On The Beach

Under a warm sun and cloudless skies
You promised you’d take me to new highs
New highs I couldn’t wait to reach
That’s why we ended up at the beach

No one around, we were alone
Secluded, silent, I should have known
Should have known what would come next
Two hot bodies, so in love, looking for sex

In no time short, our clothes were strewn
Naked and horny you could hear me swoon
I wanted your body, I wanted your lust
I wanted your sex, too feel you thrust

Quick foreplay and I was wet
Your hard cock and a cold sweat
Kiss and fondle I was so turned on
Into your love, I was so drawn

Around our bodies the white water crashed
Fucking wildly our bodies thrashed
Sand washed out around my hips
Your two hands brushed against my tits

Two wet bodies, oh so slick
Inside me now I feel your dick
Fuck me faster I want to cum
Into you love I do succumb.


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