CopyCat Cafe: Someone Always Pays

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At the point when Tom asked us all if we wanted take away for dinner I hadn’t caught up on what him and Tracey had been doing all day, that would come later, but for Sonya and I it had been a busy day. The bullshit at the start of the day hadn’t helped but at the same time we’d been constantly on the go all day. The work was the same it was just more constant than usual.

So needless to say that when the question was asked my positive response was fairly quick and Sonya’s response which went along the lines of “Are you paying, moneybags?” was only seconds behind mine.

“I pay in some way every time I’m around you!” Tom hit back quickly.

“Unlike your bloody girl friend who doesn’t pay enough otherwise I could afford my own take out dinner!” Sonya replied.

“Hey!” I said, slightly miffed but understanding it was a joke.”This is between you two, keep me out of your whining, I just want dinner.”

“Maybe we should just go out together and leave these two bitches to themselves Kat?” Tracey said directly to me.

“Yeah we’d never hear the end of it.” I responded.

“Okay everyone, we can stand here throwing insults or we can have dinner, which would you prefer? Bear in mind it’s getting later as we stand here yabbering.”

“So what does everyone fancy?” Tracey asked.

It was decided after a few minutes and a few more insults that pizza was quick and easy. It was also decided that once we’d got dinner we’d head back to Tracey and Sonya’s place with both food and wine and make ourselves an evening of it. I promised it was going to be an early evening and that there was not going to be too much wine involved, we were all in agreement.

Half an hour later were back at Tracey and Sonya’s arguing whether we’d sit in the living room sofas or at the dinning room table. It didn’t really bother me where we ate as long as I got some food into me but Sonya and Tom took opposing stances on the cause for a few minutes just to keep us entertained. In the end because the wine glasses were closer to the table we sat at the table.

With a Pepperoni, a Canadian bacon and a cheese pizza open on the table and glasses of wine in front of us we all hoed into the food. The speed at which the first few slices went down a good indication that we were all hungry.

We’d had about ten minutes of silence when Sonya finally broke it with. “So have you decided what you are going to do with the phone yet?”

To be honest I hadn’t thought about the phone for ages, I was quite happy with that lack of thought to. “Nope, no idea.” I said quickly then went back to eating. It wasn’t that I really didn’t want to talk about it, I just didn’t have an answer and I was hungry.

Unfortunately the phone wasn’t going to stay out of our conversation for long, I guess by the end of our evening I was kind of thankful it did come up but I had also enjoyed the phone free thoughts.

“You know something you said earlier today has been bugging me a little bit. I don’t really want to bring it up, but like I say, it’s been bugging me.” Tom said after sipping his wine and reaching for another slice of pizza.

I can’t say I was thrilled with the way voiced it but I wasn’t going to leave him hanging either. “What’s that Tom?”

Tom explained how he’d been thinking about the conversation we’d had outside the cafe before he left that morning, specifically the bit where I mentioned that I didn’t believe Simon was silly enough to break into my house to look for the phone but I had under estimated his efforts a few times lately.

“I know I don’t know the guy like you but I didn’t like the way you said that and the thought of him actually being silly enough to do that keeps jumping into my head. So much so that I drove past your place five times this afternoon just to make sure nothing was happening.”

“He’s more likely to do something that stupid at this time of night, after work.” I said without really thinking about what I was saying.

“Oh yeah way to make the guy feel better Kat!” Sonya said with a smile.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t mean that. I wasn’t thinking. Honestly I don’t think that Simon would try something that silly. He’d be breaking the law, if he got caught he’d be in trouble.” I replied apologetically trying to make amends for my error.

“No offensive intended dear, but recording someone doing anything without them knowing is illegal too and he did that.” Sonya said.

“Yeah I know, I just can’t see it. But maybe I should just give the phone back and not give him the chance to do it?” I said not sure where I was headed with the conversation.

“No, you can’t do that! It’s you’re evidence against the prick” Tom said quickly and defiantly. “I’ll stay at your place, he wont break in while someone is there.”

“I can’t expect you to do that.”I protested. “You’ve got work and your own house. I’m definitely not kicking you out of my house Tom but I can’t expect you to baby sit it while I’m not home.”

“Of course you can,” then without pausing for me to disagree he added. “What if I just park my car in the driveway?”

“Tom, I still can’t expect you to do all that, you need you car. Besides if Simon really was watching my house he wouldn’t have to watch long to realize when you weren’t there.”

“Okay what if I take you car and leave mine in the driveway for a few days?”

At that point in time I was kind of considering the option, it wasn’t like my car got driven much and my mechanic had told me it needs to be driven more, but I still could bring myself to be that reliant on others, even if those others were the people who cared for me the most. It was at that moment Sonya came up with something which shut us both up and had me kicking myself for not thinking about it sooner.

“You’ve got a monitored security system on that house haven’t you?”


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