CopyCat Cafe: At Work Again

Continues from here.

“Are you two connected at the hip?” Sonya said as she bound in the back door of the cafe not long after Tom and I arrived.

“If we were we could certainly teach you a thing or two young girl!” Tom bit back quickly.

“Ewww old people talking about sex. What do they teach you people in the old folk home?” Sonya replied.

“How to murder their staff and get away with it. Want to be my first victim?” I said with a grin.

“Wow, from sex straight to murder, you old people turn quickly!” Sonya said.

“You better believe it!” I laughed. “So this is your last warning to be nice.”

“Well it’s good to see you are in a good mood this morning,” Sonya turned to Tom, “You too!” back to me. “No questions about what made you so happy!”

“Gee you started out so well!” I replied referring to how quickly Sonya was able to turn the conversation from nice to sex.

“I have a talent!” she said proudly before adding. “I suppose I better get to work, someone around here has to do something.”

“I’m going outside and coming back in, maybe I’ll get a new start to the day!” I said with a big sigh.

I really didn’t have any intention of doing what I’d just said but when Sonya made another comment about doing all the work and Tom laughed and came back with his own I dropped the knife I was using on the bench and walked straight out the back door. As I took the back step, leaving the door ajar as I went I heard laughter from behind me.

Like I said the original intention with the statement hadn’t been to actually leave so when I did get out there I had no idea how long I should stay out there. How long does it take to make a silent stance anyway? I honestly didn’t know but thirty seconds was more than enough for me, we had work to do and playing silly games wasn’t making that happen.

I was just about to turn around and head back inside when I saw a head walking along on the other side of the fence and my heart immediately sank. I couldn’t get inside quick enough.


“Go away Simon.” I responded. “I have nothing to say to you.”

Simon walked in the gate and kept walking until he was within three feet of me.

“Have you got my phone?” Not that I really expected it but there was no politeness in his voice at all.

Of course I still had his phone, it was in my bag on the other side of the door, I was not going to let the thing out of my sight, but there was no way I was going to tell him that even if it meant lying.

“Have you got any manners.” I responded.

“I’m sorry,” He sounded almost genuine but having never needed to bring up his lack of politeness before I wasn’t sure. “Where is my phone…please!”

Okay, I knew that one was laced so screw him. “I have no idea.” I lied.

“Of course you do, I had it at your place last night.”

“Oh you mean when you were at my place trying to attack me?” I asked and could feel my temper rising.

“Attack you? It was you that kneed me in the balls!”

“I wouldn’t have needed to do that if you did try what you did.” I tried to remain calm and not raise my voice, although I was sure if it wasn’t my voice that was going to bring Sonya or Tom out looking for me it would be the time I was outside.

“It wasn’t that long ago you would have begged me to do that to you.”

“I would have done no such thing, now keep your voice down.” Then as an immediate after thought I added, “Besides, what is in the past stays there Simon. What you did last night was fucking sexual assault!” I said the last two words in a lower voice, not only because I didn’t want any one to hear them but also because I didn’t really want to admit to them.

“What a load shit, Kat. You have no idea what you are talking about. What the hell happened to you? You were cool when I first met you, now, since meeting that gay bloke you’ve turned into one of those dykes who hates everything real men do?”

“I’m not even going to dignify that with an answer Simon. You are way out of line and you need to leave now or I’ll call the police.”

Just at that moment Sonya stepped out of the kitchen and onto the step. “Is there anything I can help with here Kat?” she said as if she hadn’t been listening from behind the ajar door.

“Oh great, lets get all the dykes here.” Simon responded grumpily. “Stay out of this Sonya, this is between me and Kat.”

“Well now it’s between the three of us!” Sonya replied cool as a cucumber.

Simon might have figured out that arguing with the two of us was going to get him no where, he may even have figured out that a call to the police could be made but the one thing I do know he figured out was whose car he was standing next to.

“I suppose the poofter is inside listening too? Is he too scared to come out and join in because a real man is here.”

It was at that moment Simon moved so close to the edge of loosing it that I’m sure it was all he could do to stop himself. Had he not stopped himself he would have kicked the front panel of Tom’s car, but because he pulled back at the last moment, possibly realizing the damage he was about to cause, he over balanced slightly and his foot slammed into the front wheel.

I know it wasn’t a funny situation Simon was angry and in pain but it was because of that pain that I was trying so hard not to laugh. Sonya on the other hand didn’t have the same idea as me and she laughed heartedly at Simon hopping on one foot.

I put my hand on Sonya’s shoulder. “Don’t make things worse Son!” I said quietly.

“But it’s hilarious!”

Simon was once again standing on two feet, his right foot had obviously not stopped hurting but he had stopped showing signs of agony. He stepped, tentatively on his sore foot towards us. “Just give me my fucking phone!”

“Just leave!” Sonya said before I had a chance to reply.

“Stay the fuck out of this dyke!” Honestly even with Simon’s bad behaviour in the previous weeks if someone had told me he was capable of this sort of carry on I would not have believed them. He turned to me. “Give me the phone Kat.”

“I don’t have your phone, Simon.”

“Bullshit! I know you have the fucking thing now return it.”

“If she says she hasn’t got the thing, she hasn’t got it. Now leave!” Sonya said.

It was at that moment things took a turn for the worse, a turn even I couldn’t see coming. Sonya’s calm and inoffensive comment enraged Simon so much he stepped back and took a swing at her. However thankfully it didn’t connect because before his hand reached Sonya’s face he was knocked to the ground.


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