Ride Hard: Dinner Conversation

Continues from here.

So before dinner, even before we’d finished our first glass of wine, Jack claimed he had my birthday present sorted. I’d given him the two parallel choices of beach or mountains, the two of us and nothing to interrupt us and when I suggested the mountains might have been my preference he claimed it was sorted. How’s that for efficient?

More to the point how is it possible? The guy hadn’t even finished cooking my dinner yet he’d ‘sorted’ a trip to the mountains. I drained the last dregs from my wine glass and wondered if I should ask him or just be surprised when it happened. As much as I liked surprises I liked talking and being on the same page as Jack as well so I decided to ask him how he sorted it out, in a round about way.

Why approach something directly when you can go around in circles that’s my motto! Ha Ha, of course it’s not I’m just being silly, happy silly. The thing was I did like surprises and only wanted Jack to reveal as much as he wanted to but at the same time I was still curious.

“Bill’s all good with the time off when ever it suits me.” I said.

“Bill? The guy with the insubordinate staff who claim he annoys them?” Jack said with a smirk as he took the cooked vegetables out of the microwave and brought them to the bench where the empty plates were.

“Yes smarty pants, that Bill!” The grumpiness was all an act for which Jack smiled. “Anyway, Bill’s all good with me organizing time off whenever we want to go, so you can organize it and just let me know of the dates.”

“No worries!” Jack had dished out the vegetables as was turning to the meat on the stove.

I know some women like to joke that men can’t multi-task and that Jack’s short sharp answer was more of a response to him concentrating on dinner and not being able to think at the same time. But I’m not a seller of such crap, I knew Jack was more than capable of doing multiple things at once, do I need tell you again of our union on the couch recently?”

I tried again. “If you need any help, let me know.”

“It’s nearly served.” Jack replied.

“Oh, yeah it goes for dinner too, but I was talking about the booking for the cabin. Given the great weather we’ve been having we might have to hunt around a bit to find something vacant.”

“Didn’t I tell you it was sorted?” Jack said running the fry pan under some water to rinse it out. I couldn’t see his face clearly but I was fairly sure he was smiling.

“You did tell me it was sorted but I know you are a busy man, just like my wonderful boss is and I was more than happy to help you out just as I help out Bill.”

Jack picked up the two plates and carried them to the table, at the same time I got up from my chair and walked to the refrigerator to get the wine bottle out. After Jack placed the plates, turned and headed back to the drawers to get some cutlery we met at the end of the bench.

He leaned to one side, kissed me, then continued on his way. “Thank you for the offer, your assistance is appreciated, but as I have said I do have this sorted.”

“No worries darling,” I said pouring us both a second wine.

We sat down for dinner, although the table in Jack’s kitchen area, which wasn’t his dinning room table, was large, an eight seater, we both sat together at one end. At first I wasn’t sure what Jack had cooked up, the vegetables looked like you pretty standard mix of greens and whites and oranges all the things one needs to remain healthy apparently but the meat was definitely a surprise.

“What did you do to the chicken?” I asked as I was half way through it.

“Don’t you like it?” Jack said jumping onto the defensive quicker than I had ever seen him do it before. He apologized almost immediately. “Oops, sorry that sounded a bit harsh.”

I laughed and told him there was no need to apologize. “Nah, on the contrary oh masterful chef, I love it, just can’t for the life of me figure out what’s on it.” I’m no gourmet chef, I wont win too many cooking competitions but I do know my way around a kitchen and there was no way I could figure out what Jack had done to make his chicken taste like the does.

“It’s a recipe I came up with myself.” He went on to explain his mix of herbs and spices and the particular oil he cooked it in and a few other special steps. At the end of it he swore me to secrecy.

“Don’t worry, if it means I get to have this wonderfully tasting feast again I’ll keep it a secret until the day I die.”

“Not into the afterlife?” Jack said in a silly voice.

I laughed at his comment and we finished the rest of the meal in peace with neither of us talking. Immediately after we’d eaten I got up and started doing the dishes, Jack told me not to bother with them but like he’d ignored me earlier with the cabin talk I ignored him with the dishes talk. Before I had the sink full of hot water Jack was standing next to me ready to dry the dishes I washed.

As I washed and Jack dried I decided it was time to ask Jack again about the cabin and how it was ‘sorted’ without him doing anything. I’m not entirely sure why it meant that much to me, maybe because I do like thing organized in my life, maybe I was just interested in the way Jack’s mind worked, either way I tried again.

“So any guesses as to when I might be able to tell Bill I need the time off? And is there anything I need to know about this cabin so I can be packed and prepared with the right things?”


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