Ride Hard: Organizing A Vacation

Continues from here.

“I was only joking Di, honestly.” Bill said awkwardly as he followed me down the small hallway to my desk. “I’m sorry. Of course I remember the conversation. Of course you can have the week off work!”

I was sitting down at my desk before Bill had finished his apology.

“Oh so now you are resorting to bribery just so you can get a cabin in the mountains for a dirty weekend away with Cheryl?” I asked trying not to smile.

“No. No, no. I’m not. I do remember the conversation. I was just being a bit silly. Honestly I’m not asking for any special favors with the cabin. I just thought it would be nice to take Cheryl away for a weekend.”

“Yes Bill, of course you did.”

I don’t know if there was a twitch in my face, a twinge of my lip, or even the hint of a grin but whatever happened I think Bill must have seen something because he reacted immediately.

“Dammit!” I looked at him trying not to show anything. “You are getting so much better at this!”

“At what Bill?” I asked..

“At playing the sly and silly games.”

“What games Bill?”

Even I knew it was pointless trying to lead Bill on any further the game had run it’s course and I wasn’t going to be able to hold a straight face for much longer so I just laughed at Bill and turned back to my computer screen.

We spent the next twenty minutes drinking coffee and talking about my week off and Jack’s cabin. I promised Bill that I would talk to Jack about when the cabin might be available for him to use and he promised me that taking the week of my birthday off work was acceptable. It was a pleasant chat and what felt like the first chat I’d had with a real person all morning.

The rest of the day disappeared rather slowly, there was a few phone calls to answer, a few queries from one of the boys in the yard to sort out and another chat to Bill about several of our clients but nothing too strenuous.

Jack and I hadn’t made any plans to meet up after work but neither of us had any other plans either so when he called the office just after 4pm I wasn’t overly surprised. I also wasn’t overly worried about taking the phone call on work time given that Bill had already taken an early mark for the day.

“It’s so nice to hear from you Mr. Richards. What can Campbells Recycling do for you today?” I answered the phone with when I saw Jack’s number come up on the desk phone display.

What it was Jack replied with is something I wont repeat here, suffice to say that I was not just shocked by his words but I was kind if turned on and requested that next time we were together we try at least a few of the things he offered to do.

“Will I get a discount on the next recycling pick up if I do all that?” Came Jack’s voice from the other end of the phone.

“What is it with you boys and you need to get a freebie for favors delivered?” I asked with a small giggle.

“Say what now?” Jack asked making it the first time I had ever heard such words come out of his mouth.

There was no need for games so I didn’t play them I simply told Jack about the little banter Bill and I had had earlier in the day.

“I was only joking about the discount on the pick up but seriously tell Bill the cabin is his whenever he wants it. Just tell him to give Cindy a ring and tell him who he is and pick a date it’s vacant. He can have it as long as he likes.”

“Hey! Don’t encourage the guy!” I said with a grin, one of those grins I knew could be heard in my voice. “I can’t let him know anything right now anyway, he’s gone home already.”

“Ahh a hard working guy like that probably deserves to get out early now and again!” Jack said. I laughed., he laughed. When the laughter stopped a few seconds later Jack continued the discussion. “Honestly though, let him know he can use it. I’d rather someone got use out of the place than have it empty all the time.”

“I’ll leave a note on his desk so that he is reminded to come and talk to me about it tomorrow morning. Although we both know that it wont be him ringing Cindy to organize time at the cabin, it will be me. Bill wouldn’t remember how to organize anything if I wasn’t here!”

There was a small laughter in his Jack’s voice. “I’ll tell Cindy that she can’t accept any bookings for the cabin unless they come from Bill himself!” the conversation then trailed off to chatter about the cabin and Bill’s usage of it. I nearly got more information about the cabin out of Jack during those few minutes than I’d gotten in the chats we’d had at his place.

“So anything else I can help you with today Mr. Richards?” I asked after we sorted out the cabin rental for Bill.

“Need I remind you what I said last time I was asked that question?”

Of course he didn’t, but I also didn’t need to be reminded of it either because reminding me of it gave me some of those strange electric feelings down below my belt.

“Okay, how about I rephrase the question.” I asked.

“Fair enough. I liked the original question but lets see where the second one goes.” Jack replied.

I decided to make the question simple and easy to understand. “What are you doing tonight?”

“I thought we just discussed that.”

Damn the guy was nearly as bad as Bill.

“Okay how about this one. Who’s place do you want to all that at mine, or yours?”

“Now we are getting somewhere.” I heard Jack reply from the other end of the phone.


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