CopyCat Cafe: Sonya & Tracey Arrive

Continues from here.

Sonya and Tracey lived about ten, maybe fifteen minutes walk from my place, but the time between hanging up the phone and their arrival at my back door was so short that I felt sure they must have driven Tracey’s car. I guess I was just mistaken because there was no extra car in my driveway. Of the four of us that were in my house Tom was the only one who drove every day, the rest of us walked most places.

“Gee you got here quick!” I said as the two of them walked in the door, Sonya in lead removing her long sleeve jacket. “Did you drive? You didn’t have to drive. It’s not that important.” I added nervously.

I know I had nothing to be nervous about, Sonya and Tracey were friends, they wouldn’t be judging me for what was on Simon’s phone but my mind still didn’t quite see it that way. I guess there was still the fact that they were coming around because of the videos on that phone but how could I possibly have them on my side if they didn’t see those videos. Videos of your friend having sex can’t be high on anyone’s wish list, I assumed Sonya and Tracey would be the same. My thoughts were obviously confused.

“We walked fast!” Sonya said, “Where’s the wine?”

Sonya and Tracey sat down at the table on chairs next to each other and opposite Tom, which would leave me the seat at the end of the table where I was sitting. The two girls and Tom greeted each other and I placed a glass of wine in front of each of them. I topped off Tom’s glass and then poured the last of the bottle into my glass, I didn’t get quite as much as the other three but I was fine with that. Simon’s phone was sitting in front of me, just to the right of my wine glass.

“Is that the asshole’s phone?” Sonya said with her usual decorum which we were all used to. I absently put my hand on it and nodded. “Well fling it here I want to see what we’ve got.”

Before I even had a chance to move the phone Tracey piped up and put her arm out in front of Sonya’s. “Hang five there babes!” she started. “I’m not sure that Kat really wants everyone to see what is on that phone.”

“I’ve seen her half naked before and she’s already told me he’s wel…” It was at that point Sonya stopped what she was saying. She wasn’t ever one to be embarrassed by words or actions but I think even she realized a few things at that point. First that Tracey was right, secondly that seeing me naked wasn’t the best way to spend the night and thirdly that if she knew anything about Simon it was me that told her and I could have done that same thing with Tom. She looked at Tom sheepishly and silenced herself.

There was silence in the room for what felt like minutes but it was probably less than twenty seconds, which I guess shows you how uncomfortable that silence really was. I then happened upon an idea which I wondered might suffice, it still wasn’t great but it was the best I was prepared to offer.

“What if I show you the videos on Simon and his wife, then you can get an idea of what they are without seeing me naked?” Sonya nodded. “You have to promise me not to look at anything else.”

“I promise.” Sonya said.

As I unlocked the phone and scrolled through the videos I said, “Not really sure why you want to see this given that you don’t support what one of the team players is sporting.”

“Hey a girl can look! Even a girl who doesn’t play ball sports!” Sonya said as she took the phone from my hand.

The volume was down on the phone but even so as it played I could hear the sound of moans and groans as the video played, but what was worse was that I could picture exactly what was happening on the screen. I looked at Tom, Tom looked at me, neither of us said anything, we both looked at Tracey who was watching the screen in Sonya’s hand. The only one of us who had any sort of smile on her face was Sonya.

Sonya only watched the video for about twenty second before she put the phone down. “He’s quiet a piece of work isn’t he.”

“And apparently, going by the dates, he was doing that all the while he and I were seeing each other and she was supposedly his ex.” I said to Sonya and Tracey.

“You know I didn’t really think much of it at the time but maybe this is a game the two of them play on people.” Sonya said.

“Well that makes me feel a lot better, thanks Sonya!” I said without too much conviction.

“Sorry, it wasn’t meant to make you feel better or worse. Remember the day I escorted her from the cafe?” Sonya waited for me to nod in agreement. “I never told you how I got her out did I?”

“No, I asked but you wouldn’t tell me.” I then looked at Tom and gave him a very brief run down of that incident. When I was finished Sonya took over again.

“All I said to her was that if she didn’t get out I was going to expose her own little dirty secret. I was as surprised as anyone that she took the bait. I had nothing on her but as soon as the words came out of my mouth she virtually stopped dead in her tracks and let me lead her away.”

All four of us sat in silence for a few moments, I don’t know what the others were thinking about and to be honest I think Tom and Tracey felt a bit out of place, and who could blame them, however the thought that came to me was yet another question.

“If this was some game the two of them were playing, what sort of secret could she have had? The only secret seemed to be from me in that they weren’t actually divorced.” I said.

“What if her secret was that she wasn’t playing the game Simon thought they were playing.” Tracey said.

“What do you mean?” Sonya asked.

“I don’t know, I’m thinking as I talk here.” Tracey took a breath. “What if she wasn’t suppose to be having sex with other blokes.”

“That seems a bit unfair.” I suggested.

“Yeah maybe, or maybe she was enjoying it too much.” Tracey added but I could tell she wasn’t suggesting it was fact.

“Who knows, but whatever it was she got really paranoid and was putty in my hands, which considering the ways she treated you every time was a real turn around, so I guess there was something that hit home with her.” Sonya added.

I emptied the glass of wine in front of me and after swallowing it’s contents said. “We can guess all night but what the hell am I going to do about it?”

“You’re going to get even!” Said Sonya without hesitation.


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