CopyCat Cafe: A New Way To Brush Teeth

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Tom did as I requested and when his coffee was empty he took me to bed to satisfy the strange craving of closeness I’d been having since the bullshit with Simon really blew up. It’s kind of weird, although Simon was long past thoughts of trying to resurrect something between us his initial thoughts and actions were all about that, however all they’d really done is drive me further and further into Tom’s waiting arms. Was I happy? Well not with Simon but I was happy with everything to do with Tom.

I didn’t force Tom into anything but when I walked into the bathroom while he was brushing his teeth and reached around him and grabbed his dick through his pants I think he kind of got the message of what would happen if he came to bed.

“That makes it a little difficult to brush my teeth, dear.” Tom said with the toothbrush in his mouth and toothpaste dribbling out the sides of his mouth.

“Oh I’m sorry, would it be easier if I did this?” As I finished the question I lifted my hand to the waist band on his pants and pushed my hand downwards past his boxer shorts and all the way down until I felt his shaft. I then wrapped my hand around his limp shaft and gently moved it back and forth.

“It’s definitely a new way to brush teeth.” Tom said after spitting out a mouthful of toothpaste and rinsing his brush.

Because Tom was taller than me I couldn’t do much else other than nestle into his back while my hand moved, so I did that. Gently strokes back and forth while his dick grew in my hand and he finished doing the job he went into the bathroom to do.

When Tom finished brushing his teeth he was rock hard and I was still rubbing him gently back and forth. As he turned around, I slipped my hand out of his pants and went straight for the prize. I softly pushed him back against the sink, grabbed his belt, unbuckled it, pushed his pants and boxer shorts down and went to my knees.

I started out just stroking him and letting my tongue run circles around the purple bulbous tip. I looked up at Tom, I’m not sure if I was giving him a seductive look like you see on porn movies or if it was just some weird goofy look, but either way Tom didn’t say anything but he did have a smile on his face.

I was enjoying the feeling of having his dick in my hand, the gentle strokes over the sensitive skin, the feeling as my hand moved onto the head and rubbed his sensitive foreskin, and the feelings of the veins against my soft finger tips. I was enjoying it so much I moved my tongue to his shaft and let it do the work my fingers had been doing.

When I finally took his length in my mouth and began moving up and down the shaft I looked up and saw that the smile on his face had gotten bigger. His hand moved to the top of my head and rubbed it’s way through my hair. For just a second I wanted to feel him thrusting hard into my mouth while holding my head like I had seen in the movies, but I dared not ask him because it seemed like a strange request.

Sucking Tom’s dick was turning me on as much as it was him, I could feel excitement building between my legs, I could feel dampness between my legs and I could feel a sense of need between my legs that needed to be sated quickly.

Releasing my lip lock on his dick I stood up, looked Tom in the eyes and said, “Follow me!” He didn’t need a second invite.

In the bed room I stripped out of my work clothes quickly, so quickly Tom was still removing his shirt as I climbed onto the bed on all fours. Pointing my ass at Tom and resting on both my hands and knees I turned my head back and said, “Take me now!”

What I expected was for Tom to get up on the bed, grasp my hips, slide that hard dick of his inside me then thrust himself into me hard and fast until we both exploded. However what I got, at first, was Tom’s tongue gently probing my wet hole, not penetrating it just lightly probing around the entrance.

“Oh gawd Tom!” I moaned as his tongue moved along my wet lips.

While Tom did his best at proving he could drive me to orgasm from any position the only part of him I could feel touching me was the stubble of his cheeks and his tongue, nothing else touched me. I knew from the position he was in he wasn’t going to be able to relieve the burning throb of my love button so while his tongue worked its magic on my lips I took matters into my own hands.

When Tom finally stopped licking me and took up his position behind me I was panting, not quite short of breath but still panting. The instant he slipped himself inside me those pants turned to gasps.

“Fuck me hard!” I managed to utter through gasps.

Although Tom started out slowly he did take notice of my pleas and in a short time he was thrusting hard and fast. My clit rubbing got more vigorous with every stoke, I used the fingers of my right hand to push, tweak and roll myself closer and closer to orgasm.

Tom’s thrusts were hard and fast, with every inward thrust I felt his balls slap into my legs. I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer but I wanted Tom to cum with me. I begged him to cum. Moaned for him to join me. Told him I was ready.

He said nothing but he didn’t need to we were both on the same wavelength all the way to the final relieving breath that saw as laying side by side on top of the bed with smiles on our faces.


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