Rock Hard: Sexy Talk

So how’s that for form? We spend half the day on the bus travelling to get to our next gig and then because we are a little bit early and have some time until his majesty needs to be at the venue he puts the hard word on me and asks me if I want to roll in the hay.

So I let him!

Don’t get me wrong I didn’t just hand over my “Girl Power” card and give in to his request, I was more than happy to partake in the wonderfully fun pastime, I just hadn’t thought about it at that time of the day.

“Have we got time?” I asked. Honestly I should have known the type of answer I’d get and not bothered asking the question in the first place but I guess I was over run with passion. Haha!

“We’ll make it a quickie!” he replied, “Come on, get ya gear off!”

And they say romance is dead!

Seriously though I knew the guy was joking and I knew such conversation was done on a situation by situation basis so I was neither offended or ready to cut him off altogether.

“Such a romantic you are!” I said I sat down on the sofa still dressed.

“You bet! Are you ready yet? I’ll just lock the door.”

“If I wasn’t ready before I certainly am now with such sexy talk!”

He turned from the door unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it off his shoulders. “I know, right! I’ve really got the sex talk down pat today haven’t I?” He finally noticed I hadn’t removed any of my clothes. “You haven’t got your clothes off yet?”

“Not only sexy but very observant as well!” I replied with a smile on my face.

He then began to unbutton his pants, at the same time he did a little dance. I’m not sure if it was his stripper dance, an approximation of a stripper dance or the dance of the uncoordinated monkey but whatever it was it made me start laughing. When his pants hit the floor and he actually noticed I was laughing at him he didn’t even bat an eye lid, he just pushed his fingers under the waist band of his boxers and pushed them down.

Those silky boxers might well have partially disguised what was hiding behind them but it was no surprise when his long hard erection was left standing to attention as he stood before me naked except for his socks.

“Well I’m ready!” he said with a smile keeping up the romantic part of our foreplay

“I can see that! But I’m not sure what I can do with such a big play toy!” I figured if he could be so romantic the least I could do was feed his ego a little bit.

Despite knowing I was just being a little silly he still blushed a little bit as his ego was stroked but to his credit he didn’t make any silly remarks about how big it was because that might have ruined the mood, even if it was a silly mood.

Stepping towards the sofa he sat down next to me. “Come on babe, I’m ready and waiting and your still dressed.”

He had a very legitimate point. “Oh sorry! Do I need to be naked for this too?” I said with a smile.

“Well if you had a skirt on you wouldn’t need to!”

“What if I had stockings on?”

“Well that would depend how quick I was.” I looked at him blankly, I know I should have seen where he was going with the comment but I must have been too turned on by such an arousing situation because I completely missed it. He then continued. “If I didn’t realise it at first it would be tight, but I reckon we could make it work eventually!”

For that he did get a smack on the chest. I wasn’t offended, like I said I walked into it, but it was still a comment worthy of getting a smack and the bare chest was the easiest target. Adam knew he was going to get socked too so he was neither surprised or hurt by the hit and accepted it as part of the game.

“Now you are really in for it girl!” he said without sounding angry.

“Oh yeah, tough guy, and just what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to start by doing this!” He said as he put his hand on the button of my jeans and opened it. Then his hand moved to my zipper and slowly pulled it down. Next thing he did was begin to pull my pants off.

Climbing off the sofa beside me he grabbed my jeans at the top and began yanking them. Being a little stubborn and still playing things a little silly I didn’t help at all by lifting my backside off the cushions.

“If you wanted to do my washing you just had to ask!” I said to him with a smirk.

“You’re not going to make this easy are you?” His tugging had released my jeans a little way but still not all the way.

“I thought we were making it quick.”

“One of us is trying to!” He said and he pulled my jeans free and down my legs to the floor. “Now for those sexy knickers.”

“You want to wash my knickers too? Damn you really are a wonderful person. You should be rewarded.”
“I’m about to be.” He said as he grabbed the waist band of said knickers.

This time I helped him a little bit by lifting my backside and allowing my underwear to slide off easier. Once my underwear was on the floor somewhere near my jeans Adam moved upwards and from there it was a foregone conclusion that he was going to be rewarded.


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  1. Adam’s dance was the Anticipation Dance. I’ve done it a few times. It starts in teen years and never changes, even at eighty years of age…so I’m told. hehe

    PS – Whats his girl’s name? I’m following this story but don’t remember seeing her name.

    Liked by 1 person

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