CopyCat Cafe: Late For Work

You know there is one risk with Tom staying over when he doesn’t have to work the following day..apart from me using terms like “staying over” and sounding like a teenager! That problem is that after waking up next to him I run the risk of being late for work.

The morning following Tom visit for dinner, the day after our girl’s night, was no different. When I woke up we were apart, there was only a foot between us but I tell you knowing he was there and not feeling him touching me the gap felt a lot bigger than that. I rolled over and snuggled into him, not trying to wake him up but knowing I was going to need to get myself up within the hour.

He was lying on his left side so I was able to slide up behind him and spoon him, my right hand draped over his body, my breasts pushed against his back and my legs softly tangled with his. I guess in some ways it’s hard to think I wasn’t trying to wake him up with such a warm embrace but honestly I was just trying to snuggle with the best man who’d come into my life in a long, long time.

“Good Morning darling.” I heard a quiet voice utter.

“Good Morning.” I said shuffling tighter against his semi naked body.

His hand grasped mine gently and pulled it against him so that I was cuddling him tightly. “It’s always a good morning waking up with you!” he said.

We lay like that for a few minutes until Tom shuffled onto his back. He looked me in the eye and moved his lips closer to mine for a sweet and passionate good morning kiss. Then when the kiss was broken he excused himself, said he was in need of the bathroom and got out of bed.

I flopped onto my back and watched him walk around the bed wearing only his boxer shorts, it was a sight as good as any sun rise you could offer me. However it wasn’t until I heard the snibbing of the shutting door that I decided I would take those wonderful thoughts one step further. I threw the covers back, slipped out of the oversized t-shirt I was wearing and kicked off my knickers then stood at the door and waited. Less than a minute later I heard the toilet flush, the water run into the sink as he washed his hands and the towel pulled off the rail and put back on.

Moments later Tom opened the door to a naked Kat standing in front of him!

We crashed, well not exactly crashed, just ran into, each other in the open door way. My arms shot around Tom’s neck and pulled his head towards mine and we began to kiss, I felt his arms move around my waist and hold me. The guy was too much of a gentleman to pull my hips against his, mores the pity, but that’s okay I was able to take control of the situation myself.

The kiss was warm, wet and passionate, but it was also hot with anticipation of what was to follow. I pushed my hips against his and could feel him becoming excited. I broke the kiss and told him my intentions.

Within seconds the shower was running, thankfully I have an easy to regulate shower, and we were standing under the warm water kissing. I wrapped the fingers of my right hand around his hardening dick and stroked it gently back and forth. Every few strokes I would let my hand move downward from the shaft and stroke his balls, from the quiet moans he was letting escape from our kiss I could tell he liked it.

But I knew what he liked even more and without letting him know of my attention I broke our kiss, dropped to my knees and with water flowing down his naked body took his cock in my mouth and began to suck it. As my hand stroked his wonderfully thick shaft I followed it with my lips and tongue feeling the pulsing veins as I went. With my right hand on his shaft I used my left hand to rub his balls. Each time my lips slid onto the bulbous purple head I teased the tip with my tongue flicking it across the eye lapping up his pre-cum.

I stroked, sucked, rubbed and licked until I felt Tom twitching inside my mouth and heard him moan loudly. Tightening my grip I opened my mouth and stroked hard and slow driving Tom to orgasm. When he came he came hard moaning loud and shooting his white love juice into the back of my mouth. When he stopped spurting I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and sucked hard, tasting and savoring his offering.

“Come here.” Tom said helping me stand up.

When I was on my feet he turned me towards the wall, pushed me up against the tiles and lifted me up. Before I knew what was happening Tom had me up against the wall, his semi hard, wet, dribbling dick pushing inside me and his tongue in my mouth. In a quick turn around no man I’d ever been with could manage I could feel Tom getting harder inside me as he thrust.

We kissed hard, tongues dancing in my mouth and lips pushed hot and hard together. His thrust were slow and hard, pushing me against the wall and driving himself into me. The sex was hard and fast but there was no complaints as Tom drove me to orgasm up against the shower wall.

Suddenly I didn’t care if I was late for work or not, in fact I didn’t care about anything expect for being in that shower with Tom.


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