CopyCat Cafe: I Didn’t See That Coming

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Honestly I don’t know how it happened, I’d never seen anything like it, ever!

Don’t give me any of that crap about any man is capable of violence, or any man is only one mood swing away from a violent outburst because it’s all bullshit. Violence is not a trait restricted to only one gender both sides can do it but that doesn’t mean everyone is capable of it. Up until that moment standing at the back of my cafe I honestly did not think Simon was capable of anger induced violence but I was wrong.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not naive and I’m more than happy to accept there was quite a few things about Simon that until recently I didn’t know because I was a too blinded by my attraction to him. It’s definitely not a case of me ignoring the signs because I liked him, the signs just weren’t there. He might have been a sick and twisted perv of some kind but he never once showed signs of being violent, read back I’m sure you’ll agree. So that’s why when he took a swing at Sonya I was so surprised.

Sonya’s comment really wasn’t harsh and her voice was only slightly raised. She wasn’t really defensive and she definitely wasn’t threatening. Obviously her words about leaving without his phone were not the words he wanted to hear but he’d definitely heard worse words in the last few weeks. I guess maybe it wasn’t the words that made him snap as much as the rising tension and not getting what he wanted but it was still a surprise.

But it was still nowhere near as surprising as what happened a second or two after Simon took that swing, that instant that he landed on the ground on his back. And that was no where near as surprising as the fact that it was my fist that connected with his nose that put him there. That’s right innocent old Katrina Robinson punched Simon hard enough in the face to lay him out.

To be honest I don’t fully recall what happened, I recall the conversation, the disagreement and Sonya stepping in, obviously, but I don’t remember exactly what made me snap. There is no doubt that seeing Simon pull his closed fist back encouraged me to do it but I’d never psychically hit someone like that before and I honestly never want to do it again.

Even with Simon being a complete bastard, even with Simon abusing me, swearing at me and trying to verbally over power me, even with him about to hit Sonya, even with all that I felt like a complete shit for resorting to laying the guy out. I know if he’d have hit Sonya I would have felt worse but that really didn’t make me feel better.

I guess that’s possibly why I said what I said above about don’t give me any crap about men being violent or just one out burst away from violent, because up until the moment that Simon raised his fist at Sonya I didn’t think I was a violent person. I still don’t think I’m a violent person but I still snapped and punched another person.

So what happened after I hit Simon?

The first thing I that happened was that I pulled my right hand away and grasped it in my left hand then held it against my stomach because it hurt like hell. I honestly thought I’d broken my knuckles they hurt that much. I can tell you now if there is no other reason in the world for me not to hit a person again the pain I felt in those knuckles will always remind me it’s just not worth it.

At the same time I was pulling my fist away and Simon was falling backwards Sonya was flinching, but as soon as she recovered from that she was cheering and cheering loudly.

“Yay Kat! You go girl.” she took a breath then fired again, this time at Simon who was hitting the ground unconscious, although we didn’t know that at the time, and said. “Take that you shit! That’s what you get for picking on my girl Kat!”

By this time Tom was walking out the door, he’d missed the main part of the action but could piece together the gist of things.

Simon wasn’t out of it for too long, a minute or so at most, just long enough for Sonya to tell Tom that I’d knocked Simon out stopping him from hitting her. I was still holding my right fist against my stomach and not really paying attention to either Sonya’s speech or the surprised look on Tom’s face.

I did however see Simon gently turn his head from side to side as he began to come too. There was two red streams dribbling out his nose, which thanks to him lying on his back had each conveniently taken a turn and ran down opposite sides of his cheeks.

“What the…” he said as he lifted his head. I could tell he was sore and still a little bit groggy.

The three of us stood there watching him none of us willing to step in and give him any assistance to get to his feet. Simon rolled wobbly onto his knees still shaking his head a little bit but saying nothing. From his knees he pushed himself up and eventually made it to his feet, his back was to us and I could tell he was tentatively touching his nose and assessing the damage

As he turned around he started to speak. I have no idea what it was he was going to say because I didn’t give him a chance.

“I don’t want to hear it Simon.” I still wanted to hold my fist but let go of it in some strange show of strength I wasn’t sure I had. “Just get out of here.”

“You hit me!” he replied. “You fucking hit me.”

“I stopped you from hitting Sonya for no reason.” I said.

“No reason…” Simon started.

“That’s right. No Reason! Now leave before I call the police and have you arrested for assault.”

“You hit me! I’m the one that should ring the police.” he said angrily.

“My property, two witness happy to call self defense, maybe we should see how ringing the police works for you!” I said having no idea if what I was saying was correct. Whether it was or not didn’t seem to matter because after a brief thought Simon must have figured it was.

“Just give me the phone.” he replied in a defeated voice.

“I’ve already told you Simon, I DON’T HAVE YOUR PHONE! Now leave and don’t come back!” I said.

“This isn’t over!” Simon said then turned around and walked away.


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