Rock Hard: It’s Official!

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The look on Adam’s face was priceless as he stood in front of me on that stage while I kneeled before him asking him to marry me. At the same time, although I was kind of busy and not watching her, Sarah was standing side of stage cheering. The crowd were relatively silent and apparently Dean was stunned but none of that beat Adam’s reaction.

Because I had the microphone and was on one knee Adam’s voice also wasn’t heard over the sound system, but I heard it and his face wasn’t the only thing that I’ll remember for a long time. Four simple words was all that came out of Adam’s mouth, at first.

“What the fuck Christie?”

I crouched there on one knee smiling, trying to hold back my laughter, Adam was already self conscious enough up there I didn’t want him to snap and run away, at least not without giving me an answer.

“Get up, Christie.”

Adam said as he held out his hand offering it to help me up. I didn’t have a ring or anything for Adam to accept so getting up seemed like the appropriate thing to do.

The crowd had gone dead silent, it’s something every stage performer in the world fears and something I thankfully had never seen until that moment. Was I thankful for the silence? Not really, obviously I didn’t want a rowdy crowd but even in those few seconds the silence felt weird.

Standing up on that stage in full Hella regalia I looked Adam in the eyes and smiled, he smiled back and whispered…Yes!

I stood there gaping at him unsure I read his lips right and unsure what I should do next. Just at that moment a voice came out of the silent crowd.

“What did he say Hella?”

That was immediately followed by a chant, the entire crowd, 1200 strong people all started yelling.

“What did he say?
What did he say?
What did he say?”

The chant was repeated a second time as the two of us kissed, no tongue, no long lingering heat, but it was passionate for the few seconds it lasted. The crowd may have suspected the answer, given the kiss, but that didn’t stop them starting a third chant.

“What did he say?
What did he say?
What did he say?”

I broke the kiss, put my arm around Adam’s neck and lifted the microphone to my mouth.

“He said yes!” I screamed into the microphone, a lot louder than I needed too but I guess you could say I was kind of ecstatic.

The crowd cheered loudly, honestly it was louder than they had cheered all night and they’d definitely been giving it their all during the songs. Forget stories about metal heads being devoid of feelings, or emotionless pits of despair dressed in black and always brooding because there wasn’t a fan in the Kansas City crowd that wasn’t cheering, screaming, clapping, yelling or a mixture of all those things.

During the cheers Sarah ran out on stage and gave us both a hug and a kiss, then stood with us with a huge smile on her face as if she’d just completed her single greatest piece of work.

As the noise of the crowd died down Adam and Sarah walked off stage and I thanked the crowd.

“On behalf of the band, Magnhild, I want to thank you all for coming out tonight and being the best crowd we’ve seen on this tour so far. And on behalf of Adam and myself I want to thank you for being the most awesome fans on the planet!” There was a cheer that nearly matched the cheer of a few minutes before. By the time the roar had died down enough for me to have the attention of the crowd again Adam was making his way back out to his desk at the rear of the room. “Oh and one more thing before we give you a couple more songs to round out the night. I want to thank Adam for allowing me to drag him up on stage against his wishes and for agreeing to marry me. Let me have another cheer for Adam.”

The crowd obeyed me and as Adam stepped behind his sound desk the band broke into our third last song, Know Thy Enemy.

In the band room immediately after the gig I was of course met with words of congratulations, praise and surprise. No one saw my proposal coming, some thought my whole idea was to embarrass Adam and complicate things given his previous bet where I had to change the words of a song, but not one of them considered there was more to my plan than what it looked like on face value.

No one other than Sarah of course and when Dean realized she was the only one in the band room not acting with surprise, only with congratulations he quickly started putting things together.

“You set this up didn’t you?” he said to her as he enjoyed a cool down drink.

Sarah looked Dean in the eye. “What are you talking about?”

“The secrets in the bus, all those little chats the last few days, the three encores.”

“You think I was able to set up three encores?” Sarah asked him.

“I don’t know how but yes, I think you set that up so Christie could win the bet.”

“You have a good imagination there, dear!” Sarah smiled and kissed him on the cheek. “That’s so sweet, I hope you bring that imagination to bed with you later on!”

Then like a light globe flashed across Dean’s eyes he worked out what he thought was the definitive piece of proof. “Of course it was you. That’s why you’re still here. You were suppose to fly home this afternoon but instead you came up with that excuse to stay an extra night and fly back tomorrow morning.”

Sarah said nothing in her defense, she didn’t need to, Dean’s version of what happened was close enough to the truth and he knew it, dragging it on any further would have been pointless.

Seconds later Adam walked in the door of the band room and the cheers and applause from the crew and band happened again.






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