Hot In The Hot Tub

Warm bubbles burst around my neck
Against my cheek I feel a little peck
Hands on thighs offer a gentle rub
Together with you in our hot tub

See the steam rising in a mist
Waiting here for your sweet kiss
Feel the water oh so warm
Arousal hits me like a storm

Bodies closer feel them touch
Want your love oh so much
Take me now that I am ready
Fuck me now slow and steady

From behind I feel your thrust
Hard and slow I feel your lust
Hold on tight to the tiled ledge
Gimme more, take me over the edge

A change of pace and pick up speed
Fuck me faster the more I plead
Water splish, water splash
Hard and fast, two bodies thrash

Hot tub sex you pay the levy
Driving sex so hot and heavy
Faster, faster, I will succumb
Faster now, fuck me ‘till I cum.


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