Ride Hard: A Mistaken Call

Continues from here.

The following day when Bill turned up to work at 9:15am, with coffee again, I wasn’t at all annoyed by his late arrival, especially not when I found out the coffee was infused with caramel.

Before Bill had arrived I had put in a call to Cindy regarding Jack’s cabin and when Bill might be able to rent it for a weekend, I figured I would be the one making the booking anyway so getting in early and getting the dates was just making my job easier.

I don’t suppose it will surprise anyone to know that in the ten minutes I was talking to Cindy I found out more about the cabin than in all the conversations and attempted conversations I’d had about the place with Jack. As well as finding out the dates the place was free for the next three months I found out the location, what was in the place, and what I could expect while staying there.

As it turns out the location didn’t mean much, I knew where Bluffs Peak was but I had never actually been there so apart from the round about area I was none the wiser with what Cindy was able to tell me. However with the important stuff like how the place was set up, the facilities, the size of the place, things to spend our day doing and other such things Cindy was a star and answered everything I wanted to know.

Since Bill was so nice as to bring me a caramel infused coffee I thought I’d be nice enough to offer him the information Cindy had given me and before he got too comfortable at his desk I went in to talk to him.

“I spoke to Jack about the cabin last night.” I said as I sat down in the chair on the opposite side of the desk to Bill.

“Oh yeah? What did he say? Can we use the place?” Bill sounded excited.

“Yeah of course, he’s more than happy for the place to be used. I’ve got a list of dates you can chose from.”

“Oh great, can we have the weekend of the 19th?” Bill said innocently.

“Are we going to have another one of those days are we Bill?” I asked.

Of course Bill knew when my birthday was and knew that the 19th was in fact a Monday, the Monday I was planning to start my week away. As I’m sure I have told you on more than one occasion Bill is a good boss and a great person and I immediately knew he was playing games with me by suggesting that specific date.

“What are you talking about Dianne?” Bill asked innocent.

Thankfully Bill didn’t play his games for too long and after one more line trying to defend himself and suggest he didn’t know when my birthday was he stopped. After the games stopped I handed Bill a list of dates and told him if he needed time to decide which dates he was interested in to talk it over with Cheryl and let me know. But apparently he didn’t need time and he circled two weekends and handed the piece of paper back to me.

“Either of those weekends would be great.”

“Wow! That was quick.” I replied genuinely surprised.

“Well you could say I had been giving it some thought!”

“Obviously.” I said before getting up out of the chair and adding, “I’ll go and ring Cindy now and organize it.”

“Cindy?” Bill questioned.

I explained who Cindy was and what role she played in things before heading back to my desk and making the call.

I guess I wasn’t paying that much attention as I sat down at my desk because instead of dialing Cindy’s number when I picked up the phone I dialled Jack’s direct number.

“Good Morning. Welcome to RichCraft Custom Cycles. Jack speaking how can I help you?” He obviously answered the phone without looking at the caller id number.

“Oh shit I dialed the wrong number?” I said out of reflex realizing my mistake.

“Well, that’s a polite way to greet someone.” Jack responded having recognized my voice.

“Oops. My apologies I didn’t mean that, although we can’t all answer phones as politely as you do.”

“I forgive you, but who are you trying to ring here other than me? Am I not the most important person here?” Sometimes even Jack liked he his ego stroked a little bit, even as a joke.

“Well of course you are but I was actually ringing to talk to Cindy and I just dialed your number out of habit.”

“So I am a habit now?”

“Do you and Bill compare notes and come up with a new conversation everyday just to confuse and annoy me?” I asked.

“No. This just pretty much comes natural to me, but we can if you like. I do after all live to please you darling.”

“Well how about you please me by putting me through to Cindy, or should I just hang up and leave you talking to yourself while I ring her back?” I asked.

“No point hanging up and redialing, your heart will probably just dial me again anyway!” I could tell Jack was enjoying himself.

“I see your politeness wavers a bit as the calls go on.”

“Awe that’s not very nice, but I am a nice person and I’ll do as you request.”

“Thank you Jack!”

“You’re welcome Dianne. Hey, one thing before I put you through.”

“What’s that?”

“Ask Cindy to put you back through to me when you finish talking to her please.”

I agreed to Jack’s request and almost immediately I was put through to Cindy and for the second time that day we had a discussion about the mountain cabin. Once the cabin was organized and the two of us had a little chat I was again put through to Jack. Jack did start the conversation out on a joke about how long Cindy and I were chatting but I quickly broke him out of the cycle and asked him what he wanted to talk to me about since I had work to do and he no doubt had work to do as well.

“Come by the workshop after work.” Jack said.



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