CopyCat Cafe: Educating Kat

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“Yes I have.” I was replying to Sonya’s question about the monitored alarm system in my house.

You know it’s strange until Sonya made mention of the security system I hadn’t even given it a thought. I guess it was because I really didn’t think Simon was the sort of person to break and enter, sure he was annoyed at the thought I had his phone but breaking into my house just seemed a step too far. Even with Sonya, Tracey and Tom, although I have to say Tom wasn’t overly vocal on the subject, reminding me that even though the house was unlocked Simon entered the house without being invited last time he was there, and that he wasn’t afraid to break some laws especially those relating to filming someone without permission, I just didn’t think it was likely.

“I honesty don’t know the last time I set the alarm.” I said. “I suppose it still works, I get a bill every month for the monitoring.”

“You pay for an alarm that is not switched on to be monitored?” Sonya asked.

In actual fact I hadn’t thought of that either. The alarm was put in at the request, or nagging of my daughter, Tanya, when she and my ex husband finally moved out. I was deemed too at risk to live alone without such a wonderful device to keep me secure, apparently I wasn’t too at risk for them to move out and leave me alone, only to live alone. I used it for the first few months, then after that I started only using it at night when I was asleep, and vulnerable according to Tanya but after about five months I stopped using it altogether. I’m in a very low crime district and I couldn’t remember the last time I read about a local burglary so the alarm just got forgotten about. I don’t really know why I kept paying the bill, I guess like the alarm it just got forgotten and became another bill every month.

“Yeah I guess I do. Maybe I should reconsider that bill next month instead of just slapping the money down on it.” I replied.

“Or maybe…I don’t know…maybe…you could use the BLOODY thing!” Sonya said to me before downing the remaining wine in her glass.

“Yeah, yeah, don’t get on my case!” I said half heartedly.

“Well someone has too.” Sonya replied. Before Tracey stepped in and put her hand on Sonya’s arm.

The look Tracey gave Sonya was one of those looks you share between couples when you are trying to stop the other one from doing something without speaking. Sonya knew it as well as I did and apologized.

“It’s okay Son. You’re right I probably should use it. I don’t know of any houses that have been broken into but there is no point having it and not using it.”

We all drank a little bit more wine and finished off the last pieces of pizza before the next conversation was started by Sonya.

“Maybe you should leave the phone here. That way if Simon does try anything he wont be able to find it anyway?”

“No, you’ve been dragged into too much of this stuff already, you don’t need to have the phone. Besides as you pointed out I have the alarm to protect the house.”

Sonya had obviously thought of her rebuttal as I spoke because she didn’t hesitate with her answer. “But if we’ve got it here it wont matter whether your house is alarmed or not because no matter where he looks he wont find it.”

“I’m sorry Son,” I was thinking as she spoke too. “I can’t do that. I’m thankful for everything you’ve done but this is not your problem.” I could see Sonya was about to protest. “No, I’m serious Son. Besides I know you, if the darn thing was here you’d be tempted to look at it, trying to find something to hang the guy with. I can’t leave it here.”

Sonya was about to protest when Tracey stepped into the conversation. “She’s right babe, you would do something like that. In your innocent little way you’d definitely do something like that.”

Sonya said nothing in response, so I ended that part of the conversation with. “It’s for the best, I’ll take it home, stash it where no one else knows and I’ll set the alarm whenever I’m not there.”

I was a little bit surprised that was all it took to end the conversation but it was and for the next hour as we finished the wine we talked about topics that were completely unrelated to Simon and his bloody phone.

Not long after 9:30pm Tom and I decided it was late enough to be headed home, we all had work the following day and if we sat at Sonya and Tracey’s dinner table for too much longer more wine would have been consumed and heads would have been aching by the time we were headed to work.

Cleaning up after dinner didn’t take too long, expect for the wine glasses the rest of the stuff on the table just went straight in the bin, if only the cafe was so easy to clean up each day!

As we were headed out the door Sonya again reminded me that I had an alarm system in the house, I politely reminded her that I wasn’t as old as she made out and that I didn’t have dementia. I wont tell you what she said after that because frankly it was too bloody rude!

“Would you like me to stay the night?” Tom asked as we headed back to my house.

I didn’t need to think about an answer. “Yes, but I want you to stay because you want to be with me not because of some misguided ideas of security and safety.”

“What if I promise to just lay there and watch any intruder rifle through your stuff? Or even better I could help them, make sure they get all the good stuff with the least amount of effort? No misguided ideas of security there.” Tom replied.

“And here I was thinking I’d left the cheeky crap back with Tracey!” I said.


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