Ride Hard: Going For A Ride

Continues from here.

“You want to ride along side me?” I asked Jack after he’d offered me the blue Harley Softail that was sitting next to his bike.

“I’d be honored to ride beside you is what I actually said.” Jack replied.

I guess I was flattered and not just because of the nice words, the bike was very nice as well. That might be a real girlie thing to say about a “Hog” but it’s true, the bright, radiant blue, the chrome pipes and the white wall tires did make a stunning looking bike, and at least I didn’t say it was cute.

“So I don’t get to ride with you and snuggle into you as we ride?” I asked.

“A safe and well taught rider like yourself knows it’s not called snuggling.”

“It is the way I plan to do it!” I said with a smile.

Without any real effort we both fell into a discussion about the bike and why Jack had chosen it for me to ride. From what he told me it was a bike he’d not long ago picked up and was doing some work on, it was a few months newer that his bike, well the bike he was going to ride, and he’d chosen it for me to ride because it was so similar to his which he taught me on. His future plans for the bike was to make it a show piece and put it in the showroom but he saw no reason to not put a few miles on the clock before it got it’s new paint job.

I was still learning about bikes and their bits and pieces so I let Jack give me a little tour of the blue Harley Softail. He gave me a list of specs and named certain things I wont bore you with here but after a few minutes I started to feel like I knew the bike like I knew my hair dresser.

“So are you ready to hit the road?” Jack asked me as he pulled his own leather jacket on, a jacket I couldn’t help but notice was very similar to the one he had presented me with less than twenty minutes earlier. The only difference between the two jackets was that his had the name Jack over the left breast.

“Did they have the same specials on jackets as they did bikes?” I asked pointing at the name on his jacket.

“Nope, it’s much easier to buy bikes than it is jackets.”

“You mean to tell me you actually bought both these jackets yourself?”

“Well I took the initiative and asked Cindy to make them happen.”

“Oh Jack, you are so romantic!” I said as I leaned in to kiss him on the cheek.

Ten minutes later we were on the road, I asked Jack again as we were pulling out of the roller doors where we were headed but he told me we had no plans it was just a ride in the evening breeze. I knew he had plans of some sort, he rarely didn’t have a plan but I decided that instead of pushing for those plans I would just enjoy the ride.

I don’t mind admitting that I was somewhat nervous about riding by myself, even with Jack beside me. There was a few nerves related to me riding Jack’s new bike and that I didn’t want anything to happen to it, but the main reason was because it was the first time I’d ridden solo on the road since getting my bike permits. The good thing though was that the nervousness didn’t stop me from riding the bike, if anything it made me more cautious and that can only be a good thing in this day and age.

The roads were relatively quiet given that peak hour was all but over and because of that the riding was made easier but I still had no idea where Jack was taking me other than the fact that we were headed towards the beach. We didn’t have a lot of coast line around town but there was some nice places in the sand to sit and watch the sun go down, I just hoped Jack had something planed for dinner because I was getting hungry.

At one set of traffic lights as the two of us pulled up side by side I looked over at Jack and called out. “I’m hungry. Do you have plans for dinner at any stage?”

It wasn’t dark at the time, the sun was definitely headed down over the western horizon but there was still a good hour or so of light in the sky.

“You’re doing really well!” Jack called out.

Even with the sound of the bikes and the surrounding traffic I knew he’d heard what I’d asked by the smile on his face as he replied. Before I got a chance to respond in kind the lights changed and we were off again.

We got through the next set of lights, and the set after that but we had to stop at the third set. As I pulled up next to Jack he looked over to me with a smile on his face and said. “Turning left up here and you can follow me if you want something for dinner!”

With such a wonderful and polite invitation how could I refuse?

Left, right, left, right, round and round we went. Actually it wasn’t that bad but I did follow Jack and while I was kind of expecting that we’d end up along the beach somewhere, given that we’d spent a nearly an hour headed towards the coast it didn’t take a genius to figure that much out, I still couldn’t help but be surprised by what I eventually found when we stopped.

Remember the time Jack somehow managed to clear Lover’s Lookout for the two of us and we sat on the bench that over looked the inlet with the moon and the cloudless skies etc? Well that was a stunning surprise and it was something that I was never able to find out how it was Jack managed to achieve but that was nothing compared to what I saw as we pulled up at the end of the sandy dirt track.


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