CopyCat Cafe: Setting Alarms

Continues from here.

The following morning Tom had to get up early for work, we both knew this before our late(ish) romp in the sack and since it didn’t worry Tom it didn’t worry me. As an early riser myself getting up at 5:30am so Tom could get home and get his work stuff before heading to work was not really any more of a drama than me waking up by 6am and getting myself to work.

Buttered toast and coffee were the order of the day for breakfast, they were quick, easy and filling enough to get us both through to our second coffee of the day. Tom’s second coffee would be earlier than mine because he’d get to work quicker than me but either way such a boring and partially filling breakfast was pleasant because of the company not the food.

“Don’t come out, you’re barely dressed.” Tom said at the front door as I saw him out.

“I thought you liked me that away?” I asked sheepishly hoping I didn’t sound too needy or silly.

“Sure, but that doesn’t mean I need to share you with the whole street!”

“I’ll tell them all to rack off.” I said then immediately thought about how many times I’d seen Simon or his damn wife out the front of my house and decided against going outside.

It annoyed me, no it pissed me off, that so many of my damn thoughts either started or ended with Simon and or his wife. I knew that the wounds were still raw and therefore thinking about them was natural but it really was annoying me. I decided there and then to try not to let it keep happening, I just hoped I could do it.

“Don’t forget to set the security system!” He said as he stepped out of the door.

We kissed goodbye on the doorstep and I listened to Tom warm his car engine up then drive off to the right towards his place. As with most nights where Tom had worked during the day we didn’t make plans for the evening. Although I would miss his company I understood that he wanted time to himself after a hard day at work, there was plenty of times I felt the same, the main difference was up until recently I didn’t have anyone to not share those nights with anyway.

We did however promise to talk to each other on the phone some time after dinner. Because my work was fairly scheduled and therefore my time arriving home didn’t change that much like other nights we decided that Tom would ring me when he was home and relaxed rather than me ringing only to find out he worked late or something similar.

When I closed the front door I made sure to lock it before I walked away, not that I usually went out and left it unlocked but making an definite effort of it in my mind justified Tom’s reminder. From the front door I went into the bathroom and started to get myself ready for work.

As I’ve suggested before getting little old me ready for work doesn’t take long, having a work uniform makes that job easier because I don’t have to decide what to wear but I also don’t spend hours putting on make up and making myself look pretty. Not that I’m belittling people who do make themselves up like cheap hookers…oops my apologies, only kidding, I just don’t do it for work in a cafe where make up often gets annoying.

After getting dressed I wandered through the kitchen, spotted the plates and mugs from breakfast and decided to give them a rinse before heading out. They were barely dirty so a cold water rinse was enough. I sat the dishes in the drainer to dry, I could have dried them with a towel but decided I didn’t have the time, actually no I decided I didn’t have the inclination! I then left the kitchen and went looking for my hand bag and phone.

Because of the way the alarm was set up there was a delayed exit on the rear door but not the front door. It was set up so I could come into the house and had thirty seconds to reach the panel before the alarm went off, or thirty seconds to get out the door once the alarm was set. The delay was on the rear door only because it was the door I used the most and it was closest to the garage where I might be carrying shopping from. In reality it made little difference to me where the delay was because, well because I hardly used it, but because I could access the panel within thirty seconds of any door. It was also rendered somewhat unneeded given that fact that I was given a remote control for the security system three weeks after it was installed.

I knew where the remote was without thinking about it, it was hung on a hook near the alarm panel, and the thought of whether the battery in it would work didn’t even cross my mind, I just assumed it would. I fished the house and shop keys out of my hand bag then slipped the remote onto the keyring between the door key and my car key.

I then for the first time in I don’t remember how long touched the panel bringing the digital screen to life. For something I hadn’t touched for so long I was surprised how quickly everything came back to me and within a few minutes I was able to check that the system was working, all the zones tested fine and there was no errors reported. I felt confident the system was going to work. With everything in place I then made my way to the back door.

Closing and locking the door behind me I stepped out onto the step and pushed the button on the remote. The light on the remote behaved as it should telling me that the alarm was set, again I didn’t even considered the health of the battery, it worked obviously it was fine. It wasn’t until I stepped down onto the first step that I saw the note sitting under the rock on the second step.

We hadn’t seen the piece of paper the previous night, not just because it was dark when we got home but because we used the front door since that was closer to where Tom parked. I shifted the rock and picked up the paper, even without reading it I knew it was a note from Simon.


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