Ride Hard: Secret Surprise Or Surprise Secret

Continues from here.

Dinner was absolutely wonderful, did I tell you that? OK I know any meal you don’t have to cook for yourself always tastes better but it really did seem like Jack was surpassing himself with every notable meal. Is that even possible? He wasn’t a secret chef either, I know we had a little joke about keeping the secret of his flavored chicken until the day I died, and I will, but he was never secretive with me about the menu. He usually wouldn’t tell me what was in the meal until I’d tasted it, kind of like my Mom used to do when I was a teenager and refusing to eat so many things, but after the meal he was always happy to tell me what was in the meal I liked so much.

I was always honest with my review of his meals, I feel like an expert food critique as I type this, and although there was very few that I hadn’t liked I knew Jack wasn’t seeking glory or gratification for what was cooked, but he was thankful to be told that something wasn’t to my liking.

Anyway enough about food, it’s not like I’m handing out recipes! If you remember Jack had agreed to my birthday present of a week away in the mountains and despite it being a busy time he told me it was all sorted so being a curious person I wanted to know how it was sorted. It’d tried a few questions in an attempt to prompt him into a discussion but he didn’t seem to be budging so I went straight for the throat, not literally!

“So any guesses as to when I might be able to tell Bill I need the time off? And is there anything I need to know about this cabin so I can be packed and prepared with the right things?”

Too subtle?

“Tell him whenever it suits him to have his star employee absent, is okay by me.” Jack replied not giving away any information.

“But surely you need time to organize something, make sure we can get a cabin, organize your time off?” I asked knowing that Jack was having a bit of fun playing his game.

“I’m the boss remember, I can take time off whenever I want too.”

“Okay then Mr. Smarty Pants!” it wasn’t a rude comment and I said it with a smile so he could see I was joking, not that I expected him to take it any other way. “How about this organisation thing, surely even the magical Jack Richards can’t just make a cabin appear out of nowhere.”

“Oh ye’ of little faith!” Jack replied as he poured another glass of wine and motioned me towards the living room. “Tell Bill you want the week of your birthday off.”

“And just like that it shall happen?” I sat down on the sofa and Jack handed me my glass of wine.

“Of course it will. Trust me.” Jack sat down next to me and used the remote to turn the TV on.

I thought about it for a second then decided to stop pushing, it was my birthday present after all and if Jack said he could organize it I would be happy to let him.

“Okay I’m sorry for pushing, I just wanted to make sure everything was organised and things seemed to be going too well. I trust you Jack and given that it’s my birthday present I’ll not ask any more questions. I’m sure Bill will be fine with my birthday week but I shall confirm tomorrow and let you know if it can’t be done.” I nestled into his side. “Do I need to pack anything?” I asked quietly.

Jack laughed as he stopped channel surfing on a re-run of the Big Bang Theory. “You truly are one of a kind babe!” he then kissed me on the top of the head, he then adjusted the volume so we could talk and told me all about the cabin. The cheeky sod!

It wasn’t that Jack was keeping secrets from me by not mentioning that he had a cabin up in the mountains it was simply that the topic hadn’t come up in conversation. I know that might sound kind of weird given that we’d been going out for quite a while and we’d discussed so many other things but Jack was right, I couldn’t remember once having a discussion about week in the mountains, we did however speak about coast runs on the bike.

The main reason Jack hadn’t thought to mention the cabin was because it’s not something he thought about often. The cabin was bought by the business, as a retreat for any of his staff that wanted to use it and it’s upkeep or occupancy wasn’t part of his daily routine, Cindy, his cousin and co-worker, handled everything. Most times Jack would get told if one of his staff was using the place but unless there was major expenses or emergency repairs Cindy didn’t bother Jack with the day to day details, even with the major expenses it was only to let him know the money was being spent, not for his approval.

My first thought when Jack told me all that was, “how do you know it’s vacant that week if you don’t handle any of the routine stuff?” That was quickly followed with, “I hope you aren’t going to have to kick someone out just for us to have a week up there.” But that seemed unlikely of Jack so I didn’t bother asking, well not in as many words.

“I’d have thought a cabin in the mountains would be highly sort after at this time of year?” I said.

“It has it’s moments. Seems the guys in the workshop are having a run with holidays to Disneyland the last year or so, which is fair enough given their kids are only young once. But it has meant that the place hasn’t been used that much for a while. Probably another reason I forgot it’s there.”

“Well I’ll be more than happy for you to take myself and our kids up to the mountains and make use of your cabin, Jack!” I said with a smile as I looked up at him.








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