CopyCat Cafe: Take Thing & Ram It Up His…

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“What are you going to do with the phone now?” Tom asked as we all stepped back inside the cafe and shut the door.

“Geez,” I said in a defeatist and exhausted voice. “I really don’t know.”

“I say we take the damn thing and ram it up his a….”

“I’m not sure how helpful that would be Sonya.” I said cutting her off before she finished her sentence.

“Who cares about helpful Kat? The guy tried to fucking punch me.”

I understood her anger and I’m sure had the cafe been open she wouldn’t have spoken so loud but unless she was willing to insert that phone where she was suggesting I doubted it was going to happen.

“What we really need to do is get this placed prepped for opening.” I said looking at the clock and realizing we had less than an hour and pretty much nothing had been done.

“What can I do to help?” Tom asked, honestly the guy is as sweet as the day is long and there was no stopping him.

I could have said no, I could have politely declined his offer and I could have suggested Sonya and I had things under control but I did none of that.

“Lay out the tables, set the display cabinet, organize the till, what ever needs doing.” My response wasn’t an order or a grumpy comeback it was a simply statement if Tom was happy to help I was more than happy to let him.

When Francis arrived about twenty minutes later we had made progress but we were still a bit behind. “Sleep in did we?” she asked as she put her hand bag down where all hand bags lived and saw me still rushing around not ready to open.

“Yeah something like that.” I replied.

I could see the look on her face when Tom walked back through the swinging doors carrying the empty tray we put all the salt and pepper shakers and stuff on every night before close. Whose car she thought she walked passed before coming the back door I don’t know but the look on her face when she saw Tom was again one that seemed to suggest I was bringing my personal life to work again. If only she had arrived half and hour earlier!

By opening time we still weren’t completely ready for the day but we were ready enough that we could let customers come through the door. Not that I asked him too but once customers started coming through the door Tom stayed in the kitchen, it suited me since I too spent most of my time in the kitchen.

“Want that coffee and breakfast I promised you yet?” I asked Tom just after 9am. I wasn’t totally caught up with my tasks but I was far enough along to make something if he wanted it.

“Nah don’t worry about it. I can see you’re busy.” he replied.

“You need to have something for breakfast.” I said.

Just then the swinging doors opened and Sonya walked into the kitchen with two coffees in her hands.

“Oh geezus Tom! Hold me up before I faint.” I said with a huge grin.

Sonya immediately picked up on my sarcasm and knew I was making reference to her bringing us both coffees without being prompted. “I can pour them down the sink if you want to be smart about it!”

When she handed Tom his mug I couldn’t resist one more little dig. “Careful Tom, it’s probably poisoned.”

“There is only one with the poison in it, and it’s not Tom’s!” Sonya replied quickly.

Honestly it was good that we could still laugh, had things turned out a bit different outside first thing in the morning there would have been no laughing. I have no doubt that Simon’s punch would have caused Sonya some kind of damage had it connected, it so easily could have been fatal, that’s part of the reason I’m not happy with myself for punching Simon, even in retaliation, but laughing was a good thing.

It was just before 11am when I managed to get my first break, I knew it wouldn’t be a long one but with Sonya having hers early and Francis working through to and early lunch t 11:30 I knew I could squeeze in a quick coffee with Tom before he left.

Sitting outside in the under cover smoking area no one used for smoking I thanked Simon for his help and apologized to him for having to see what he saw before we opened. I know I didn’t have to, and he said so but it felt like the right thing to do.

“You know, I have a good mind just to destroy the damn phone. Run it over in my car, smash it with a hammer, anything just to make sure it never works again.” I said to Tom as we sat there sipping coffee.

“I know what you mean, in some ways it would be a lot easier.”

“Only some ways?” I asked wonder how many ways holding onto it could make things easier.

“Look, just say for instance that Simon has the contents of the phone backed up somewhere.”

“Yeah I was trying not to think about that prospect.” I replied.

“Sorry, but what if you destroy the phone and he tries to blame you somehow, I don’t know how, use the videos against you, maybe claim the videos were yours and not his.”

“What good would it do him?”

“I don’t know, to be honest I really haven’t wanted to think about it. But if you keep the phone as evidence you’ll be able to prove the original source of the photos and videos.”

I thought about what he was saying, I too didn’t want to think about why I might need such evidence but his point was valid, without the phone I had nothing. It might be unrealistic to think Simon could prove his own innocence by blaming me for taking the videos but keeping the phone meant that even unrealistic wasn’t going to be the case.

“So what do you propose I do with the phone? Keep it with me? I don’t want to carry two phones around all the time. I don’t suppose Simon is stupid enough to break into my house and look for it, although lets face he’s proven to do a lot of things I didn’t think he’d do lately.” My conversation trailed off from there because neither of us really had anything to add.

Given the short break we didn’t actually resolve what I was going to do with the phone long term, but in the short term it was going to remain in my bag. Picking up the empty mugs Tom and I kissed each other good bye and a minute later I was waving to him as he reversed out the driveway..


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