Ride Hard: Oops Did I Say That

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No I’m not pregnant, sorry to leave you hanging on that spot but I couldn’t resist. The comment I made to Jack about letting him take me and our children up to the mountain cabin owned by his company was just a comment. I really didn’t even mean it as a joke, I actually said it because he’d suggested the cabin’s lack of occupancy was because his staff had been using their holidays to take their own kids to places like Disneyland and I was talking faster than my brain was thinking.

But I have to say that the look on Jack’s face when I did say it was priceless. While he’d been joking around a bit with me in regards to the cabin and my birthday present I think I got him back for all of that, with interest, just by dropping that one line. When I realised his shock, well a few seconds after because I did have to laugh a little bit, I apologized.

“Oh Jack, I’m sorry, that’s honestly not what I meant. I’m not pregnant. I wasn’t suggesting you were taking our kids up there this trip.” I was talking fast hoping to make sure Jack and I were on the same page. “I was just waffling on without much thought and when you said the guys at work were talking their kids to Disneyland I just, I didn’t think. I…”

“Relax Dianne, I understand.” Jack interrupted me, which I was kind of thankful for because I was talking faster than my brain again.

“Are you sure?” I asked, still a little nervous. We had of course talked about kids and whether each of us wanted them in the ‘getting to know you stage’ and while we both thought it was a good idea down the track it was part of the initial dating stages not a life plan.

“Yes Dianne, I admit I was shocked when my brain heard what you said but that’s it, I wasn’t about to crack out the champagne and cigars.” Jack was a wise man

“Well that’s good!” I said as I shuffled out of my seat, held my wine glass clear as I moved, and climbed onto Jack’s lap. “Because I want to have lots of practice at doing the thing needed to make kiddies before I worry about having kiddies.” With that said I leaned in and kissed Jack on the lips.

It seems we were both thinking the same thing because from a kiss we both moved to put our wine glasses down on the side table so we didn’t spill any wine on the sofa, then we resumed kissing.

Do you know those movie scenes where the passion is so hot that one person rips the shirt of the other person open and buttons fly off safely, well that doesn’t happen, at least not to us. After a long, deep, passionate kiss on the lips I straightened up on Jack’s lap, reached forward, grabbed his shirt and yanked my hands to either side. I don’t really know why I did it, ruining clothes, even a work shirt is not my idea of fun but for some reason that’s exactly what I did.

Three of the buttons did as the movies suggest as flung off somewhere but one of the buttons, I don’t even know which one, popped off the shirt and flew straight at my face. It was only a small button, but I was quite lucky I wasn’t breathing in at the time because the damn thing had such pin point accuracy it actually hit one of my front teeth. Such an act of course brought on fits of laughter by both of us.

“I’m sorry I don’t know why I did that, it was such a stupid move.” I said with a smirk.

“Forget about it, it was worth it just for the laugh!” Jack replied before pulling me gently towards him to resume kissing.No sooner had we resumed kissing than I pushed my hands into his open shirt and started doing what it was I was intending to do before the button incident.

As our wet lips moved together and Jack’s tongue pushed it’s way into my mouth I rubbed his chest. I moved my hands up and down his skin, feeling the muscles, the ripples and the ribs underneath the skin, as I might have mentioned before Jack might not be the most ripped guy in the world, but damn he turned me on!

Before Jack had a chance to sweep those luscious lips of his to my neck and drive me wild I moved my hands downward, unbuckled his belt and reached inside his pants for my prize. Sure enough it was right where I’d left it last time.

It took very little time for us to go from prize in hand to me putting that same prize somewhere else for safe keeping. The two of us keeping kissing hot and passionately, while at the same time I gently moved my hips backwards and forwards against his crotch.

When Jack grabbed my backside and began to thrust upwards I broke the kiss and said. “Just let me do all the work.” Jack said nothing and let me continue.

I let Jack move his lips to my neck and gently nibble the soft and sensitive skin between my chin and ear, he knew it drove me wild and worked at it slowly to make sure the sensation lasted. At the other end of proceedings I did the same, grinding my hips against his slowly, pushing down, lifting up, moving backwards and forward feeling my excited lips and clit rubbing against his skin and feeling his throbbing member writhe inside me.

It was slow, it was hot and it was heaven and by the time the two of us reached our climax we were both panting.

“I can’t move,” I said though panted breaths.

“Then don’t!” Jack replied pulling our bodies together and holding us tightly.



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