d brought me to orgasm and stopped short without wanting to share the experience and considering it was him who initiated the little escapade I did feel a little bit rude for not getting him off as well but his insistence and my weariness controlled the situation and we both fell asleep very soon after, Adam’s head on my chest and his hand resting between my legs somewhere between my sated crotch and my knees.










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