Rock Hard: Another New Day

Continues from here.

I honestly do know how often I used to sleep in the one position all night but since Adam and I had been sleeping in the same bed it was happening more and more often. I don’t know if I was going to bed more tired and appreciative of sleep or if sleeping next to someone was making me unconsciously nervous to the point of not wanting to move around. Whatever it was that night after falling asleep, slightly guilty that Adam had done all the work without reward, I did not move until five minutes past seven the following morning.

I hadn’t even been asleep five hours, it wasn’t enough but it was also right on that brink where going back to sleep was either going mean I’d sleep in past the time I needed to get up or I’d wake up feeling like shit. When I say I’d been sleeping in the one position more and more I wasn’t kidding and that night was one of those times. I distinctly remembered falling asleep with Adam’s head resting on my chest and his hand resting between my legs, when I woke up his hand had moved, thankfully, but his head was still resting on my chest.

His long deep breaths with the ever so slight hint of a snore told me he was still asleep, the small pang in my chest where his head rested confirmed he’s been there a while and the position of his left arm squashed between his body and mine told me he was going to wake up sore.

“Oh baby, you’re going to wake up sore.” I whispered, actually surprised to hear my own voice because I thought I was only thinking the words on my head.

“Huh?” I heard half heartedly.

I think Adam was in that weird half awake half asleep state where the head wants to be asleep but the brain is trying to convince both the head and the body that it wants to stay asleep. Whatever it was he did actually stay awake and within a few seconds I was listening to his deep calm breaths that only come from a sleeping person.

Deciding that I wasn’t going back to sleep, that I’d use an afternoon nap in the motel at Kansas City before the sound check or the bus if I needed a pick me up I lay back in bed with my eyes open staring at the roof.

I was only laying there a few seconds before I felt those weird feelings the body gives telling you that it needs movement or else you’ll be so unconformable that getting up will be the only other option. I started off moving my feet, rolling my ankles and stretching whatever muscles are down there, that was followed by moving my legs gently side to side. I was conscious of Adam laying beside and on top of me so none of my movements were quick or jerky.

After a few moments of moving my legs about I think my upper torso got jealous and started hoping for similar action. Such upper body movements were harder to do without waking Adam but I did it and as I gently moved my bare shoulders side to side on the sheets I could feel the light scratching across my skin.

Damn it felt good!! All those intricate little scratches, stretches, and movements were surprisingly great considering how little effort they required.

I could hear noises outside the motel room, I couldn’t identify any of them with a hundred percent accuracy but between our security guys and the crew I felt sure there was nothing going on out there that needed my attention so instead I just lay their listening and enjoying the otherwise quiet morning.

I shuffled my right arm around gently until it was clear of Adam’s weight then gently moved it up against his bare back and rested it on his spine just below his shoulder blades. He stirred slightly as I shuffled my arm around but quickly re-settled himself when I spoke quietly to him.

“It’s okay babe. No need to wake up yet.”

A few seconds later I heard his breathing again settle as he zoned back out into the land of nod.

Had I been able to reach the TV remote I might have switched the screen on looking for a bit of light entertainment, or at the very least some quiet noise to fill the room but it was on Adam’s side of the bed and there was no way I could reach it.

“Probably for the best.” I thought. “Do I really need to fill the room with the inane banter of those morning shows when I could just listen to the noises around me?”

Thinking about it, the only reason I could think of to fill the room with artificial noise was to drown out Adam’s sleeping breaths. It wasn’t really that I wanted to stop listening to Adam’s breaths it was that the more I listened to them the more they were putting me to sleep and like I said before I didn’t really want to go back to sleep.

With the absence of noise and the threat of nodding off I did something really strange, I started tracing little circles on Adam’s bare back with my index finger. Then even stranger than that after a few seconds my tracing turned into an arc and I was going from one point to another. As Adam took a deep breath in I’d move my finger one way, when he exhaled I moved it gently back the other way, each time tracing an arc between the two points. At first I didn’t even realize I was tracing lines point to point based on his breathing, then once I did it almost became an obsession to keep my movement in time with his breaths. It was such a strange thing and I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it but at the same time I didn’t want to stop.

As with all good things they must come to an end at some point and it was about ten minutes off 8pm when Adam finally woke up. Twisting his head from where it lay on my chest and looking up at me he smiled, shuffled upwards for a kiss, just a peck, then said.

“Good morning darling! That little back rubbing thing is the strangest, yet most amazing, way to be woken up. I’d love to do it to you some day.”




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