CopyCat Cafe: Handling Things My Way

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For all her bravado and openness Sonya still hadn’t come up with a plan for how I was going to get ‘even’ with Simon for the recordings and photographs of me, the ones that were stored on his phone which he left behind having fled my house earlier in the afternoon. We’d spent the best part of three hours and two bottles of wine discussing the topic and while there was some silly suggestions of what we might do there was nothing really practical.

At one point there was a suggestion that we should make a website registered in Simon’s name and post the videos of him and his wife with running commentary as if it was a comedy sketch. There was also a suggestion that we blur the faces and print up copies of the two of them in compromising positions then post them to people like his mother or her mother. All four of us in the room knew such suggestions were nothing short of venting but it didn’t stop us voicing them as we drank the wine.

At 11:15pm Sonya and Tracey decided it was time to head home, of course I offered them the spare bed but the offer was declined and I didn’t push them. Tom also offered to drive them home but that offer was also politely declined and I couldn’t really blame them, it was a balmy night lit by a wonderfully bright and full moon. I had to physically take the phone out of Sonya’s hand before she left the house because she was hell bent on ‘keeping it safe’, as she kept saying. It wasn’t that I didn’t trust Sonya not to do something silly with the phone but that didn’t mean I trusted her not to do something she thought was going to help. When they were gone I placed the phone on the table making sure it was turned off as I did so and before I knew it Tom was standing in the kitchen cleaning up the dishes and putting the empty bottles in the bin.

“Leave that Tom, I’ll clean up in the morning, or tomorrow, or whenever.” I said to him meaning every word.

“It’s okay Kat, it will only take a few minutes.”

Now I know this might seem weird, or even strange, to some people given what I had been through earlier in the day but for me it seemed natural and above all it was exactly what I wanted. After the day I had all I wanted was to be held and held by someone I knew and trusted. I stepped around the kitchen bench and up behind Tom, then placed my hand on his shoulder and gently pulled him around to face me.

“Please Tom, just leave them.” I said.

“Are you okay?”

“I just want to be held, the dishes can wait.” I put my arms around his waist and pulled him close to me. At the same time I felt his arms gently wrap around my upper back.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes Tom, lets go to bed.”

Tom took notice of what I said and moments after we separated and our arms fell away from the embrace, my right hand found his left hand and I began walking out of the kitchen. I led Tom through the house and towards the bedroom and once beside the bed we separated long enough to do our respective duties in the bathroom. Three minutes later we were laying side by side in my bed his right arm was under my neck and he was holding me close to his semi naked body. It was at that exact moment I realized I wanted to be more than just held.

My hand, which had been resting on Tom’s chest, moved downward. When I pushed my hand under the elastic waist band of his briefs and through his short, wiry pubic hair I heard Tom ask me what I was doing. When I grasped his growing member in my hand and gripped it tighter he asked me if I was sure about what I wanted. When I began rubbing his stiffening shaft up and down it was my turn to talk.

“Fuck me Tom, and fuck me now!” I could see words were about to escape his lips but I continued to rub his cock and before his words came I added. “Fuck me hard.”

For the next forty minutes Tom did exactly as I asked him to do. He started out on top of me ramming his rock hard cock into my waiting pussy, the more I moaned the harder he thrust. When I wrapped my legs around his waist and used them to drag his body back to mine after every outward thrust I could hear his moans matching mine.

When he lifted my legs and pushed me into a shape resembling a pretzel, with my knees resting against my own chest, the fucking became so hard and fast I couldn’t hold on and before I knew what was happening his hard throbbing cock was driving me to orgasm. I begged him to keep going, begged him to keep fucking me and as my pussy twitched around his throbbing member I pulled his head towards mine and kissed him deeply.

I wasn’t about to deprive Tom of his own release especially when I hadn’t finished myself and several moments later we separated long enough for me to roll onto my back and get up on all fours. Call it doggie style, call it what you like but I call it a hell of a finishing move because when Tom entered me from behind and began thrusting I knew there was no way either of us was going to last long.

Tired and breathing hard Tom and I lay naked on the sheets holding each other but not saying a word. I wasn’t entirely sure what Tom was thinking but after the afternoon I had had the end of the evening was everything I could have asked for and more. Tom and I fell asleep in that position and neither of us moved until the rising sun was streaming through the gaps at the side of the bedroom curtains.

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