Rock Hard: Maximum Overdrive

As I said last time there was no way sleep wasn’t going to come to dear Christie that night. I was so worn out before our little love making session that such a deed wasn’t even on my mind when we returned to the room but once we got down to it that changed a bit. Well it changed a lot because somehow both of us dug deep and found an energy that I was convinced wasn’t there before we started. So by the time all that was over I slept like a log for six hours.

Six hours is pretty darn good for me, especially when we were on the road, so I was either going to have a good day thanks to a good sleep or I was going to have one of those crappy days where I slept so well I got too much sleep and my body wanted to argue. I hoped it was the second one.

After breakfast we’d all be jumping back on the buses and trucks and heading for Washington. It was about a six hour drive that was ahead of us and the venue we were headed too was a well set up and easily accessed venue so while there was a time constraint it was quite a relaxed one.

Adam woke up in a good mood but like me he was a little dubious about whether the good sleep was hiding something that would reveal itself later in the day. Fear of the unknown wasn’t the only reason we decided to order in from the kitchen and eat in our room but it probably had something to do with it. Ordering in wasn’t a huge deal we basically got the same breakfast as was offer in the restaurant for the rest of the guys we just had to make a phone call and have it delivered.

Half way through breakfast there was a knock at the door, it was Dean looking for us. He wasn’t looking for us for anything important, purely because he hadn’t seen us at breakfast. He claimed he was worried we might be sleeping in and missing breakfast but I knew him better than that and therefore knew he was just being a sticky beak and nosing around to see what we were doing since he didn’t see us at breakfast. I suppose it was kind of sweet but at the same time he was acting a bit like a school girl trying to figure out why his friends knew something he didn’t.

Our chat with Dean only lasted about twenty minutes and in that time he managed to finish off the breakfast that we didn’t eat and even try to convince us to order another round of coffee from the kitchen. We knocked back his kind request by suggesting he could be a good brother and friend and go and get us all some coffee from down at the local Starbucks but apparently he didn’t want to be that good of a brother so we kicked him out. Well not a foot up the bum and out the door kind of kick just a gentle persuasion to get out so we could get dressed and organize ourselves to be on the bus in time.

We got on the bus without our Starbucks coffee but rather than remind Dean how much of a better brother he could have been I decided to remember the poor form and stack it up for later pay back.

Our lunch stop was somewhere on Highway 43, I don’t remember the exact location because it was little more than a truck stop and service centre of sorts. In some ways it reminded me of the place that was in the Stephen King movie Maximum Overdrive where the trucks took over and started to drive themselves. It wasn’t only me either, half the crew got off the bus and out of the trucks saying the same thing. As we went inside for something to eat there was comments about keeping an eye on the trucks to make sure they didn’t move while we were eating.

Of course we survived lunch and we didn’t get attacked by a bunch of trucks, cars and buses without drivers but that didn’t stop some of the boys deciding to put the movie on the tour bus entertainment system for the afternoon run into Washington.

At the same time as the boys were watching Maximum Overdrive Dean and I sat down and played with a few ideas for song lyrics. Although we’d never done a tour outside of America and Canada and therefore all our songs would be relatively new to the Australasian audiences we had decided to try and ramp up the song writing a bit and see if we could come up with something new. There was a few thoughts that maybe we could release a localized EP, or what some bands call a “tour edition” of our latest album for the local audiences but to do so we wanted something new to offer the fans. What we played with were only ideas but at least it gave us the feeling we were doing something productive with our day.

When we got to our destination things were as good as we expected them to be. The venue was virtually a walk in and start setting up situation and the motel we were staying in was less than five minutes walk from the venue. The bus went to the motel while the trucks went to the venue and started work. Adam being the good boy he is, and a little protective of his sound desk, didn’t hang around in the motel long so once everything was settled I decided I’d go with him and help the boys set up the show.

I had every intention of coming back after sound check to retrieve my Hella gear so I didn’t bother taking it and Adam and I were able to walk hand in hand to the venue.


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