Rock Hard: Bob Has More News

I have to say Bob, our manager for those who have forgotten, really knew how to draw things out, it seemed like he’d been promising us another titbit of news for ages yet he still hadn’t delivered it. I suppose in his defence we had been discussing our tour of New Zealand, Australia and Japan, but still if the news he had was important enough to bring up at a band meeting, as he suggested, surely he should be telling us that news.

“So what is this news that is so important it needs to be brought up at a band meeting Bob?” I asked.

“Hang on a second.” Dean said. “If it’s important enough for a band meeting should we wait for the whole band? I mean, Mark and Benji are part of the band too surely if the news is that important they should be told at the same time.”

Dean did have a point, even whilst using the sarcastic tone he was. Mark and Benji were part of the band, and therefore they were part of our extended family, just like the road crew and we wouldn’t hide any potential band news from them, but like any business there is a pecking order and Magnhild is no different.

Did that sound a bit harsh? It wasn’t suppose to be. I can’t remember if I have explained this before but Magnhild is first and foremost a band, and now business, set up by Dean, Adam and myself. We write the majority of the music, pay all the bills, insurances and fees and employ staff. Each one of our staff is important to us and we treat them well but they are essentially employees, even Mark and Benji who have co-writing credits on several of our songs. Because they are employees they all have different contracts, some get renegotiated and renewed, some don’t depending on the job. So when it all comes down to it everyone, including Benji and Mark who are on stage with us every night, could quit or choose not to renew their contracts, alternatively we could terminate their contract or choose not to renew it.

There is no mean intent in such things and the team all know exactly what contracts they have signed and how those contracts effect them. Remember I mentioned that we’d have to drop some of the crew numbers for our tour of New Zealand, Australia and Japan? Well that’s a prime example of a time where some contracts may need to be renegotiated. So what Dean was saying did have some merit, if Bob’s news effected the whole band then the whole band deserved to hear it, and they would, but did they need to hear it at the same time we did?

The silly thing was we spent more time discussing whether Bob should tell us the news while we sat in that cafe than it would have taken Bob to tell us the news and be done with it. What actually came of the discussion was that all three of us agreed that it really didn’t make a huge difference if the three of us knew before anyone else did, just like when Bob told us about the tour with Varou in Dean’s room. It was our band and we often helped with the management side of things therefore the band and crew probably wouldn’t be surprised that we knew first.

So why did we decided to leave the news until we were on the bus and headed to Philadelphia? I dare not ask such a question given the time it took us to decide that was the place for Bob to make his announcement. And if anyone suggests that on the bus the entire band and crew aren’t present, given that that are two other trucks on the road as well, I’ll introduce you to Dean, Adam and male (un)common sense!

We were only about twenty minutes out of Washington when Dean nudged me to stand up and make an announcement that Bob wanted to make an announcement. Not sure why that was my job but again with male (un)common sense at play it was hardly surprising.

I stood up and moved towards the front of the bus, there was a microphone connected to the sound system which would make it easier to be heard but providing everyone shut up it wasn’t needed.

“Hey everyone! Can I have your attention please.” There was about twenty five people on the bus and it only took a few moments for everyone to shush up. “Bob has announcement to make and he’d like us all to hear it.”

“Is he finally coming out of the closet and going to admit he’s in love with Sammy?” Came a voice from the back of the bus.

Boys will always be boys and some boys will always be worse than others so it was hardly surprising that Fly on of the roadies so named because of his resemblance to Jeff Goldblum in The Fly, pre make-up, couldn’t stop himself from making such a ‘boys’ comment.

“As if there is space in the closet with you already in there and afraid to come out Fly!” I said lowering myself to his level before adding, “Now let’s let Bob talk without the interruptions.” I turned to Bob and offered him the floor, well the front of the bus.

Bob stood up, I sat down, Bob started talking. “As you know while you buggers spend your nights on stage I spend my time working my butt off…”

“We work our butts off too,” Fly called out going from mouthpiece to whinny mouthpiece in a matter of minutes.

“As I was saying,” Bob started again as if there hadn’t been an interruption. “I’ve spent some major time on the phone in the last few days and we are going to Europe!”

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