Ride Hard: A World Of Comedians

Continues from here.

“So, this little cabin of yours, do I need to take anything?” I asked Jack the following morning over breakfast.

I know we’d had a bit of a discussion about the cabin the previous night and that Jack had assured me things would be sorted but I am a female and there is always things our men forget to pack when they go on holidays. It’s not their fault, their minds are just wired a bit differently to ours.

“Well if you take nothing I wont complain, but you might get a little cold. There is only so much an open fire can do you know!” Jack replied with a grin as he twirled his cereal around the bowl with his spoon.

“Oh Jack, I can see you got up on the funny side of the bed this morning!” I said to him in a seriously tone trying hard not to laugh.

“Well I tried to get up on your side but you told me we were running late!” This time the grin was so big he looked like a circus clown.

He was correct he did roll over and offer to wake me up with more than just smile but because our bed time was a little distracted after an extended period of kissing and canoodling on the couch, that continued when we got to the bedroom, the extra minutes of sleep we both grabbed in the morning meant we didn’t have time for such early morning luxuries.

“You really did miss your calling.”

“Oh yeah? What calling is that darling?” Jack’s grin had shrunk slightly but I could tell he still thought his comments were humorous and he knew exactly what I was going to say in response to them.

“Your calling as a comedian!”

“I save all my best work for you and for you only, you know that!”

“At some point before we actually go away I am going to get the truth out of you Jack Richards!” I said as I stood up from the table and took my breakfast bowl over to the sink and gave it a rinse under the tap.

“I’m all about truths, what truths would you like to hear?”

Jack had followed me into the kitchen with his own bowl. Instead of taking the bowl from his hand and rinsing it as I would normally have done I shrugged my shoulders, stepped around him and headed back to the table where my seaming coffee was waiting for me. Jack laughed heartedly at my reaction.

A few moments later he stepped up beside me, put his right arm around my neck, bent down and kissed me of the forehead. “I don’t know what it is you want to take with us to the cabin darling, but everything needed to stay in the place is there and anything that is not there that you want can be put there with a single phone call.”

“So I really only have to take myself?” I asked. “No need for food, bedding, anything like that?”

“Nope, just yourself and some clothes. Unless you were serious about spending the week naked!” Jack’s grin was back again.

I reminded Jack that the naked bit was his silly suggestion and not mine but he made no difference he was adamant that clothes really were optional.

Honestly I think I must just attract comedians because when I got to work that same day and told Bill that Jack and I had organised our little get away like he suggested he was as full of smart comments as Jack was over breakfast.

“Thanks for the coffee Bill. How was your evening?” I asked when Bill walked into the middle of the office carrying two Starbucks coffees just after 8am.

“Same ol’, same ol’.” Bill replied taking one of the coffees out of the cardboard holder and passing it to me. “Just another quiet evening at Chateau Campbell, all the glitz and glamour of a five star French hotel.”

I laughed, which interrupted Bill’s wild imagination. I don’t know where it was that he was headed with such a great story but I hadn’t heard it before and he seemed to lose interest in it as soon as I interrupted which to me meant that it wasn’t a planned speech. It wasn’t often Bill flew by the seat of his pants with his stories but when he did they were often entertaining and I was a little disappointed he didn’t continue with it, but not disappointed enough to ask him to keep going.

I decided that since I wasn’t prompting Bill for his extended evening recap I wouldn’t hit him up on the holiday thing immediately, it wasn’t that I thought he might change his mind it was because I was hoping to avoid some of his sense of humor. However when Bill joined me in the small kitchen as I made coffee just after 10am and the time seemed right, clearly it wasn’t.

“Jack and I have decided on a week in the mountains. We were thinking of the week of my birthday.” I said being nice and preparing Bill’s coffee as well.

“You can’t take a week off. Who will do all the pays and the banking stuff?”

I quickly figured out Bill was still trying to be funny so I decided to play along. “You told me yesterday I could take the time off. You even suggested that we go to either the mountains or the beach for a week since I couldn’t figure out what else Jack could get me for my birthday.”

“That doesn’t sound like me. I would have suggested a ring, or a necklace or something. Suggesting you take a week off work sounds ludicrous.”

“You could carry on with this all day couldn’t you Bill?” I asked with a smile as I poured the hot water into his mug.

“Carry on with what?”

It was at that point I decided to change the direction of the conversation. “Jack’s got a cabin up at Bluffs Peak, we don’t even have to book the thing. It’s sitting there waiting for us, all we have to do is rock up and spend the week alone, peaceful and alone!”

“A cabin at Bluff’s peak? Cheryl would love a weekend away in the mountains. Do you think Jack would rent it to me sometime before winter?”

Happy that my plan to change the direction of the conversation had worked I decided to get my own back on Bill.

“Not since you wont give me a week off work!” I replied and headed back to my desk.


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