Rock Hard: Hard Rock…In The Shower

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I don’t know that I was trying to be sweet, strange or amazing when I lay in bed rubbing little arcs with my finger tip across Adam’s bare back. They were rhythmic strokes that matched his breathing patterns but I was really only doing it to keep myself awake, when Adam told me how much he liked it I was a little surprised.

“Oh, I’m glad you liked it babe but honestly wasn’t any sort of deliberate thing. “ I said to the top of his head since he had returned to laying on my chest.

“Whatever it was, it was a great feeling.” He replied.

“Really? I was just trying to keep my mind occupied so I didn’t fall back to sleep. You know how I get, if I nodded off I’d either sleep late or it would be such a short nap I’d wake up feeling like crap.”

“So you decided to draw on my back?”

“Seemed like a good idea at the time.” I replied with a grin despite him not being able to see my face.

“Why didn’t you just turn on the TV, if you wanted something to keep your mind occupied?” he asked.

“Because you stole the remote then moved onto my side of the bed and I couldn’t reach it. You are a bed hog and a remote control hog!”

Adam rolled, turned, shuffled upwards and kissed me again, the said. “Yeah, but being a bed hog was fun, wasn’t it!”

I didn’t respond with anything more than a smile, I didn’t need to.

We lay in bed together, no sheet, no blanket just two semi naked bodies side by side sharing a little early morning chit chat, it was unbelievably pleasant. Just after 8:15am Adam decided he was going to get up and have a shower. When he rolled across the bed, grabbed the remote and tossed it on the bed beside me I laughed. Before he was in the bathroom I had the television on and was surfing through the stations looking for something that might resemble a bit of news.

As I think I’ve told you before I’m not political and I’m no social justice warrior but I do get ideas for new songs from the news and current events I observed around me. Because our band’s theme is more about ancient Nordic gods and battles the current events don’t directly relate to our songs, but you might be surprised how we can base a song about an ancient warrior’s battle on something that happened in the world only twenty four hours earlier.

While the thought had been in the back of my mind for a while that we as a band needed to sit down and at the very least talk about our next album, if not pencil in some ideas for songs there was also the thought that I needed to sit down and put a few of my ideas on paper. Watching the news was part of that process however after a quick search I found nothing interesting and decided I’d find something else to do.

After turning the TV off I could hear the shower was running, it had only been a few minutes since Adam had gone in there, with the hot water systems some of the rooms we’d had on this tour he could have still be waiting for the water to get hot. Whether he was or not I decided to repay him for his little efforts of the previous night, we didn’t have that long before we’d have to head out for breakfast but we had enough time for a little play.

One of the advantages of wearing very little to bed is that you have very little to remove when you need to do it quickly, I realize that might not be something one needs to do often but that’s my theory and I’m running with it.

So I stripped off my underwear and quietly opened the bathroom door, surprisingly enough the room was already full of steam, apparently not only did the hot water work but Adam didn’t turn the exhaust fan on either. I stepped in quickly and shut the door hoping not to let the warmth out, it was then I realized Adam was standing with his back to the door and hadn’t seen me come in, that was my cue to give him a little more than even I expected at first.

Pulling the curtain back I quickly stepped into the shower, not overly worried about the water that would splash out. I moved inwards until our bodies connected, at the same time I reached around his waist and wrapped my hand around his manhood.

“Why hello there young man, is that a concealed weapon you have there?” I said in a silly voice.

“It wasn’t concealed and you seem to be the one handling it.”

“Well stand still while I decide what to do with you.”

He grew quickly in my fingers and as I started to move my hand gently backwards and forwards he said. “If you keep doing that I’m not sure I’ll be able to stand still.”

Standing behind him holding my naked body against his I gently stroked his length, a tight grip at the base loosening slightly as I approached the head, then back down again tightening as I got to the base. Within seconds Adam was letting me know he liked what I was doing by letting out little gasps as my hand touched different parts of his stiffness.

We said nothing as I rubbed him back and forth, occasionally stopping at the tip to let my finger nails gently scrape across the top. Each time I touched the very tip of his cock I felt him push his hips backwards into me, at first I wasn’t sure if it was an involuntary movement or deliberate. I quickly worked out it was an involuntary twitch that was similar to what happened to me whenever his fingers flicked over my excited love button. My hand movements became faster as I stroked him back and forth, his quiet pants telling me I was doing exactly what he wanted.

“Oh god, slow down, make it tighter.” Adam said through panting breaths.

I obeyed his request, listened to his pleasurable moans, stroked him continuously. When he put his right hand up against the tiled wall of the shower and moved his hips in time with my strokes I knew he wasn’t going to be able to ride the tidal wave much longer.

Several minutes later we stood in the shower kissing passionately and letting the water run between our bodies.

After washing each other down we dried ourselves and headed back into the room to get dressed.

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