And In News Just Breaking

With summer arriving along with it comes some decent evenings, evenings I can happily spend outdoors staring at all the joggers who run down along the shoreline in front of my beach front house. Honestly, I think I can burn more calories watching some of the tightly clad men and women that run past my balcony than I could if I jogged along beside them.

Now with that warm weather comes less writing, I’m not giving up, far from it, I’m just refocusing a bit. Having recently finished writing two of the three stories that are running on this blog I have decided that I am now going to publish the rest of each finished story one episode after the other until their completion. Once I get to the end of the second story I should be finished writing the third story and then I will publish that to it’s end.

I’m going to start off by publishing CopyCat Cafe to it’s completion, followed but Rock Hard, with Ride Hard being the third story I’ll publish to it’s end. Then by the time I finish all three stories I should be ready to start publishing some more new and original stories which at this stage are in the planning process.

I’ll still be publishing every second day and I’ll probably throw in a few pieces of poetry here and there I just wont be trying to keep three stories going at once, it’s too much effort and sometimes confusion. I wont be chasing word prompts, I wont be chasing pingbacks etc simply publishing what I have on this site until it’s finished, then taking a breath and starting again with something new and hopefully just as exciting.

Thank you for coming along for the ride I hope to see you all still riding as we progress!




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