CopyCat Cafe: Dawning Of A New Day

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The sun might have been streaming through the cracks in the curtains but it hadn’t yet woken Tom. I knew when it did finally wake him he’d be stiff and sore because the two of us had barely moved in about six hours. I rolled away from Tom’s semi naked body and tried my best to shuffle off the bed without waking him.

Spying the clock on my way to the bathroom I saw that it as 5:34am, nearly my usual get out of bed time. When I came out of the bathroom it was 5:36am and Tom was still asleep. He knew the around about time I left to for work each day and while I was more than happy to leave him asleep in bed as long as he wanted to I knew he was the sort of nice guy who would be just a little disappointed to wake up and find me gone.

Besides I wanted to cook the guy breakfast, whether it was breakfast at home or the cafe I wanted to give him a good start to the day. So I did!

I gently crawled over the bed, I didn’t need to remove the sheets because we hadn’t sleep with anything over us, but I did need to remove his boxer shorts that he’d pulled up before plonking himself next to me after our sex romp the previous evening.

Wrapping my hand around his limp shaft I began gently stroking it trying to wake it up and within seconds I was rewarded as his dick began waking up before he did. The instant I felt him getting hard I opened my mouth, bent down over the top of his crotch and wrapped my lips around the tip. I don’t really know if he was awake before I gripped his dick and playing coy or not but as my lips slid down his stiffening shaft he was definitely awake because I heard him let out a small gasp for breath.

It only took a few seconds before Tom was as hard as a rock which is about the same time as it took me to start working my hand and lips up and down that wonderfully hard and thick shaft. His sleepy encouragement was enough to tell me I was doing the right things and it wasn’t long before both my hands and my mouth had picked up speed.

I sucked Tom long and hard before taking a breather and moving my lips down the underside of his shaft and onto his balls. I knew he liked having his balls sucked into my mouth while I slowly stroked his hard shaft and that’s exactly what I did.

When I eventually moved my lips back to his cock I wrapped them around the head and gently flicked my tongue backwards and forwards over the silky smooth tip. With every upward jerk of my hand I felt his precum dribble into my mouth, the sweet taste of it driving me on wanting to taste more and wanting to hear Tom moan loudly as he came in my mouth. I didn’t have to wait long for my reward and when it happened I felt Tom’s hand on the back of my head, running through my hair as he moaned.

I know it’s kind of greedy and not the sort of thing every woman does but I’m not every woman. I kept my lips wrapped around the head of his cock and used my hand to pump his juices into my mouth, spurt after spurt of warm juicy cum pumping into my mouth before I swallowed every last drop.

When I finished licking his limp dick I looked up at him and in a rather corny and silly way said, “I just thought I’d thank you for last night.”

I could tell he was a little dumbfounded by my silly post blow job comment. “Umm. Alright. Umm. But I think it was kind of a joint effort.”

“Not that,” I said with a smile kissing my way up his stomach. “The bit before that, you know all the support and caring for a silly woman who didn’t realize she was being played by a douche.”

“Oh that!” he exclaimed. “Well you don’t have to thank me for that either, I’m kind of glad you did, it’s a hell of a way to wake up, but honestly you don’t have to thank me for being there for you it’s my pleasure.”

“And that was my pleasure” I said as I kissed his cheek.

When he turned his head, moved his lips towards mine and then began kissing me I knew he would be able to taste himself, something I’ve heard not many guys like, but it didn’t stop Tom. We kissed hard, hot and with sooo sooo much tongue.

I was so tempted to try and climb on board and get him excited again but I’d glanced at the clock as I kissed my way up his chest and I noticed that giving Tom his early morning wake up call had taken a lot longer than I thought it would. I guess we enjoyed ourselves way too much yet again!

I broke the kiss and said, “I really wanted to make you breakfast but that took a little longer than I expected and if I don’t get up and shower soon I’m going to be late for work.”

Tom twisted his head and looked at the clock. “I can drive you to work if you like.”

“And I can make you breakfast at the cafe!” I said happily as I rolled away from Tom. “I’m going to have a shower, your welcome to join me as long as you leave the hanky panky in the bed!” I added with a cheeky and infectious grin.

Even with a shower, which only included a little bit of kissing and canoodling and no sex, Tom and I were clean and ready to go in a fairly quick time and although I was later arriving than my usual time we still arrived earlier than Sonya.


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