CopyCat Cafe: And On Another Note

So how did I know the note I found on the back door step was from Simon without even opening it? Well who else would it be from? Sorry I’m not being smart here but process of elimination without too much thought had to put the author of the note as him. It wouldn’t be Sonya, she didn’t leave notes she used her phone. Surely Tom would have said something if he’d left me a note and the only other person likely to leave me a personal note would be Tanya but she hadn’t been in town for several months. So it made sense it was from Simon.

Holding the note in my hand I nearly screwed it up and tossed it in the garden to rot with the rest of the weeds but for some reason I opened it and started walking down the driveway. I know I suggested not long back that I really had to stop letting Simon weasel his way into so many of my thoughts and screwing up that note probably would have been a good start, however it was not be. I guess my brain and my thoughts were just on different wave lengths again.

I kept walking along the driveway heading towards the letterbox where I stopped and opened the note. The paper had been ripped out of a large invoice book and had been folded in half twice. If I didn’t already know who it was from the name Music Barn emblazoned across the top of the unfolded page told me it was from Simon’s business. In the section below the logo and business name I could see Simon’s message.

Dear Kat

Even with all the bullshit the guy had been delivering me the last few weeks he still had the nerve to address his letter with such nice words, pity he didn’t mean them.

I’m sorry for what happened earlier today,

The first sentence confirmed my thoughts that the message was left the previous day either while I was at work or while we were having dinner at Tracey and Sonya’s, which meant he had been around to the house. But did that justify setting the security system? I didn’t know.

it was not my intention for things to turn out like the did. I can’t believe you hit me.

To be fair I still couldn’t believe I did it either, however once the pain subsided in my hand I also hadn’t thought about it the same way he was.

I honestly had no intention of hitting Sonya, it’s not my style, you know that surely! Things just got out of hand quickly because you wouldn’t listen to what I had to say.

I was glad he thought it was about him.

Please can we just forget what happened?
I promise I wont call the police because you hit me if you just return my phone.

Honestly the guy was just all kinds of nice when he wanted to be.

You can return it to the shop if you don’t want to bring it around home.
Or if you like, call the shop tomorrow during working hours and I’ll come and collect it from you wherever you are.
Please don’t throw the phone in the bin or destroy it, there is precious memories of the kids on that phone.
Please Kat if you wont take me back I just want my phone.
I love you.

Could you believe the guy was still able to finished a note off with a sentiment like that given all the shit he’d put me through and especially given what he’d done the day before?

I refolded the paper and wandered off in the direction of work thinking about the note. When I opened my bag and pushed the folded note inside absently I realised the setting the security alarm scenario had been a bit of a wasted effort because having the security system armed was not protecting the phone that I’d forgotten to take out of my hand bag. That’s right Simon’s phone was still in my bag. Oh well, I walked on toward work without worrying about it.

The more I thought about Simon’s note the more I wondered about the photos of his kids. I can’t say I looked for images of them when I scrolled through the phone, mostly because I was too shocked at seeing the images I did see, but did the photos of his kids make a difference? I know that I cherish the photos of Tracey when she was growing up, possibly more so because we don’t see each other that much these days, but did that mean I owed it to Simon to return his kid’s photos?

I was wrestling with the thought of loosing Tracey’s childhood photos, how I’d feel if someone had them and wouldn’t give them back, and whether I should return Simon’s phone because of it when Sonya walked up behind me.

“Did they leave the doors at the retirement village unlocked so the oldies can escape again?” She said before I saw her.

The voice made me jump a little bit but I quickly recognised it as Sonya. “Some old people pay the wages of young people. Those youngsters should give their elders more respect.”

“If those youngsters got paid more they could afford to give more respect!”

Rather than continue on with that line of conversation I decided to greet my friend instead. “Good morning Sonya. How are you this morning!”

Sonya laughed and we fell into a normal conversation two friends would have first thing in the morning. It wasn’t until we had entered the cafe and I was turning off the security alarm that Sonya was reminded of what her, Tracey and Tom had been hounding me of the night before.

“And did you arm the security system at home?”

“Yeah of course I did. I wasn’t brave enough to leave the bloody thing off in case you found out!” I said with a smile.

“Good girl, glad we could help!”

I know it didn’t have to and I know I’d promised myself to stop thinking about Simon so much but the talk of the alarm system led straight to the note I had found. When Sonya asked to read it I saw no reason not to let her read it, it was easier than trying to recite it to her while we busied ourselves getting the cafe ready.

“What do you make of it?” I asked as she refolded the paper after reading it.


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